Things to do in Amsterdam Travel Guide

A number of years ago, I had the opportunity to live in Amsterdam for a short period of time. Based on my experience, I can tell you that the finest of Amsterdam lies outside of the city Centre in the city’s more residential areas, which are characterized by their peaceful beauty and canal-side cafés. Do not be afraid to meander about and get disoriented in this metropolis. The things to do in Amsterdam Travel Guide find out will come as a nice surprise to you.


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Things to do in Amsterdam Travel Guide

History Museum in Amsterdam

The history of Amsterdam is presented in great detail inside this museum. Because it is extensive, you will need three to four hours to go over everything in depth. In order to bring the history of the city to life, the museum has a large number of artefacts, paintings, maps, and interactive exhibits of all kinds.

The film that chronicles the expansion and development of the city throughout the course of its existence is my personal favorite. The museum is housed in a building that was once used either as a monastery or as an orphanage. This museum comes with my highest recommendation. It ranks up there as one of the very greatest historical museums that I’ve ever been to. The cost of admission is 20 Euros.

Tulip Museum

This small museum is housed in a room that is part of a tulip shop. It does an interesting job of telling the history of tulips in Holland, including the infamous tulip craze (during the 17th century, tulips became a popular luxury item and cost a fortune…until the bubble burst that they became worthless overnight). It just takes thirty to sixty minutes, and the greatest part is that there is never a throng. Admission is merely 5 EUR.

Museum of Jewish Historical Artifacts

The Jewish Historical Museum is a museum that presents the narrative of the notable and significant Jewish individuals who lived in Amsterdam. It is located close to Waterlooplein, however it is sometimes missed for the Anne Frank House. In addition to that, it features a really good part on World War II, the Holocaust, and the way in which the Dutch coped with the guilt of having carried out mass deportations after the war. Due to the fact that the Holocaust claimed the lives of around 80 percent of Amsterdam’s Jewish population, this museum is well worth making the effort to see. The cost of admission is 17 Euros.

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Explore Oost

An amazing park, a zoo, and several excellent restaurants can be found to the east of the city Centre. If you wander about here long enough, you’ll be lucky to locate more than a handful of visitors, and the vast majority of them are probably disoriented. It is a region of the city that is not very well known and is often overlooked. Around addition to that, you should hang out in Oosterpark for some time. When compared to Vondelpark, this location is noticeably more serene and tranquil, which is one of the main reasons I prefer visiting here.

Explore Oost Things to do in Amsterdam Travel Guide


The Dutch are well-known for their windmills, and venturing out on an excursion to see the windmills that are located in and around Amsterdam is a fantastic way to take in the sights of the city. In all, there are eight, the majority of which may be found in Amsterdam West. The fact that De Gooyer is also a brewery, in addition to being the location that is closest to the heart of the city, makes it an ideal starting point (and maybe never leave). A trip there on the train takes no more than twenty minutes from Amsterdam Central Station. Sloten Mill is a refurbished mill that was originally built in 1847 and is available to the public. It is another windmill that is well worth visiting. Tours take 45 minutes and cost 7.5 EUR.

Van Gogh

The magnificent works of Van Gogh and other contemporary artists are on display at this museum, which also houses a large collection of Van Gogh’s own paintings. It is widely regarded as one of the finest museums in the area. To avoid waiting in long queues, either purchase your ticket in advance online or plan your visit for the afternoon. The cost of admission is 19 Euros.

The Best Time to Visit Amsterdam

The end of spring is often considered to be the most pleasant time to go to Amsterdam. The weather prediction for the next week calls for pleasant temperatures, making it an ideal time to explore the city on two wheels and the countryside in the surrounding area. The world’s renowned tulips start to bloom in the beginning of April, drawing tourists from all over the globe to the Netherlands at this time. Another significant event is the well-known King’s Day festival, which takes place on April 27.

Because to the city’s proximity to the water, Venice, often known as the “Venice of the North,” has mild temperatures year-round. We really like the notion of taking a summer vacation in Amsterdam, despite the fact that most of Europe seems to be heading to the beaches of Santorini and Saint Tropez. It’s possible that you’ll have to deal with a few more other tourists, but it shouldn’t stop you from having a good vacation regardless of the situation.

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The first few weeks of autumn are characterized by mild weather and an abundance of chances to enjoy the outdoors. Don’t discount the season of winter. Even though the days are shorter and there is a cold chill in the air, it is still a wonderfully lovely time of year since there are less people around and the canals are frozen over, making them sparkle with festive cheer. You may also get excellent bargains on plane travel and hotel rooms in Things to do in Amsterdam Travel Guide

Best Hotels in Things to do in Amsterdam Travel Guide

Pulitzer Amsterdam

Phone: +31 20 523 5235

A picture-perfect setting is provided by the Pulitzer Amsterdam, which is perched on a bridge above the Prinsengracht canal. The interior retains the enchantment of a novel. In the foyer, a stunning arrangement of recently cut flowers draws the attention of visitors and serves as a warm welcome. The foyer, the rooms, and the suites all have heritage-rich elements that decorate them. In addition, there is a delectable restaurant known as Jansz and a beautiful garden where one may have a cup of tea or a bottle of wine.

Conservatorium Hotel

Phone: +31 20 888 5555

The Conservatorium Hotel is a luxurious alternative that is set in a former music conservatory and is located directly next to the Van Gogh Museum. This hotel scores top marks in both the location and aesthetics categories. The property’s jaw-dropping glass atrium is one of the most magnificent architectural achievements one could hope to come across in their travels. Make an appointment with Akasha Holistic Wellbeing to get some rest and relaxation.


Ambassade Hotel

Phone: +31 20 555 0222

The Ambassador Hotel is a popular with tourists because of its convenient position in the heart of the city and its breathtaking views. The rooms are decorated in a style that is a fusion of modern and classic, and they contain antique furniture, contemporary artwork, and eye-catching chandeliers. Previous visitors have praised both the helpful personnel and the affordable room prices.


Hotel Twenty-seven

Phone: +31 20 218 2180

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At Hotel Twenty-seven, luxury is the name of the game, and it’s just a short distance away from the Royal Palace in Amsterdam, which is only natural considering how close it is. The interiors include luxurious velvet textiles and elaborate chandeliers that are plated with gold leaf. The icing on the cake of luxury is personalized service worthy of five stars and a restaurant with a Michelin star.


Best Restaurants in Amsterdam Travel Guide

Restaurant Floreyn

Phone: +31 20 670 7357

The cuisine of the Netherlands is somewhat unknown. At Restaurant Floreyn, visitors may get a flavorful sampling of regional specialties. We challenge anybody to try one of our house specialties like our veal cheeks and not fall in love with them. Why not try something a little different for dessert and go for horseradish ice cream? Oh, and just in case you were on the fence about it, the wine pairing is absolutely something to consider investing in.


Phone: +31 20 622 5233

Within Amsterdam’s booming Michelin-star culinary scene, Breda is a major force to be reckoned with. The cuisine highlights seasonal foods, and there is almost always a mouthwatering surprise in store for patrons of the establishment. It would be inexcusable of us to omit the fact that reservations are required.

Upstairs Pannenkoekenhuis

Phone: +31 20 626 5603

The Dutch pancake industry has exploded into a full-fledged phenomenon. This well-liked meal can be had in both sweet and savoury iterations at Upstairs Pannenkoekenhuis, which is located in a quaint second-door room that is teeming with allure. Can’t make up your mind what to have for dinner? The cheese and honey pannenkoek is one of our most popular options, and for good reason.

Weather in Amsterdam Guide

Temperatures tend to become higher throughout the spring, and clearer sky accompany this season. The days throughout the summer are long and pleasant. Even if there is a possibility of experiencing some humidity, the temperature will never go dangerously high. The temperature gradually drops during the fall, culminating in a chilly wind towards the season’s conclusion. The chances of precipitation are at their peak during the winter season, which is characterized by low temperatures, long hours of darkness, and a wet climate.

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