What are the Basic Features of Drupal CMS?

What are the Basic Features of Drupal CMS?

What are the Basic Features of Drupal CMS?

10 Key Features of Drupal Content Management System

Drupal is also a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, Joomla etc, but obviously with the change of features. Every CMS is used to create websites and various applications. However Drupal has some extra features as well, as compare to other CMS, it is more professional to work with. Well, I am not here to differentiate between Drupal and other CMS, but only to provide information on Drupal Features.

Great features of Drupal have made it very popular among developers of websites. This CMS is written in Php and requires MySQL database. It works perfectly well with various web servers such as Microsoft SQL Server, Apache, MySQL. In addition it also supports different software like Flash, Flex, Ajax, Java, Php etc. Drupal is very friendly CMS, which does not require any highly professional skills to manage it. Some built-in features are very useful according to the version, such as basic SEO settings will helps in promoting the website.

Let’s head toward some best features of Drupal, which will help you to understand more about this CMS:

  1. Drupal is suitable to create simple and multifaceted websites.
  2. It has the ability to work with cross platforms as well. Integration is easy.
  3. Drupal provides a lot of free themes and templates for your website solution.
  4. You can create multi lingual websites through Drupal.
  5. Drupal provides easy content management, smooth performance, reliable security and powerful administration panel.
  6. It is also a great choice for integrated framework.
  7. Allow users to find, manage and organize content easily.
  8. Provide flexibility in choice of Html and Php from administration panel.
  9. It can be extended with any or many add-ons.
  10. Drupal provides a starter-kit to enhance your experience and to collaborate with other open sources.
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Drupal is well suited for creating various business projects and websites, most often this CMS is used in corporate sector and to develop personal websites too. I must say, in the manner of Drupal integration with external services and applications, no other content management systems are much dominant and excellent.

Like all others CMS Drupal also has versions, Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 are mostly used versions, but after the launch of Drupal 8, it become more easy to understand this system and to gain more strong hold on your web and app management. Drupal 8 is the most efficient update ever, creating content is much easier now and all the themes are pre-responsive. It has 100 languages in database.

In my opinion, for beginners, it is always better to start with the latest version. Drupal is an open source software and it’s free for always, anyone can download and use. I don’t think something more important than that is left now 😛

Please let me know if I miss any detail or summary, your comments and questions are everything to me, believe me, I mean it 🙂

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