Bathroom Remodel Mistakes

Let’s try to keep an eye on the most common Bathroom Remodel Mistakes. It is easy to get carried away on a wave of excitement and not completely consider the eventual practicalities of all your plans when you have been planning to renovate your bathroom for months, with designs that are always changing.


Renovating a bathroom from scratch is not an inexpensive undertaking, in addition to the overall disruption and annoyance that it generates in a house, are both experiences that you won’t desire to have to go through any time in the near future.


Because remodeling a bathroom is not a simple task, you will want to be sure that the finished product provides what is expected of it in terms of durability and functionality. On the other hand, homeowners confront the opposite problem all too often, which is that they make design blunders that result in less enjoyment after the process of transforming this area into something “dazzling” is over.


The ambiance doesn’t seem quite right, the lighting is too bright and harsh on the eye, the tiles don’t compliment the fittings, there isn’t enough space between the fixtures to allow for simple mobility, the theme doesn’t make your heart sing, and there are so many more things wrong with it. It is essential that you carefully and deliberately think through each phase of the design process, and that you refrain from racing too hastily towards the completion of the project. Only then will you be able to avoid these design blunders.


Let’s take a look to some common Bathroom Remodel Mistakes


Actually the bathroom is the most steamiest room in the house, so ventilation is essential and should always be considered when planning the bathroom remodeling.


There are a few specifics about the format that you should keep in mind. To begin, the ventilation system will most likely have to be mounted on an outside wall since this is the simplest location in which to put it; in addition, you may wish to integrate this component with your lights.


It is particularly important to have sufficient ventilation in a bathroom that has wallpapered walls. If you don’t have it, the paper will start to peel, and even worse, mould might start to grow on your walls and ceiling.


Insufficient or Excessive Lighting

Bathroom lighting has to be always adjustable in order to serve the different functions that it has, ranging from a room in which you wash your face and get ready in the morning to a tranquil area in which you may rest at the end of the day. If it is too dim, there won’t be enough light to see your face, and if it is too bright, it won’t be suitable as a place to relax and unwind at all.


Your objective should be to incorporate multiple layers of light wherever it is possible to do so. This can range from wall lights on both sides of a mirror to distribute light evenly across your face to the primary source of light, which can be a ceiling pendant in the centre of the room or a series of downlights.


LED lighting may also be used to draw attention to certain features or objects, such as a bathtub or a collection of artwork.

bathroom remodel mistakes excessing lighting

Look here for additional information on bathroom lighting solutions that will make your washroom consistently light and airy.


Installing lighting that is inadequate or of poor quality may result in areas of darkness, such as corners that are constantly shrouded in a blanket of darkness and locations where you find yourself straining to see in the low light.


The expense of installing dimmers in your lighting fixtures is well worth it since they offer you complete control over the quantity of light that enters a room and enable you to customise that amount of light anytime you see fit.

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Stuffing an Insufficient amount of Stuff

You could have your heart set on installing a certain washbasin or vanity, but you should be prepared to give up this ambition if it seems that there is not enough space for it to fit in your bathroom.


You need to make certain that there is a sufficient amount of space around each fixture so that it can be used comfortably. There is no use in spending money on a vanity if you are going to continually run into it as you walk about the room.


Look for goods that have a decreased depth and shallower proportions if you have a bathroom that is on the smaller side and space is at a premium. And if you truly can’t live without a larger washbasin, you may want to think about ditching the idea of a standalone shower in favour of an over-the-bath shower in order to free up some room.


Lack of Commitment to a Central Subject

Because there are so many styles from which to pick, ranging from coastal and contemporary to dramatic and dark, it is simple to let one’s imagination go wild and wind up with a room that is either unimpressive or overwhelming. In addition, combining an excessive number of different styles might give the impression that there is too much going on.


Failing to Create a Consistent Appearance

The key to creating an atmosphere that is conducive to rest and relaxation in your space is to ensure that the design of your bathroom space is cohesive and that everything flows easily from one area to the next. This indicates that the hues, textures, fittings, lighting, and finishes of the space should all compliment one another in addition to the dimensions of the room. Creating visual appeal in a space may be difficult for inexperienced renovators since it requires skillfully layering texture, colour, form, and pattern.


A room that has been meticulously planned and designed will have colours, textures, and finishes that are harmoniously complementary to one another and will have few if any points of discord.

Additionally, if space is actually a problem in the area, you should seek out methods to maximise your floor footage as much as possible in order to make the space seem less congested. In a similar vein, even though there is much space available, if the room is not organised thoughtfully, it might give off the impression that it is empty and uninspired. This is because all of the fittings will be clustered around the room’s perimeter, leaving the centre of the room unoccupied.


In order to have a unified appearance, it is not necessary for everything to be identical. It is wonderful to allow your individuality come through in your bathroom makeover and to give a little bit of mystery to the overall scheme of things! Even if you’re just remodeling the bathroom and not the entire home at once, it’s crucial that the design decisions you make give the area more appeal and depth.


Consider using different iterations of the same design components that are already present throughout your house rather of wasting time attempting to create something entirely new so that everything coheres.


Ignoring the Need for Storage Space

Unexperienced renovators tend to place an excessive amount of emphasis on aesthetics and often don’t think about useful storage until they have already designed a new bathroom without it. In a similar vein, many people don’t consider any functional alternatives to vanity drawers and cabinets. Because of this, the vanity often ends up being too cumbersome and dominant for the space, producing an atmosphere that is claustrophobic.


When redesigning your bathroom area, providing sufficient space for storage is an essential component. A well-organized room may completely transform the appearance and atmosphere of a place, in addition to providing hidden storage for day-to-day necessities.

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To make matters even worse, a bathroom that is filthy and crowded as a result of inadequate storage not only detracts from the overall harmony and beauty of the space but also makes it difficult to use.


When it comes to remodeling the space in your bathroom, the following maxim should serve as your guiding light: There is no such thing as too much storage. Choose a mirror cabinet that is built into the wall and has space for all of your needs, like your toothbrush, shaver, and cosmetics, among other things.


Your bathroom will be easier to maintain organised if you use a mix of open shelving for aesthetically pleasing toiletries, accessories, and fluffy, freshly laundered towels, as well as closed storage for day-to-day needs. Alternate storage solutions, such as recessed wall cabinets, vanities with drawers, and shower niches, may assist you in making the most of the available area in your bathroom.


There are many different methods to increase the stylishness of a bathroom, but adding an excessive number of patterns is not one of those ways. If you cram your bathroom with too many details, it may have the appearance of cluttering the space. However, infusing fascinating pattern play, such as a tile with a richly patterned design or a piece of artwork with a striking design, can give visual appeal and added depth.


Poor Drainage

Not only should you be focused on selecting the appropriate tiling when you are planning wet room ideas, but you should also be thinking about other factors.


Draining problems may be the largest difficulty, particularly if the gradient isn’t correct for the area. Do your research and get advice from a number of different bathroom professionals, since it is essential to choose a layout that is suitable for the dimensions of the space you have available, as Leigh points out.



Unsuitable Materials

All too often, the components that individuals choose for their bathrooms turn out to be inappropriate for the space. For instance, marble could seem like a fantastic material to choose for a washroom, but it does need regular upkeep and polishing. Your children have the potential to leave stains on surfaces if you do not trust them to clean them after getting wet.


The most important consideration you should make when selecting materials for your bathroom is how functional they will be. Because it is the area in the house that experiences the most moisture, the bathroom need components that are durable, sanitary, and simple to clean.


Porcelain and ceramic are excellent materials for sanitaryware, worktops, and wall tiles because they are tough and waterproof. Additionally, they have a lustrous surface that is simple to clean. Choose tiles for the bathroom floor that have a non-slip surface but not too much of a textured pattern. Limescale may rapidly build up on surfaces that are excessively rough, so you want to make sure that they have some grip so that they can assist avoid falls.


It is vital that you ensure the flooring you choose is suitable with the underfloor heating if you want to install it, particularly if you have plans to do so.


Saving Money on the Wrong Things

You shouldn’t immediately assume that just because you viewed a video on how to grout tiles on YouTube that you are suddenly an expert and that you can do it on your own. When it comes to grouting, as is the case with the vast majority of other jobs and professions, there is a significant amount of expertise that is necessary, and the only way to acquire this level of expertise is via years of experience.


If you are truly eager to make your mark in the industry, you may choose to begin with works that are easier to do, such as tiling the area around a basin. However, even if you are interested in doing certain aspects of the project on your own, there are still other aspects that are better off being handled by professionals.

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The same may be said about the components of the design. There is no use in squandering the bulk of your financial resources on the high-end, pricey tub that you have always desired if you are only going to have a pitiful amount of money left over to repair and decorate the remainder of the room with.


Improper Tile Selection

Tiles are one of the most flexible construction materials, since they may be used for floors, walls, showers, and a variety of other applications. However, there is an allowed area of use for each kind of tile and substance. Before you fall in love with a tile for the floor of the bathroom that your guests use or for the bathroom that you want to renovate in your business, make sure you verify the locations where it can be used successfully and securely.

When it comes to picking finishes for a wet area, you have to put functionality first if you want to successfully design one. It is important to take your time when picking tiles for the bathroom since you want to make sure you have the proper material, colour, texture, and size.


It is essential to use a grout and tile sealer in order to preserve it against moisture and humidity, both of which may ultimately result in stains, the accumulation of mould, and discoloration.


Poor fittings and finishes due to poor quality control

The functionality of the entire area will be impacted negatively if insufficient consideration is given to the quality of the fixtures and finishes. Fittings of poor quality may require constant adjusting and fixing, which can put a significant strain on your financial resources. Your bathroom design might be ruined by a variety of factors, including worn-out hardware, dripping faucets, and permeable surfaces.


Choosing finishes of high quality that are appropriate for the appearance you want to achieve is one of the most effective methods to enhance and elevate your bathroom design.


A excellent place to begin is with tiles made of porcelain, ceramic, or glass since these materials are hard, resistant to water, and have a bright surface that is simple to clean. Natural stone, such as marble, is another excellent choice for bathroom floors and backsplashes; however, it will need to be sealed on a regular basis in order to keep it clean and free of stains.


Losing a Bathtub

Even though they take up a lot of room and you probably won’t use the tub very frequently (if at all), you shouldn’t get rid of it if it’s the only one in the home if you intend on selling it at some point in the future. People will always want to purchase a house that has a bathtub in it, but those with smaller families will desire this feature the most. Instead, you could think about getting an over-the-bath shower to save some room.



As is the case with any other construction or remodeling job, you should avoid sticking to your budget exactly. Because you never know what problems your builders or plumbers may uncover in the middle of the works, you should always add a contingency budget of at least 10 to 15 percent extra money in your overall plan.



The biggest Bathroom Remodel Mistake is not to pick a one focal point. Choose one focal point, such as a freestanding tub, an eye-catching vanity unit, or a beautifully tiled shower area, and, if the dimensions of the space allow it, design a symmetrical arrangement around it, maybe aligning it with an architectural element such as a sash window.