How to Become Digital Marketing Strategist?


How to Become Digital Marketing Strategist?

In this article we will talk about how and why it is necessary to be a strategist in the field of search engine marketing in order to achieve success. This issue was raised at a recent Las Vegas conference on search engine optimization and marketing. A brief overview of one of the sections of this conference, as well as tips directly related to e-marketing strategies.

In October, the largest global conference on SEO Internet marketing was held in Las Vegas, and addressed in particular the creation and management of search marketing campaigns . One of the sections of the conference, conducted by Bill Lake, was significantly different from all the others, because it forced marketers to look at themselves and their type of activity from a different point of view. As a rule, 10 years ago, not one of the SEO marketers who is a specialist at the moment thought that he would devote himself to this type of activity. This does not mean that these people do not like their work, on the contrary – they are proud of it, themselves and the successes achieved. Then why didn’t they want to do electronic marketing?

Looking to the future
As a rule, most of us see ourselves in the role of a major specialist, vice president, boss or business owner, and to achieve all this is entirely within our power if we are marketers. Remember, you heard more than once, and maybe worked with PPC experts and SEO managers, all of whose work was reduced to the performance of one single function, the essence and purpose of which they might not even understand. Mechanical work for the benefit of the client will never make you a “big man.” If you really want to succeed, forget about your specific “function” in the field of search marketing and try to think more broadly – look at the sphere of electronic marketing as a strategist. Only then can you see in full what electronic search marketing is.

As you know, search engine marketing is an essential component of any online business. If you study the interaction of users with search engines, you will understand that it is the search that should focus on companies promoting their business on the Internet. As a search marketer, you should not forget about the need to constantly develop. Technology is currently developing extremely fast, and if you want to succeed, then you must comply with this development. Grow, develop, learn to think critically. Remember: sometimes in order to achieve success, you must stop applying the same tactics and short-sighted approaches. Stop, analyze your activities, customers, users, their goals and desires, and only then begin to develop marketing strategies.

Some development tips
First of all, pay attention to understanding the context and semantic search. Try to learn to understand your target audience, its desires and goals, as well as how users use social networks and search engines. Make sure your site is mobile friendly. If you work for clients, make sure that they have a basic content strategy. Do not forget: the creation of content marketing campaigns in the absence of a basic content development strategy is a matter of no meaning.

Do your best to better understand and know your client’s business, its products, customers and competitors. Find the factors that distinguish his business from the business of his colleagues and competitors. Remember: if you do not see them, it is unlikely that the business will be successful, even if you put all your time and energy into it. If the client himself is not able to see and provide you with these differences, we advise you not to start cooperating with him.

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