Types of Contact Lenses

If you are serious about the routine you follow to take care of your eyes, you simply cannot disregard the importance of having a reliable set of contact lenses. More than two billion individuals throughout the globe suffer from issues with their close or distant vision.

This indicates that poor eyesight is quite widespread. Investing in a pair of contact lenses that strikes a balance between practicality and attractiveness in terms of cost would be an innovative option that is also quite pleasant to use. In addition, if you want to make a fashion statement or leave an impression that will last with your date for a long time, you may experiment with contacts that will add a lively appearance to your personality. This is especially important if you are going on a first date.


Things to Consideration before purchasing Contact Lenses

Your contact lenses will move with your eye, they will not restrict your natural field of vision, they will not have any frames that will get in the way, and they will considerably eliminate any distortions.

In contrast to glasses, they do not get fogged up and are not damaged by dirt or rain.

The use of contact lenses is highly recommended for use during sports and other types of strenuous activity.

Many individuals believe that using contact lenses enhances their appearance.

When compared to eyeglasses, the vision that they provide may be better and more natural.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that almost 45 million individuals in the United States use some kind of corrective eyewear, such as contact lenses. If you’ve never worn them before or are unsure of what benefits they provide in comparison to other eyewear options, such as fashionable glasses or prescription sunglasses, then maybe we’ll be able to throw some light on the reasons why they’re so popular.

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Benefits of Contact Lenses

A contact lens wearer with a positive attitude working in very close quarters.

When you and your optometrist have determined the kind of contact lens that best suits your needs, you will be able to begin reaping the advantages of wearing your contacts on a daily or consistent basis.

We will highlight some of the most important ones.

Because they are placed directly on the eye, contact lenses are able to provide an appearance that is more natural.

Vision is unaffected by contact lenses, and they do not reflect anything that is in the field of view.

Contact lenses provide a fully focused field of vision throughout the whole eye, which is essential for activities such as driving and playing sports.

When administered and cared for correctly, contact lenses are quite comfortable to use and do not cause any kind of irritation to the eye.

Even while you are wearing a medical facemask, contact lenses will not get foggy in your eyes.

A young and healthy appearance may be projected with contact lenses.

If you use contact lenses, you may shield your eyes from UV rays in any direction by wearing wraparound sunglasses.

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Contact lenses do not blur vision.

Contact lenses provide some protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation and air pollutants that may be directed at the eyes.


How to make the most of your Contact Lenses

When you use contact lenses or glasses, you should make it a point to adopt healthy behaviours. Before handling your contact lenses, always check to see that your hands are clean. Never go to sleep with your contact lenses in, unless specifically instructed to do so by your eye doctor.


In addition, you must remember to remove your contact lenses before getting into the shower, the hot tub, and most importantly, the pool. Last but not least, remember to have a contact lens solution everywhere you go. Your eyes will stay clean if you follow these easy steps, and your contact lenses will remain in good condition.


Contact Lenses V/S Glasses

The number of individuals who choose to use contacts to correct their eyesight is very likely comparable to the number of people who wear glasses. It is pointless to compare contact lenses with glasses since each option has an own set of pros and cons. Many individuals who use contact lenses swear by the simplicity and comfort with which they can blend in with any style and dress, whether it be traditional or contemporary. However, it may be difficult for an uninformed person to select between the two possibilities since both are excellent choices.


Few More Pros & Cons of Contact Lenses

Pros of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses conform to the curvature of your eyes rather of resting flatly on your nose. As a result, they provide a more expansive field of vision with comparatively less visual distortions when compared to other types of eyeglasses.

When participating in sports or other forms of activity, there is no danger of falling at any time.

Your style quotient won’t be affected by contacts since they are fitted inside the natural curve of your eyes, which means they won’t get in the way of anything external.

You do not have to be concerned about perspiration getting into your contacts during the summer or having your vision get obstructed due to fogging during the winter with these lenses.

You always have the option to use coloured lenses if you have a preference for a certain eye colour. You may experiment with different contact lenses to find the perfect complement for your outfit for events like Halloween.

One fact about contact lenses that is not well known is that they may alter the form of a person’s cornea while they are sleeping. This is a method that is recommended by many optometrists, who explain that using contacts may provide you with temporary relief from myopia, and as a result, enable you to see properly without the need of contacts or glasses the following day.


Cons of Contact Lense

Putting in your contacts for the first time might be difficult if you aren’t familiar with the proper method for positioning them just above your eyes.

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Dry eye syndrome may be caused by wearing contacts that aren’t the right fit, which can prevent enough amounts of oxygen from reaching the eye.

There is a good risk that you may develop symptoms of computer vision syndrome if you spend your whole day wearing contact lenses while working at a laptop or computer.

In order to prevent infections in the eye, it is essential that contact lenses be meticulously maintained. On the other hand, you just do not have the time to devote to the maintenance and cleaning of your contacts on a consistent basis, you should probably look into purchasing daily disposables instead.

It is possible for your eyes to get dry, red, and irritated if you do not remove your contacts before going to sleep or if you wear your contacts throughout the day without ever removing them. It is possible that the convenience of wearing contact lenses may induce you to forget that they are there, and as a result, you may discover that you wake up from your sleep with your contact lenses still in your eyes.

Do not be shocked if your buddy chooses to wear eyeglasses rather than contacts due to the current popularity of attractive and contemporary eyeglasses. Some people believe falsehoods about contact lenses, which leads to them needing to wear glasses even when they could see better with contacts.


Pros of Glasses

Putting on eyeglasses can significantly cut down on the amount of time you spend continually wiping your eyes, if that is a tendency you have.

If you suffer from dry eye, you might consider wearing glasses instead.

Price is an issue that cannot be ignored, particularly in these pandemic times when money is constrained or spent more on paying healthcare expenses. You cannot afford to disregard price, especially in these times. The fact that eyeglasses are less expensive than contacts is one reason why more individuals choose for them.

These days, eyeglass frames come in a variety of colours and patterns, and each individual pair may be purchased separately. You only need to choose a tone and design that works with your sense of style and who you are, and then you’ll be ready to take on the world.

Wearing eyeglasses can protect your eyes from debris and dust that may be blown about by strong winds and storms.

Cons of Glasses

Your peripheral vision will be distorted due to the fact that eyeglasses sit at least 12 millimetres away from your eyes. Additionally, some individuals may have fuzzy vision, which may cause them to complain of problems seeing things, having trouble concentrating on items, or suffering from headaches.

It’s possible that you have the mistaken belief that you don’t look well with glasses, or that the glass wall brings out the best in your sharp face features, or that it distorts your appearance.

It’s possible that you’ll need to wear eyeglasses with a substantial frame if the prescription for your lenses is very strong. It’s possible that these spectacles may make you appear more attractive since they will give the impression that your eyes are either smaller or larger than they really are.

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Glasses have a propensity to get filthy or foggy depending on the weather, and they have the potential to impair your vision in situations of harsh weather.

A great deal is determined by the frame that you choose. If you wear a hefty frame all the time, you may find that it gives you headaches and makes you feel uncomfortable.

The discussion on whether or not to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses is an old one, but it still rages on between those who like wearing contact lenses and others who favour glasses owing to financial restrictions or the fact that they are easier to use. As a result of the significant technological advancements made in contact lens manufacturing, an increasing number of individuals now choose contacts over glasses as their main means of correcting their vision.


Types of Contact Lenses

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the many contact options available to you, as well as the pros and cons associated with using each one. You have the option of selecting from among the moist soft contacts, which may be further broken down into four distinct categories, including the following:

  • Spherical (regular) contact lenses
  • A list of contacts for the treatment of astigmatism
  • Accessory lenses for presbyopia
  • Color contacts designed for unusual applications.

When it comes to correcting vision issues, the rigid gas permeable contact lenses produced from tough plastic are the ones that are recommended. In addition to the crisp and clear vision that these lenses are recommended for, some individuals choose them due to the fact that they are long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear.


Eye Conditions:

If you have poor eye health, getting contacts to help correct your eyesight may be necessary for you. However, it is important to discuss this matter with your primary care physician, since wearing lenses may not be appropriate for all kinds of eyes. In addition to the specifics of the refraction errors, you should get a prescription for your eye health in order to choose the lenses that are most suitable for your eyes.

If you have eye allergies or difficulties with the lubrication in your eyes, you should not use contact lenses, despite the fact that there may be a wide variety of contact lens alternatives suitable for your eyes or other considerations to take into account when selecting your lenses. There are a lot of individuals who are susceptible to eye allergies, which is just another reason to steer clear of them or use glasses instead. If the nature of your work exposes you to significant amounts of dust, you should not use contact lenses under any circumstances.

These are the few types of contact lenses as well as its benefits & uses. Share you thoughts in our comments section.