Benefits of Wool Duvets

What are the advantages of using a duvet made of wool? or What are the Benefits of Wool Duvets? What distinguishes 100% pure wool from other materials used to produce bedding, such as cotton, feathers, down, hollow fibre, and microfibre, respectively?

In point of fact, wool duvets are able to do a great deal more than just keeping your bed warm throughout the colder months. Wool is flame resistant, hypoallergenic, a pest to dust mites, and great at controlling moisture. Wool also demonstrates excellent moisture regulation.

Temperature If all you want is a warm duvet, you can get away with using polyester, or even feathers and down if you really want to push your luck. Insulators are what all of those different textiles are. They are constructed in a way that allows heat to be retained between you and your blanket.

Why is it therefore that people value wool duvets more than their equivalents made of polyester and feathers?

To be honest, the reasoning behind it isn’t all that difficult to grasp. Because it is able to retain heat, polyester is an excellent choice for wearing throughout the colder months. But during the summer, when the weather takes an unexpected turn, what can you expect? This cosy polyester duvet will soon turn into a suffocating blanket. Because of the heat that it continues to trap, you are going to have to throw the duvet off in the middle of the night simply because you will not be able to tolerate the temperature.

However, doesn’t wool accomplish the same goal? No, it does not. The finest wool duvets will undoubtedly be able to retain the heat that you create, which will guarantee that you are nice and toasty even when the temperature outside is below freezing.

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However, as the temperatures in your immediate area begin to climb and summer arrives, your wool duvet will begin to behave differently. It will remove the surplus heat that you are producing from your body. It will move the heat through its fibres and release it into your surroundings, helping you to maintain your natural body temperature and feel completely at ease even in the hottest conditions. When using duvets made of wool, there is no need to replace them with the changing of the seasons. You may get several uses out of a single duvet throughout the year.

The natural properties of wool make it resistant to dust mites and hypoallergenic.

All Naturelle’s duvets are naturally mould, mildew, and dust mite resistant owing to the unique properties of pure wool. As a consequence of this, the likelihood that you may come into contact with irritants that might trigger allergic reactions, congestion, and headaches is reduced. The likelihood of you getting a restful night of sleep as a result of this is significantly increased.

Few More Benefits of Wool Duvets

Duvets made of wool are both lightweight and durable:

Lightweight duvets are excellent for ventilation, and in addition to this, they are warm and comfortable.

The lightweight duvets offered by Naturelle are simple to shake out in the morning and rapidly regain their fullness after being flattened. Wool fibres are incomparably more durable than those of any other natural fibre and do not deteriorate over time. In the end, these characteristics make our duvets more robust, which means they endure for a longer period of time.

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They have a natural resistance to flames.

The natural wool fibres contain a protective covering made of lanolin, which makes them more resistant to flames. Because of this, traditional bedding items made of wool are able to pass the flame-retardant test even in the absence of extra harmful chemicals, which are often included in conventional bedding items.


Because it is an absorbent material, wool is able to properly control how your body temperature is maintained. If you sleep in a thick sweater, you may be certain that your wool duvet will help you stay reasonably dry even when the temperature outside is high. The breathability of the duvet is improved as a result of this. The weight of the blanket does not in any way make you feel suffocated or overpowered.


The moisture that wool fibres collect from your body quickly dissipates once it has been absorbed by the fibres. Because of this, you will never have to be concerned about your wool duvet becoming wet as a consequence of excessive perspiration on your part. If you choose duvets made of hypoallergenic wool, you won’t have to worry about your bedding encouraging the growth of mildew, dust mites, germs, or any other substances that might be hazardous to your health. Duvets made of wool are known to be hypoallergenic.


The term “wool” refers to a natural material. The majority of the time, it is taken from sheep in a manner that is not cruel. In addition, the processing is done using instruments and procedures that have no adverse effects on the natural environment. Because wool is a renewable and biodegradable material, you may use your wool duvet guilt-free, knowing that the material that was used to produce it is also environmentally friendly.

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You have to be aware that some of the wool that is now available on the market is not entirely organic. Some of the wool has been subjected to a processing method that is so severe and makes use of such harmful chemicals that it has lost its natural ability to regulate temperature and wick away moisture.

Because of this, you want to pay special attention to the businesses that are responsible for the production of the wool duvets that you buy. Make sure that the company uses environmentally friendly procedures that will allow the wool in your duvet to keep its properties over time.

How to Choose the Finest Organic Wool Duvets: Helpful Hints

Even though wool is a wonderful material for duvets, not all duvets made of wool are created the same.

For example, high-bulk wool fill is an effective insulator because it encases a significant amount of air inside itself. This not only reduces the weight of the bedding but also increases its durability. On the other hand, a wool duvet that is heavy and flat is an indication that the wool is of poor quality and will not insulate properly.

You must choose the appropriate organic wool duvet if you want to experience all of the advantages that come with using one. Now you can have the idea of Benefits of Wool Duvets. Share your thoughts in our comments section.