Benefits of Traveling Alone

Traveling the world alone is not scary, sad or dangerous. However, it so happened that almost everything in this life has both pluses and minuses. To say unequivocally “go on all tours alone” or “a good trip can only be in the company of friends” is not too fair and honest. Therefore, this article will discuss the main pros and cons of solo trips.


Benefits of Solo Trip

The most important plus point that a solo traveler gets is freedom . The plan of the day is built in the best way for you, if you wanted to, you ran around ten sights in a day, if you didn’t want to, you stayed in your room to sleep. There is no need to agree or negotiate anything with anyone.

The advantages of traveling without a company include the ease of finding a host. From personal experience of dunes of sand, I can say that there are several more accommodation options for one person than for two, three, and so on. This is probably quite logical. Owners of large houses are ready to accept both companies and single travelers. While the owners of small areas reduce the maximum number of guests to a minimum.

One of the most important advantages of solo travel can be called the complete absence of conflicts associated with different lifestyles of fellow travelers . We all have different abilities, including physical ones. Someone goes one bus stop on transport, someone walks seven. Someone carefully approaches the choice of clothes, going on a hike.

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Someone puts on sneakers on a bare foot at +30 so that socks do not stick out in the photos. He wipes his legs into blood, freaks out … Well, you understand. People should be comfortable traveling together. Of course, if after a ten-minute walk your friend gets tired, you will not leave him. But miss out on the many thrills and adrenaline of hours of uphill climbing. In the city you came to, spending your own money, not knowing if you would ever come again. And there is little joy in that.

And another benefit of solo travel / travel alone is a lot of new acquaintances . I am often asked what prevents me from meeting new people when traveling with a girlfriend. There are many obstacles. First, when you are with someone, you are often somewhat obsessed with each other. There is no need to communicate with other people, because you already satisfy the need for communication by being in contact with each other. I don’t think it’s bad, no, it’s great. Just a fact remains: you do not make new acquaintances for this reason.

Secondly, not all people are inclined to communicate with strangers. It is possible that your fellow traveler will be somewhat closed. And in the event that one of him as an interlocutor is not enough for you, conflicts may arise.


However, being a solo traveler is sometimes very scary! You can expect from such trips a variety of adventures with a variety of finals. A few words about the night in the mountains in southern China. Now I remember how I could not go down from the top because of the pitch darkness, which caught me by surprise, with inspiration. Of course, it’s cool that the story ended happily.

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But this is not always the case. I think, even almost sure, that if I were with my friends, someone from the company would definitely follow the time a little more carefully. And at that moment, when the idea came to my bright head to go along the mountain river or for biking, I would have pulled back, pointing to the clock. And if not, then looking for a way home with friends is somehow calmer, don’t you think?

No matter how contradictory it may sound, but with all the advantages that traveling without a company gives, sometimes that very company is not enough . It happens, it will cover with sensations, impressions. It happens that so many stories happen in a day in an unfamiliar city, as many stories do not happen in a month in your native city.

And I want to turn around, turn to a friend walking behind: “Just look how beautiful it is!”. But you are alone. At such moments, you begin to record voice messages, videos and dump all this in an unstoppable stream to those closest to you, those with whom you especially want to share the storm of emotions that have arisen.

About housing. Yes, it is easier to stay at the host alone. Easier, but not safer.