Best Fitbit Running GPS Watches 2021

Best Fitbit Running GPS Watches 2021

Best Fitbit Running GPS Watches 2021

Best Fitbit Running GPS Watches 2021

Fitbit is an American brand known around the world. Founded in 2007 by James Parker and Eric Friedman, the brand focused on wireless technologies. Innovative from its inception, Fitbit began by marketing various connected objects i.e Best Fitbit Running GPS Watch. And thanks to the performance of its devices, Fitbit quickly became a world leader in the production of activity trackers.

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In addition, it is one of the very first companies to integrate automatic and wireless synchronization into all of its products. As far as best GPS Running watches are concerned, the brand has long remained in the limelight since it is the first to have democratized this product. Each model of GPS Running watch offered by the brand meets specific needs.

Design and ergonomics

Design is undoubtedly the first element on which potential buyers base their purchase, especially when it comes to GPS Running watch. It is by taking this fact into account that the Fitbit brand has made sure to put a point of honor on the aesthetic aspect of the models offered for sale on the market.

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Compared to those of the competition, the majority of Fitbit Running GPS watch feature a slimmer design with brightly colored accents. They have the shape of a bracelet in order to better follow the heart rate of the wearer. Operating automatically, these GPS are also very ergonomic and are able to recognize the type of sporting activity performed.


The functionalities of GPS Running are also part of the most important selection criteria that influence the purchase. To this end, Fitbit has also demonstrated its mastery of new technologies by equipping its Running GPS with an incorporated audio system.

However, each user can have the opportunity to listen to music while concentrating on their sports activity. And being models with GPS, the activity bracelets of the mark can display the routes and the performances carried out by the user. In addition, they are quite waterproof and can even be used underwater. Many of the GPS Running models offered by FitBit also integrate sleep analysis systems and allow you to program a wake-up alarm.

The performance

When it comes to performance, the fitbit GPS Running devices are well ahead of the competition. This is explained by their battery which offers a great autonomy. The Fitbit Running GPS can therefore be used over a period of several days. Always at the level of performance, Fitbit brand activity bracelets are high precision. This given that they are thin, thus guaranteeing direct contact with the skin, without any interference. Some models can also save more than 300 pieces of music.


The compatibility of GPS Running is also one of the most important criteria on which potential buyers also base their purchase. To this end, the Fitbit brand has also bet big. Generally, the models developed by the American brand are exclusively compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, with Iphone 4S, Ipad 3, with Smartphone Andoid 4.3 and windows 10. They also offer fast connectivity which allows each user to enjoy applications and quickly know the heart rate in real time.

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How does Fitbit Running GPS watch work?

Fitbit Running GPS are connected watches that, above all, allow you to track your heart rate. By their design, they are therefore put around the wrist and will be responsible, via a sensor, to gather all the information on your physical performance. Thanks to the latter, the bracelet automatically connects to your body and is able to recognize the type of physical activity you are performing. All the information collected by this accessory will be displayed directly on the touch screen. And since they are compatible with many systems, you can easily save them to other devices.

Which model favored for running and swimming?

Many of the Running GPS devices developed by Fitbit can be used underwater. But if you want to buy the best model, the most preferred running GPS on the market, it is the fitbit Ionic. It is a smart device that is used for intensive sports sessions. It incorporates an audio system that allows you to listen music and that can be connected with different smart devices such as a smartphone, a PC or a tablet. It also allows use underwater thanks to its waterproof coating and is able to accurately measure your heart rate.

How to receive notifications from my smartphone on my Fitbit running GPS

While it is generally the Fitbit Running GPS devices that send notifications to the Smartphone, the reverse can also occur. Your device can receive notifications when your Smartphone is just nearby. You will be informed about incoming calls, SMS and also notifications of alarms and updates. To do this, you just have to update the fitbit application, check your smartphone settings and activate notification sharing. Then, you just have to tap on “Authorize” once you receive the validation message.

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How to manage alarms on Fitbit Running GPS?

To manage the alarms on your device, you will first need to update the Fitbit app as well as the alarm app. These are distinct from the alarms that are set by Alexa. To do this, open the Alarms app, tap New alarm and set the wake-up time. One essential thing to know is that unlike conventional alarms, these models do not sound. They vibrate to ensure a gentle awakening.

How much does Fitbit Running GPS cost?

The Best Fitbit Running GPS Watches 2021 are among the most accessible models on the market. This given the fact that Fitbit is the first brand to offer this type of device to the general public.

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