Best Things to do in Bangkok Travel Guide

Best Things to do in Bangkok Travel Guide: It is said that Bangkok is a city that lives on contrasts and welcomes the strange, the lovely, and the wacky in equal measure. Because of the rush and bustle that people go through on a daily basis, its cheerful spirit and dynamic character are a direct result of this. A location that is unlike any other, steeped in culture and offering a wide variety of treats that go much beyond a simple dish of Pad Thai.

Every time you come to this city and explore Best Things to do in Bangkok Travel Guide, you will have the opportunity to participate in an activity that will be unforgettable. The city has a lot of different things that draw people in, such as the relaxed tuk-tuks, the market stalls, the fashionable buildings, and the excellent cuisine.

With a large number of well-known neighbourhoods to discover and a large number of traditional cuisines of world-class quality to sample. Whatever your reason for being here may be, you will find that this location offers opportunities for both romantic encounters and fun times with the family.


It is without a doubt an oriental heavyweight that is cherished for its throbbing Soi’s, nightlife, gastronomy, and spas. And contrary to popular assumption, this so-called “huge smoke” is also home to a wealth of verdant spaces that are easily accessible to anyone who need a respite from the city’s constant din.

In addition to this, the vistas in Bangkok are not to be missed since they provide unparalleled isolation from the urban jungle. If you climb the Sky Bars at night, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the city all lit up and shining in its grandeur.


Best Things to do in Bangkok Travel Guide

Visit to Wat Pho

The palace serves as the official abode of whatever king is currently in power. Visit Wat Pra Kaeo to see the Emerald Buddha, which dates back to the 15th century, as well as several temples, sculptures, and stunning works of art. After that, make your way to Wat Pho to see the well-known golden reclining Buddha there. The entrance fee to the Grand Palace is 500 Thai Baht, whereas the fee to visit Wat Pho is just 200 Thai Baht.


Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park in Bangkok is so beautiful that nature lovers may have trouble tearing themselves away from the park. There is a wide variety of things to do in Bangkok region, including jogging pathways, cycling lanes, picnic spaces, chess tables, Tai Chi sessions, workout equipment, and rowboats for hire on the lakes. The dense foliage and peaceful atmosphere provide a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.


Visit Wat Arun

The Grand Palace and this magnificent Buddhist temple are just across the Chao Phraya River from one another. It is so recognisable that it appears on the currency of Thailand and consists of one major spire and four smaller ones. There are breathtaking views of the city that can be had from the very top of the main spire.



There are a large number of shopping complexes in Bangkok, which are widely used in this region and provide a wide variety of goods. Siam Paragon, Terminal 21 (to view the magnificent globally themed décor), Platinum (for inexpensive, fashionable clothes), Pantip (for cheap gadgets), and MBK should not be missed. Siam Paragon is known for its designer clothing, while Terminal 21 is known for its stunning internationally themed decor (for cheap knockoffs).


Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

A little distance from Bangkok is where you’ll find this floating market. Even though it is primarily designed for the convenience of visitors, I still like going there. The trips that stop here typically last for a little over an hour and depart quite early in the morning. The location is pleasant for taking photographs and dining in, however shopping is not particularly recommended here.

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Day Tour to Ayutthaya

The historical centre of the Kingdom of Siam is located not far from Bangkok. This ancient city is currently included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites; it is the location of a number of temples that are both stunning and one of a kind. As a result of its proximity to Bangkok, it is often visited by tour groups on day trips from the city.

There are a lot of organisations that provide tours, but since it is so simple to get there, I would recommend taking the train by yourself instead.


The world-famous Nightlife Scene of Bangkok

In Bangkok, finding decent watering holes and dance clubs to visit won’t be a problem at all for you. Khao San Road and Silom are two of the most popular areas in the city for nightlife, and some of my favourite bars are Brick Bar (a huge space with live ska and reggae music), Smalls (a speakeasy cocktail bar), and Whisgars. Khao San Road and Silom are two of the most popular areas in the city for nightlife (cigar lounge and whiskey bar).



To begin, make your way to the flower market known as Pak Klong Talad, which is located at the northernmost tip of Chinatown. Here, you may browse among lilies, birds of paradise, and orchids. After that, you may have a bite to eat at one of the numerous food vendors that are located around the area.

Here, you may eat as much street food as you want without worrying about going over your budget. It’s not only one of the most delicious restaurants in the city, but also one of the most affordable!

ChinaTown Best Things to do in Bangkok Travel Guide

Wat Suthat

One of the most iconic destinations for tourists in Bangkok, Wat Suthat is most known for the “Giant Swing” that greets visitors as they enter the premises of the temple. The first version of the Giant Swing was built in 1784, but it was rebuilt in 2005 with a swing made completely of golden teak (the temple was added in 1807).

In addition to the swing, the temple has some impressive traditional roofing, some antique paintings, and some hand-carved teak door panels. The enormous complex has a number of smaller sculptures and courtyards in addition to a number of smaller temples that are located on the site.


Time Zone of Bangkok

Indochina Time (ICT)


The Best Time to Visit Bangkok

The Thai Buddhist New Year, also known as “Songkran,” is a festival that the residents (of all ages) look forward to celebrating all throughout the year. This major urban area will be deserted for the next three days beginning on April 13. The townspeople will then go out into the streets to participate in what can be accurately characterised as the largest water celebration that has ever been held anywhere in the globe.


You may reach there quickly and easily by using the BTS Skytrain (the Silom or dark green line) and following the throngs of people wearing brightly coloured shirts. This is the quickest route. When you leave the station, you will be met with some friendly, watery fun as you make your way outside. If being doused with water while walking down the street isn’t really your thing, then it’s definitely a good idea to steer clear of the majority of this nation during this time of year!


Best Hotels with Best Things to do in Bangkok Travel Guide

Ariyasom Villa

Phone: +662-254 8880-3

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This traditional Thai luxury hotel is conveniently located in close proximity to a plethora of retail malls, including Emquartier, Siam Paragon, and Central Plaza, thanks to its location in the bustling neighbourhood of Sukhumvit. The location is highly central and adjacent to attractions like as the Wat Arun Temple, Soi 11 (which is known for its clubs and restaurants), and the famed flower market.

Getting to the closest BTS station takes about ten minutes on foot, making this an ideal spot. The apartments are all exquisitely furnished in a traditional Thai manner, and the so-called “Executive Deluxe Rooms” come complete with a jacuzzi, making them ideal for a swoon-worthy night of passion.


Bangkok Tree House

Phone: 082-995-1150


A break from the bustle of city life and an immersion in the peace and quiet of the countryside. A nature resort on the outskirts of Bangkok that provides a clean, efficient living space in a one-of-a-kind tree top unit that is built on three stories and is intended to bring you closer to the open air.

Isolated in the middle of the jungle, with lots of opportunities for excitement and proximity to nature waiting for you, be sure to take advantage of the free bicycle rental. When you aren’t out exploring your surroundings, you may unwind on the rooftop terrace, where there is no noise pollution and you have unobstructed views of the river. In addition to this, complimentary ice cream will be provided all day long.


Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

Phone: +66 (0) 2 659 9000


This luxurious resort, which has five stars, is the ideal place to begin your exploration of the Chao Phraya River, often known as “The River of Kings” and “The Lifeblood of the City.” The Mandarin oozes elegance and allure and can be found in the midst of well-known monuments such as The Temple of Dawn, China Town, Bangkok’s Old Town, The Grand Palace, and the ICONSIAM retail mall.

The Mandarin is 145 years old (now a new national monument). Just five to ten minutes is all it takes to get to the bustling Sathorn Pier, which serves as a transportation centre for boat taxis and the BTS Skytrain. Complimentary boat shuttles are available.


Hotel Muse Bangkok

Phone: +66 (0) 2 630 4000


This gorgeous luxury hotel is decked out in luxury and positioned in the middle of all the activity. It has a strategic location that allows for quick access to important areas such as Siam, Sukhumvit, and Silom. The art décor of this hotel was inspired by the 1920s. This hotel not only has opulent accommodations, but it also has a restaurant that has won many awards and a speakeasy rooftop bar that is well regarded.


Best Restaurants in Bangkok

Jay Fai (Thai)

Phone: +66 2 223 9384

Jay Fai is an excellent choice for gourmands. A woman of 74 years of age who changed people’s perceptions about street cuisine by elevating the reputation of the cafe she owns on a side street to that of a Michelin-starred establishment and gaining celebrity on Netflix. Chef Fai prepares a ruckus in the kitchen right in front of your own eyes, and she is famous for her crab omelette, which has generously sized pieces of mouth-meltingly delicious crab meat.

The Yellow Crab Curry has also established a strong reputation for itself and is now in pole position to overshadow its more famous sibling dish. The fact that you have to sit on plastic chairs and rely on only a fan to keep you cool at this restaurant is just one of the many things that contributes to the one-of-a-kind allure of this dining experience.

You may either make a reservation many months in advance or show there at eight in the morning to get your name on the list; however, you should be prepared to wait in line for at least an hour or two before you reach your “assigned slot.”

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The Pug That Smokes (American BBQ)

Phone: +66 83 029 7598

Due to the restaurant’s excellent barbecue pork ribs, several guests have referred to them as “the greatest I have ever eaten.” A low-key restaurant that serves large meals, excellent beer, and has an atmosphere that is peaceful and relaxed, making you feel like you’re eating at home.

Veganary (Thai/Western – Vegan)

Phone: 095-564-6053

This restaurant franchise is managed by a family and has six locations spread around Bangkok. They provide vegan and gluten-free meals at all of their establishments. They are enthusiastic about dispelling the stereotype that “vegetables are dull,” and as a result, they prepare mouthwatering meals that may even entice those who like meat.

Because there is such a wide variety of options, this restaurant has the potential to become a go-to, particularly for lunch. Because making a reservation in advance is not actually required, this is a fantastic option for those with wandering feet.

The Som Tam Thai and the Green Curry Spaghetti are not to be missed. The desserts are very fantastic, particularly the “Chunky Monkey Ice-Cream & Cake” and any of the incredibly delectable Waffle concoctions that you choose.


Comfort Food (Thai)

Phone: +66-(0)2101 2367

If you’re not sure where to begin when ordering from this menu, the Papaya Salad, Massaman Curry, Khao Soi, and Soft-Shell Pad Thai are all excellent choices. The food served here is genuine Thai cuisine, and the best way to experience it all is to order many dishes and share them with others. A straightforward eatery that comes at a reasonable price and is conveniently located in the hip Thonglor neighbourhood of Sukhumvit.


Pizza Pala Romana (Italian)

Phone: 02 259 1228-9

A very modest Italian deli that gives off the impression of being nothing more than a hole in the wall and is hidden away under the Asoke BTS Skytrain station, which is located right next to the bottom level of the Terminal 21 retail mall.

This pizza has a great and crispy sourdough crust, a large amount of toppings, and a flavorful sauce base layer. It is, in our opinion, the finest pizza in Bangkok. If you get a slab that’s a metre long, you’ll have enough to eat for many days. The wine is delicious, and this is a wonderful location for a couple to get a table on the run.


Weather of Bangkok

The weather in Bangkok is almost always oppressively hot and muggy. Because of the tropical temperature that prevails throughout the year, you will almost never need a coat, but you should bring a poncho just in case.


The months of November through March are often viewed as being the months with lower temperatures and lower levels of humidity. Having said that, temperatures may still reach up to 90 degrees, and this is particularly true as the days get closer to April, which is traditionally the warmest month of the year.

Showers may be expected at any time of the year in Bangkok, but they are almost certain during the rainy season, when tremendous thundering storms can send you rushing for cover. You may anticipate up to nine or ten hours of daylight throughout the whole year, with the sun sinking between the hours of six and seven in the evening.


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