The best things to do in Hamburg


The best things to do in Hamburg

Hamburger Kunsthalle, Elbphilharmonie and the Theater im Hafen – Hamburg is a true treasure trove for everyone who is committed to art and culture. However, the Hanseatic city can do much more. Especially in the warm months of the year there are countless activities that transform the cozy city into a colorful “playground” for young and old. This is mainly due to the great location at the harbor and the three rivers Elbe, Alster and Bille, which form the Make the place an attractive holiday and weekend destination for the whole family.We took a look at which leisure activities are particularly recommendable in the nice 1.9 million city.

SUP Alster
SUP stands for “Stant Up Paddling”, a trend sport that is enjoying increasing popularity. The activity involves standing on an oversized surfboard and rowing with a paddle. SUP has its roots in Polynesia, with the Hawaiian Islands being the method of locomotion turned into a leisure activity. This can now also be practiced on the beautiful Alster. And you don’t need to have any previous knowledge. All you need is a little balance and a good mood. The Hamburg SUP Club offers training courses including equipment for all age groups . If you want to go on an adventure tour through the “Altes Land” or rather “paddle”, you should register online in good time.

the Alster at night in Hamburg
the Alster at night
The North Wall Hall
Of course , rain is not uncommon in Hamburg . You even have to reckon with an average of 12 rainy days per month. There are a few more wet days in the second half of the year than in the first. If you want to be active despite the weather, you have good cards. How about climbing, for example? For beginners and hobby climbers with strategic skills like Alex Honnold from the film “Free Solo”, there is the well-known Nordwandhalle in Hamburg – this is one of the best bouldering and climbing halls in Germany. In addition to the completely free and secured climbing, great workshops and courses are also held here offered, in which the necessary equipment is also provided.

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Hagenbeck Zoo
The Tierpark Hagenbeck belongs to Hamburg like the Michel and the fish sandwich. There are over 1,850 animals that are native to every continent on earth. The zoo is known for its spacious enclosures and very authentic living spaces. In addition to exciting land dwellers, which visitors can sometimes even feed, you can also admire the most beautiful and colorful sea dwellers on earth. The tropical aquarium with over 14,300 small and large animals, such as the Nile crocodiles, makes it possible. Since the large-scale zoo is outdoors, you should choose a nice, sunny day to visit and start exploring first thing in the morning.

The best things to do in Hamburg
The Elbe Cycle Path
The Elbe is a really impressive body of water , which by the way is one of the few remaining natural rivers in Europe. The river has its source in the Giant Mountains National Park in the Czech Republic. From there it flows through Central Europe and also to Hamburg, before finally ending in the North Sea. If you like cycling and want to explore Hamburg, you should do the Hamburg part of the pretty Elberadweg. This runs over 1.9 kilometers from the city dike to Billhorner. From Zweiradperle Hamburg to Hamburg City Cycles – there are quite a few bike rentals in Hamburg, so you don’t have to worry about them here. And extremely sporty explorers can, of course, continue straight to Cuxhaven.

The Alster steamship
In fact, Hamburg has more bridges than the cities of London, Amsterdam and Venice combined. This is mainly due to the Alster, the beautiful tributary of the Elbe. If you don’t want to explore it on a surfboard with a paddle, you can join a leisurely steamboat trip. There is a lot to see: The riverbanks impress with particularly pretty buildings – white facades and copper roofs line up like in a picture book and make for great photos. The river eventually dams up in Alstersee, a wonderful place to sail, relax and daydream. By the way, there are nice cafes, restaurants and boat rentals around the lake.

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The Botanical Garden
If you still have some energy left, you can make your way to the Botanical Garden. This was originally founded purely for research purposes for the University of Hamburg. Today, however, it is a popular place for those seeking relaxation, plant lovers and hobby biologists. Since 2012, the magnificent piece of earth has also been called the Loki Schmidt Garden, since the late author Loki Schmidt campaigned for the preservation of the little paradise during her lifetime. Even if you don’t have much time, a short walk is worthwhile. Admission is always free here. By the way: The tropical greenhouses in the center of Hamburg are also part of the botanical garden and are well worth a visit.

The Island Park
Visitors can find even more outdoor fun in the Wilhelmsburg Inselpark. The beautiful green area has been there since 2013. At that time it was laid out for the International Garden Show and since then it has fascinated young and old alike. The park has everything to offer from relaxation to exercise. In addition to a climbing and skate park, there is also a canoe rental and guided herb and tree walks. On beautiful sunny days, the Inselpark offers great lawns for extended picnics and ball games. Getting here is not difficult either: simply get off the S3 at the Wilhelmsburg station and follow the signs.

Tip: Anyone looking for even more fun in Hamburg should simply click through the “Leisure and Sport” section on the official Hamburg website.

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