Best Things to do in Vancouver Travel Guide

Best Things to do in Vancouver Travel Guide: My all-time favourite city in the planet is Vancouver, British Columbia. It allows you to experience the best of both worlds, as you may be in the middle of a bustling city one minute, and then only a few minutes later you can be out in the open air, climbing up some breathtaking mountains.

It is well worth your time to check out Vancouver because of its outstanding art scene as well as its world-class restaurants, delectable craft breweries, and bustling markets on Granville Island.

The city boasts a long and illustrious history, as well as fantastic Japanese cuisine, tranquil parks, and a great quality of life. In point of fact, it is routinely ranked as one of the top cities in the world in terms of livability.


The city of Vancouver takes great pride in its diversity, its indigenous past, and its tolerance for people of all backgrounds. A booming LGBTQ+ community can be found hanging out in the city’s West End area of Davie Village, while the city itself is home to the third-largest urban Indigenous population in the all of Canada. Davie Village is located in the city’s West End.


Time Zone of Vancouver

Time zone for the Pacific Coast


The Best Time to Visit of Vancouver

There are no unfavourable periods to visit Vancouver; nevertheless, given that it is located in the northern hemisphere, there are attractions and activities to enjoy throughout any season. The summer months have the highest number of visitors and the longest daylight hours, although the winter months (which are pleasantly warm) are the least congested time of year and have trees and flowers budding as early as February.

The summer months also have the longest daylight hours. Keeping in mind that the months of November through March are the wettest, the month of September is the most ideal time to go outdoors since the leaves are changing colours, the temperature has dropped, and there is less chance of precipitation.


Important Information

One of the things that makes Vancouver so appealing is how straightforward it is to navigate the city. In addition to the ease with which one may navigate the city on foot or by bicycle, there is also an abundance of public transportation choices. Don’t bother hiring a vehicle while you’re here since parking at hotels is expensive and getting about is a breeze thanks to taxis, buses, ferries, trains, and ride-sharing apps.


Last but not least, Vancouver is often regarded as one of the most secure cities anywhere in the world. However, similar to other large cities, you should be careful with your things, particularly in the city’s most touristic neighbourhoods.


The Canadian dollar, sometimes known as “loonies,” is the country’s official currency.

Language: English

Calling Code +1 604

Victoria is the capital city (capital of British Columbia)


Best Things to do in Vancouver Travel Guide

This city is always hosting various athletic events. If you like watching football, you may watch the British Columbia Lions. And if hockey is your thing, be sure to see a Vancouver Canucks game. Since hockey is the most popular winter sport in the country, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to watch a game. Residents of Vancouver have a lot of pride and excitement for the White Caps throughout the summer months.



The first building in what is now known as Gastown was a bar, which opened in 1867. Gastown is the oldest area in Vancouver. These days, it’s a hip neighbourhood that’s teeming with fashionable restaurants, cafés, boutique stores, and bars (like The Flying Pig and Rodney’s Oyster House, for example).

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Take a stroll down the cobblestone lanes that are surrounded by ancient historic buildings, check out the Gastown Steam Clock, which is a clock that is powered by steam, and pay a visit to the monument of Gassy Jack Deighton (the man who started the tavern all those years ago). Every year throughout the summer, this venue plays host to the Vancouver International Jazz Festival.

There are also opportunities to participate in food excursions all across the area. Taste Vancouver provides excursions that last for two and a half hours and visit eight different restaurants at a cost of 125 Canadian Dollars per person.


Vancouver Art Gallery

This place has an incredible collection of modern artwork from all around the world, both locally and internationally. Because museum has more than 12,000 pieces of art, you might very well kill a whole day here. There is an entire exhibit dedicated to Emily Carr, the most popular historical artist in British Columbia, and this location plays host to a wide variety of events, including late-night parties including live music. .

Vancouver Art Gallery Best things to do in Vancouver Travel Guide

Hike through the park Lynn Canyon

A visit to this park for half a day will provide both entertainment and no cost. A suspension bridge, short treks, swimming holes, and waterfalls may all be found in the area around Lynn Creek. Even while the bridge is not nearly as tall as the one at Capilano—it is “only” 45 metres (150 feet) high—this is an excellent alternative to the congested Capilano. On the other hand, it provides a bird’s-eye perspective of the rapids, waterfalls, and pools that are located along the swiftly moving river.


Robson Street

The history of Robson Street can be traced back to the late 19th century, when it was initially established as one of the city’s principal thoroughfares. It is the ideal place to dine, window shop, and observe passersby while you are on this street. It was previously known as Robsonstrasse for the benefit of the neighborhood’s German population, but that name has changed throughout the course of the street’s long international history.

Ramen shops may be found right next to taquerias, and there are lots of trendy cafés and sushi joints here as well. Today, this area continues to provide a wide variety of foreign cuisines. Take a seat in a traditional Japanese tavern known as an izakaya and take it all in.


Vancouver Travel Costs

Prices for hostels range from $40 to $45 Canadian Dollars a night for a bed in a dorm room with four to six other bunks. The price of a private room begins at ninety Canadian dollars (CAD), but is usually closer to one hundred twenty. Free Wi-Fi is often available, and the majority of hotels also provide kitchen facilities for guests to use.


Outside of the city, camping is accessible for $10 to $30 CAD per night for individuals who are travelling with their own tents. For this amount, you will get a basic camping spot for two people that does not have power.


Prices for budget hotels The average nightly rate at a budget hotel in the downtown area is around 150 Canadian dollars. You can anticipate having access to basic facilities such as Wi-Fi, a TV, a coffee/tea maker, and air conditioning.


Culinary: Much as in the United States, the food culture and cuisine of different regions in Canada are quite different from one another. As a result of the country’s long and complicated history of immigration, the cuisine here is a patchwork of cuisines from a variety of different nations. The proximity of Vancouver to the water has contributed to the city’s enduring love affair with seafood.

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Due to the enormous number of Asian-Canadians who name this city their home, Asian cuisine is also a great popularity among residents and visitors alike. Make it a point to try some of Canada’s most well-known dishes, such as poutine (fries topped with gravy and cheese curds), beaver tails (fried dough drizzled with maple syrup), Canadian bacon, and the strangely delicious ketchup chips.


Vancouver is a big global city, and as such, it provides everything from Jamaican patties for three to four Canadian dollars apiece, Vietnamese bahn mi for six Canadian dollars, and full breakfasts served all day for less than ten Canadian dollars. Bento boxes of high-quality sushi may be purchased for as low as 12 Canadian Dollars, and large bowls of ramen can be purchased for 13 Canadian Dollars. Noodles may be purchased in Cambodia for as low as 8.25 USD.


A dinner at McDonald’s will run you roughly 12 Canadian dollars. A dinner for two at a casual and affordable restaurant costs roughly twenty Canadian dollars (CAD) for a burger, fries, and a drink. A beer will set you back an additional 7 USD.


A multi-course lunch and a drink at a restaurant with a moderate price point will cost around forty Canadian dollars (CAD) per person.


The price of a latte or cappuccino is often approximately 5 CAD, while the cost of a bottle of water is from 1-2 CAD.


If you want to prepare all of your meals at home each week, you need budget around $65 CAD for the necessary items. With this amount, you may purchase essential foods such as rice, pasta, veggies, and even some meat.


Best Hotels in Best Things to do in Vancouver Travel Guide


Rosewood Hotel Georgia

Phone: +1 604-682-5566

This historic hotel in the heart of the city first opened in 1927 and has since welcomed A-list celebrities as well as members of the British royal family. The hotel had a significant makeover in 2011, which resulted in the facility being brought into the 21st century with the most cutting-edge conveniences. The hotel provides its guests with a variety of tailored experiences, such as jungle walks and helicopter rides, in addition to an excellent spa and an indoor saltwater pool measuring 52 feet in length.


Skwachàys Lodge

Phone: +1 604-687-3589

The Skwachàys Lodge is a hotel located in the Gastown neighbourhoods of the city. It is owned and maintained by local indigenous people. This forward-thinking property supports the arts by providing a home for an urban Indigenous artist as well as a gallery showcasing Indigenous artwork. The hotel provides a private sweat lodge purification ritual on the rooftop garden in addition to a smudging ceremony that is designed to cleanse the body, so if you’re searching for the heart of the Indigenous experience, this is the place to stay.


Loden Hotel

Phone: +1 604-669-5060

This charming luxury hotel is consistently ranked as one of the top hotels in Vancouver, and it is located in close proximity to Stanley Park. This hotel is well-known for its health and wellness programme; hence, each room is equipped with its very own yoga mat and a yoga channel that can be accessed on the televisions in the rooms around the clock. A free usage of electric cruiser bikes that allow you to zip about the city with ease is another one of the hotel’s distinctive attractions. The hotel also has an infrared sauna.

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Hotel Belmont

Phone: +1 604-605-4333

The Hotel Belmont is located in the ideal place for vacationers who want to be in the thick of the action of the vibrant nightlife in Vancouver. This hotel can be found just off Granville Street, which is known for having many of the top bars, pubs, and nightclubs in the city. The interior of the hotel embraces a kitsch aesthetic by using vintage style and rainbow arrangements. In addition, if you want to continue having fun while you are at the property, you may head to The Basement, which has a bowling alley, a neon-lit arcade, and late-night DJ dance events.


Opus Hotel

Phone: +1 604-642-6787

The Opus Hotel is a Yaletown chic luxury hotel with in-house Muses that are available to create your whole stay in Vancouver, at least digitally. The pre-determined characters provide you with useful information about the city depending on your current disposition or who you are as a person. In addition to making your stay more customised, the hotel has a scrumptious Italian restaurant named Capo, which serves wonderful pizzas and sophisticated beverages.


Best Restaurants in Vancouver Travel Guide


Phone: +1 604-568-3900

Not only does Miku offer some of the greatest sushi in all of Vancouver, but the restaurant also takes great pleasure in the fact that it is environmentally conscious. The restaurant has been awarded recognition via the Ocean Wise Program, which is administered by the Vancouver Aquarium and honours establishments for their dedication to the use of environmentally responsible fishing methods.



Phone: +1 604-673-7000

Hawksworth is a champion of contemporary West Coast Canadian cuisine. The restaurant procures only the highest-quality ingredients and prepares them in the most creative manner possible. It is consistently ranked as one of the most highly regarded eating establishments in the city. A walk through chef Hawksworth’s menu is a foodie’s dreamscape that seems to travel around the world with specialties such as Korean-fried cauliflower, wagyu beef carpaccio, spring ricotta agnolotti, and his take on baby-back ribs. Other dishes on the menu include spring ricotta agnolotti, wagyu beef carpaccio, and spring ricotta agnolotti.


Salmon n’ Bannock

Phone: +1 604-568-8971

Salmon n’ Bannock was created with the intention of bringing attention to the culinary customs practised by First Nations people. Both the wait crew and the kitchen team are comprised of members of many First Nations, and the cuisine reflects the many different First Nations traditions.


Weather of Vancouver

Summer is the busiest season for tourist since it has the lowest chance of precipitation, the most sunny days, and temperatures that are seldom intolerably high. The winters are not as harsh as you would anticipate for a city in Canada, but there is much more precipitation from November through March. The spring and autumn seasons, which are considered the “shoulder seasons,” are characterised by beautiful blossoms and the shifting of the leaves.


January Temperatures 37°F to 44°F

February Temperatures 32°F to 75°F

March temperatures 40°F to 51°F

April Temperatures 44°F to 56°F

May Temperatures  49°F to 63°F

June Temperatures 54°F and 67°F

July 58°F to 72°F

August temperatures 58°F to 72°F

September Temperatures 53°F to 66°F

October Temperatures 47°F to 57°F

November temperatures 41°F to 49°F

December Temperatures 37°F to 44°F


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