Best Tomtom Running GPS Watches 2021

Best Tomtom Running GPS Watches 2021

Best Tomtom Running GPS Watches 2021

Best Tomtom Running GPS 2021

When it comes to GPS running, the European company TomTom is one of the leading companies that we think of, and the company has put on sale one of the very first GPS for the general public. Indeed, this Dutch manufacturer is positioned in many sectors of satellite tracking. In addition to Best Tomtom Running GPS watches suitable for sports (running, hiking, golf, etc.), there are devices for driving all types of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, heavy goods vehicles, camper vans… To demonstrate the reliability of this brand, we offer you a complete presentation of the TomTom brand, from its origin to its flagship GPS.

Origin of the TomTom Brand

The company was founded in the Netherlands under the name Palmtop in 1991. At the time, GPS was only reserved for professionals, mainly armies. Originally, this Dutch company developed software for handheld computers, namely financial programs, games, dictionaries, etc. When GPS became available to individuals, the Palmtop company decided to specialize in the design and marketing of devices equipped with this technology. They took this opportunity to change the name of the company to TomTom. In 2004, the very first portable personal navigation assistant called TomTom Go went on sale.

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TomTom Best Running GPS and its successes

Thanks to the quality of its products and the seriousness of the company, the firm TomTom has been awarded several times. In Germany, in 2017, the TomTom Go range won the IF Design Award for “exceptional” design. In 2018, it received the first prize in the “connectivity and automation” category at the major meeting of the Automobile Suppliers Association or CLEPA, in the Netherlands. The “language of the year” award (best code quality) has been awarded to TomTom for its programming. This award attests to the quality of the product and was awarded by TIOBE.

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Best TomTom running GPS Watches

The Dutch brand TomTom is a specialist in best GPS running watches. It has chosen to position itself in an accessible and attractive market. This has allowed him to be very successful and today, we find many runners wearing a TomTom GPS watch on their wrist.

Indeed, the Runner range from TomTom has won over many users. It is particularly aimed at regular athletes who aim to improve their performance. This watch offers many features and is equipped with all the options one would expect. It has a cardio function, performance analysis and the various tasks that a GPS can perform. The advantage of this watch is that it presents training programs that offer the possibility of optimizing and improving on a daily basis. Users appreciate this European manufacturer’s GPS watch for its ruggedness. Not displaying a more elegant design than those of other renowned brands, this range impresses with its reliability, robustness and ergonomics.

Lets discuss the answers of few questions which normally a buyer of Best Tomtom Running GPS watch have in their mind.

How do I reset my TomTom GPS?

Your GPS may not start correctly or not respond. When you face this situation, we recommend that you reset your device. Note that only the clock’s time zone settings will be the information you lose on your device when you reset the GPS. To find out how to set the clock after completing this endeavor, you are advised to follow the instructions in the user manual for your device. To reset your device, you must first make sure that the battery is fully charged and that the SD card is removed. Then you have to press the dedicated button to reset the device in 20 seconds using a paperclip.

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Which computers are compatible with My Drive Connect?

My Drive Connect is an application with which you can manage the contents and services of your GPS. My Drive Connect must be running when your device is connected to your computer. Computers running Windows and OS operating systems are compatible with My Drive Connect. However, to ensure its performance, you must use a computer running Windows 7 or higher or OS 10.7 Lion or higher. It is possible to install My Drive Connect on Windows Vista and XP, but performance is reduced. To overcome this, you need to install additional driver software so that your GPS can be recognized. However, an internet connection is required to update and manage your device.

How do I transfer items from TomTom My Drive to my navigation device?

My Drive lets you add POI files, Favorites, and the active destination, and then sync them to your device. When you have to reset your device, just log into your TomTom account to sync them. First make sure your device has at least 400MB of free space before syncing it with My Drive. If there is insufficient space, the POI file will not be synchronized. You can check the amount of free space by going to “Help” and then “About” in the menu of your navigation device. It is important to be aware that synchronizing large files can take a long time. We therefore recommend that you always follow these steps before starting your journey. However, it is possible to speed up this process. To do this, you need to directly connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.

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What if my GPS does not connect to my computer?

When your device is connected to your computer, but the latter cannot detect it, you must make sure that the GPS is no longer in its socket and that the USB cable is plugged in correctly. It must be directly connected to a USB port on the computer and not on a USB hub or a USB port on a keyboard or monitor. We recommend that you only use the USB cable that came with the GPS, as other USB cables may not work or even be compatible with GPS. If your GPS is still not recognized by your computer, this could be due to an incorrect installation of the software or the driver required to recognize the device.

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