Biggest myths about conjunctivitis


Biggest myths about conjunctivitis

“Don’t rub” is what people like to hear from acquaintances when they’re struggling with conjunctivitis. Apart from the fact that this is easier said than done when it itches: Does it help at all? Or is that just a myth? What helps besides visiting a doctor? We took a close look and checked which myths have a core of truth.

Can air conditioners be the cause of the inflammation?
In principle, one can say: Drafts are pure stress for our eyes, as they dry out severely as a result. This applies to the open window in the car as well as to the air conditioning. And yes, sometimes the draft can also be the reason for eye infections.

Is conjunctivitis contagious?
In most cases yes. That’s why you should leave children with conjunctivitis at home and not go to the office yourself. It is particularly typical of contagious conjunctivitis that it starts in one eye and then spreads to the second eye. One eye basically infected the other eye. Washing hands is very important!

Can you get conjunctivitis because of an allergy?
Unfortunately yes. This is then referred to as allergic conjunctivitis. These can be triggered by airborne allergens and manifest themselves in the classic symptoms: redness, itching, swelling, cracking and sticky discharge. Around 20% of all people suffer more or less severely from allergic conjunctivitis, which occurs particularly often during the pollen season. If you are not sure whether your inflammation is an allergic reaction, an allergy test will help!

Is it bad to rub your itchy eyes when you have conjunctivitis?
Unfortunately yes. And yes, we know how difficult it is to suppress this impulse. But with bacterial and viral conjunctivitis, rubbing can also infect the other eye. Rubbing further irritates the eye and worsens the symptoms. Even if it provides temporary relief, it only makes things worse in the long run.

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Can frequent hand washing prevent infection?
Washing your hands is very important to prevent the spread of conjunctivitis. Actually, one should try to avoid touching one’s face, but that is often difficult. So wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!

Can you get rid of conjunctivitis with just antibiotics?
Studies show that even antibiotic eye drops can lead to improvement. In the end, however, it is best to talk to your doctor about what is right for your case. In general it can be said that antibiotics are not always necessary.

Should the bed linen be changed regularly if you have conjunctivitis?
No, you don’t have to change them all the time. In any case, it is recommended to boil the bed linen once and to change the pillow more often, as many cases of conjunctivitis are very contagious. However, the entire bed does not necessarily have to be changed several times.

Should mascara be thrown away after conjunctivitis?
Yes absolutely! Especially in the beginning, conjunctivitis shows no symptoms, which means you still feel good and maybe still use mascara. So it may well be that the bacteria or viruses got in there too. Definitely throw it away. Also counts for eyeliner etc.

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