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February 2022


Buying used car parts: Bargain or risk?

A car consists of various components and spare parts. And no matter how well you as the owner take care of your vehicle, individual car parts are subject to constant wear and tear and will eventually need to be replaced. But not every wearing part has to be brand new and therefore expensive. The...


A Guide to right Tire Air Pressure

The car tire creates the connection between the vehicle and the road and has a significant influence on driving behavior. Too low or too high tire pressure has significant negative effects and should be corrected as soon as possible. In this way you contribute to the safety of your car and do not unnecessarily...


When do I have to change motorcycle tyres?

The motorcycle tire is the vehicle's only connection to the road. Driving behavior therefore depends to a large extent on the quality and condition of the tyre. For your own safety, you should be able to identify worn tires quickly and reliably so that you can arrange for replacements in good time. If you...

off-road tires

What does the tyre speed index say?

The last abbreviation of a full tire designation, seen on the sidewall of the tire, designates the tire's speed index. It is a measure of the maximum speed at which the tire can be operated. A total of 32 speed classes are defined. However, the tire index stands for more than just the permissible...


How do I recognize worn tyres?

With every kilometer that you cover in your car, tiny particles detach from the car tyre . If you slam on the brakes or accelerate too hard when starting off, you speed up this process. Worn tires, however, represent a high safety risk. But when is the right time to change tires? In this...


Cleaning chrome rims: tips & tricks

Chrome aluminum rims are very popular not only in the tuning scene, but also with drivers of almost every age group and class. The reason lies in the high-gloss finish, which makes every tire an eye-catcher. The chromium-plated surface of the rims means that they require special cleaning: conventional detergents can damage the chromium-plating...


Which motorcycle tire fits which rim?

The wheels transmit the power of the engine and the brake to the ground. In order for the tires to withstand this load for a long time, it is important to ensure that the motorcycle rim and tire fit perfectly. We will show you which tires fit which rim sizes and which points you...