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Business Relationships with an SEO Company

How to order SEO service? Features of doing business in SEO. We draw up a competent contract for SEO services. This article will tell you how to competently build business relations with an SEO company: what you need to know, how to ask questions, what to count on, etc.Not all firms can pay for...


Tips for Contracting with SEO Company

Choosing a contractor to promote your brand on the Internet is a complex process and requires a balanced approach. The SEO market in our country is very young, and it is important to choose a reliable and trusted Partner.Of course, you can try to start promoting your site yourself, but it will take a...


Content Types and Basic Requirements

In modern realities, content marketing is becoming a necessity for any business. High-quality content lays the foundation for internal resource optimization and contributes to getting to the top positions of results. Providing attractive and valuable content for CA allows you to stand out from your competitors, attract and retain potential customers. In the article,...


Key Metrics of Email Marketing

It’s not possible to measure the success of an email marketing campaign using a single metric. It is necessary to define a set of metrics that correspond to the general strategy of an e-mail campaign, its goals and scenarios of communication with segments. The goals of the campaign can be different: lead generation, increasing...