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3 Universal Principles of SEO

Principles of SEO The principles of creating an adaptive SEO strategy with any market changes:The principles of creating an adaptive SEO strategy Imagine how great it would be if we could use a universal model or promotion template for each of the sites . Each business owner could easily use a certain algorithm and easily bring...


9 Steps to Build a Funnel on Instagram

Social networks are one of the tools in a branding strategy . Therefore, now we will focus on building funnels on Instagram for subsequent customer acquisition. In order to attract new users and reduce the cost of attracting them, you can build a funnel on Instagram. It represents several points of interaction with the user,...


Robots.txt Guide for SEO Beginners & Professionals

Absolutely all seoshniki are faced with the development and configuration of robots.txt. A well-written document allows you to index pages faster and occupy high positions in the search results for relevant queries. We wrote a simple instruction for beginners SEO-professionals: what is an index file and how to properly configure it. What is the use...


Guide: How to Optimize Pagination Pages?

The development and output of content requires a competent approach to separation and placement. Page navigation (pagination) is an important component of the usability of the site and application. From the point of view of SEO, incorrect work with pagination leads to serious problems with indexing and negatively affects the position of the site...