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What really helps against pimple marks?

Each of us knows this: There is a small patch of skin where there was a pimple weeks or months ago, and although it has long since subsided, a red or brown spot remains that does not want to go away. "Pimple marks - also medically known as PH, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation - are discolored...


Seven reasons why your skin loves winter

Darkness and cold are affecting your mood? Then just take a look in the mirror and be happy about a great complexion. There are enough reasons why winter is a real treat for our complexion: 1. Sufficient sleep: The dark season makes you tired . And that's just as well. Because the most important processes...


Toenail trimming mistakes you shouldn’t make

Wrongly cut toenails not only look unkempt. They are often the reason for ingrown nails, pressure points or inflammation. You should therefore avoid these foot care mistakes in the future: Clippers used instead of pliers or scissors : Nail clippers are handy. But they are by no means suitable for toenails. Your blade is not...


Is my skin dry or dehydrated?

Dry and dehydrated are often used interchangeably when it comes to skincare, but they're not really the same thing. In fact, any skin type, whether oily, combination, or dry skin, can be dehydrated. How to tell the difference and what you should know for your skin care routine. What is dry skin? Dry skin is a...