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How old are my tyres?

The age of the tyres has a decisive influence on the function of the tires and thus on the roadworthiness of the vehicle. Worn tires, for example, show poorer road grip. It is therefore useful for the car owner to be able to determine the age of the tires themselves at any time. Here...

off-road tires

Use off-road tires as all-season tires?

If you often drive your SUV or off-road vehicle in impenetrable areas of mud, sand or even gravel, you may often ask yourself whether your off-road tires are also suitable as all-season tires for everyday use. Since the question cannot be answered that easily, we have set out to find an answer for you. Worth knowing...

electric car

What does the mobility of the future look like?

Climate and environmentally friendly, resource-saving and efficient technologies are of great importance to the population today. The interest in alternatives to classic means of transport is increasing and the demands on mobility are constantly changing. We therefore asked ourselves how we will move in the future and which modern possibilities we can already use...

electric car

Electric car – Pros & Cons compared to internal combustion engines

The sales figures for electric cars are currently increasing, which means that electric cars could soon become the norm on German roads. Despite the relatively positive trend, there are still critics of the new means of transportation. In this article we have therefore listed an overview of a selection of previously known advantages and disadvantages...


Electric and hybrid car workshop – Which workshop to choose?

Electromobility not only changes the scope of maintenance and repair work for garages - the entire service process is changing. With the existing battery in electric and hybrid cars, the scope of maintenance and repairs is significantly reduced due to fewer components required compared to the combustion engine. "High-voltage certificate" qualification required for specialist workshops Even...


Tyres for electric vehicles and hybrid cars

The current developments in mobility with low-emission electric vehicles and hybrid cars are progressing steadily. For greater sustainability, low energy consumption and long ranges, it is essential to further improve the rolling resistance of electric vehicles. The tires play an important role here. What do you have to consider when choosing tires for electric...