Business Relationships with an SEO Company


Business Relationships with an SEO Company

How to order SEO service? Features of doing business in SEO. We draw up a competent contract for SEO services. This article will tell you how to competently build business relations with an SEO company: what you need to know, how to ask questions, what to count on, etc.

Not all firms can pay for work on a regular basis and are forced to seek services from an SEO company. Organizations that earn on search engine optimization have their own structure and features.

15 Tips for doing Business with an SEO Company

1. Be honest. Let the SEO company know all your site manipulations. Often site owners hide that before they turned to professionals, they themselves tried to do SEO. Hiding such facts can greatly affect the site’s rank in the future. Respect not only the time and strength of the seoshnik, but also your own money.

2. Do not blame the links. If something goes wrong, do not pretend that it is only the specialist’s fault. This is especially true for links: if SEO made a link, and you ruined robots.txt, then this is not his fault. On the contrary, if the link has benefited the site, do not pretend that SEO has nothing to do with it.

3. URL may change – do not be surprised. Sometimes SEO may insist on changing the URL, and there is nothing strange about this. On the contrary, if you are an owner, then do not engage in amateur activities without informing a specialist.

4. Provide access to webmaster tools and analytics. For SEO to work effectively, you need to know what is happening on the site, so do not think to hide any data and statistics.

5. Answer the questions. A large number of questions does not mean that SEO does not know its work, which means that he wants to understand the problem completely.

6. Listen to tips. You hire a specialist to give professional advice. Agree that it’s stupid not to pay attention to SEO tips, having paid in advance for him to give them.

7. Do not hire a lot of specialists. If you are not comfortable with what they say about the site, then hiring another 10 SEO companies is unlikely to help – the problem is with the site, not with the professionalism of the people hired.

8. Do not share confidential information. Do not share any confidential information with the company. Agree that if you do this with one company, they will think that you will someday “share” their data.

9. Set specific goals. No SEO company can do what you want, unless you say so. If you don’t know anything about SEO, order a website analysis.

10. Discuss the prices. Discuss prices immediately when you conclude a service contract. Finding out why a particular service was more expensive or cheaper would not be useful in a couple of months after the launch of the project.

11. Do not impose your prices. Prices need not only to be discussed, but also taken for granted. Talking about what a company in India does is cheaper, unproductive.

12. Examples do not solve everything. If the SEO company cannot provide examples of excellent work, this does not mean that they have nothing to show; on the contrary, it only says that the company does not have the right to disclose information about customers.

13. Links are not everything. If you want to work with links, and you are still advised to focus on social networks, do not ignore this advice. SEO knows a lot not only about links.

14. Do not look at competitors. Do not tell SEO that a competitor site works differently. Firstly, it may violate Google’s requirements; secondly, the competitor site is different from yours, which entails the use of excellent methods.

15. Do not look for free solutions. Remember that free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

The main thing in establishing fruitful cooperation with an SEO company is to want to listen to what an SEO specialist will advise you. Talk about the situation directly, not hiding the facts, and then you can reach a consensus.

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