CBD for well-being sounds good, is it?


CBD for well-being sounds good, is it?

What exactly is CBD and what effects can it have?

Cannabidiol is one of several phytocannabinoids, which – in addition to the probably well-known tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – occurs in the hemp plant, which has been used by humans for various purposes for thousands of years. Unlike THC, however, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects.

Cannabidiol exerts its effect, among other things, via cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 of the endocannabinoid system in the brain, but the exact signaling pathway has not yet been fully clarified.

The effect of CBD has been the subject of various research work for several years , in some studies on medicinal use medically relevant data has already been obtained (e.g. epilepsy in children, Alzheimer’s).

There are currently primarily reports from users about the positive effects of CBD on general pain (e.g. menstrual pain, cluster headaches), states of anxiety or heightened arousal, so we can look forward to the relevant results of large-scale studies. Initial findings from the use of nicotine and opiate addiction give reason to hope that CBD could be used beneficially in this area in the future.

Possible benefit without risk?

The possible positive effect of a substance is usually associated with the risk of side effects.

This is actually different with CBD: with reasonable dosages (and even more) no significant side effects have been observed with cannabidiol!

And since legally available CBD products, whose THC content must be less than 0.3% in Austria, do not have any psychoactive effects, there is no risk of developing a dependency.

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According to the WHO, the use of high-quality CBD products in healthy people without previous illnesses is harmless . According to the WHO report from 2018, when the dosage is adjusted, there are no side effects, only interactions can occur if a user is already taking medication. It is therefore advisable for people who take medication for a longer period of time to discuss the use of CBD with their doctor.

For humans and animals?

Cannabidiol is also increasingly being used for pets, there are numerous reports from users about an increase in well-being, for example when moving house, when an animal is newly admitted or in the case of general anxiety or insecurity, for example in dogs.

However, the study-based data situation for animals is still much meager than for humans: A study by Gamble et. al 2018 investigated the effect of cannabidiol in dogs suffering from osteoarthritis, but this relatively small study showed a significant improvement in symptoms and increased activity in the dogs with no side effects.

Another reason to hope that more extensive studies will soon be carried out on our pets to find out possible areas of application for CBD and to secure the first results!

How, what and where from?

The Austrian legal situation with regard to CBD products is a little vague and contains gray areas for producers and distributors, since they are not medical devices, but also not food by definition. In addition, the legal opinion has changed quite frequently in recent years, which makes it difficult to get an overview.

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And as is so often the case, the resulting gray areas offer space for dubious suppliers who jump on the CBD bandwagon and offer products whose origin cannot be traced and whose THC content may well be above the permissible limit. However, a higher THC content can have unintended hallucinogenic effects, which can lead to serious health problems, especially when used on animals. Furthermore, possession of the product can then lead to problems due to the Search and Drugs Act.

Anyone who, as a potential consumer, is dealing with the possible positive effects of this promising product from the hemp plant for the first time is faced with an almost unmanageable variety of suppliers and a correspondingly large range of products.

From the user’s point of view, it is at least clear that the possession and consumption of cannabidiol products that have less than 0.3% THC is permitted and therefore not punishable.

Common dosage forms of CBD are – to name only the most important:

Pure CBD oil: this is a product that contains chemically isolated cannabidiol as a mono-substance in varying concentrations
Full-spectrum CBD oil : this is the complete extract of the hemp plant, in addition to cannabidiol it also contains other secondary plant substances and various other cannabinoids. By adding a carrier oil, the THC concentration is reduced to the legally permitted level
CBD blossoms: these are the buds of the female hemp plant, CBD blossoms contain a high proportion of CBD and can be smoked for tea, as well as hemp cigarettes or vaporized and inhaled using a vaporizer.
But what should you pay attention to when you buy CBD flowers or want to try CBD oil for your dog or cat?

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Reputable supplier: Here you can get information about the origin of the products and, if necessary, view certificates. Here, too, value is usually placed on the regionality of the products, which in turn makes tracing easier. In addition, the reputable supplier grants access to the corresponding test certificate when purchasing a product, which provides information about the ingredients of the product and, above all, proof of the THC concentration contained.

Best organic: also applies to CBD products. The why is obvious: conventional products often contain high levels of pesticide residues (both full-spectrum and pure CBD oils , as well as conventional CBD hash ), which in turn is not good for our health. Furthermore, the carrier oils used here also come from organic cultivation.
For use on animals, care should be taken to ensure that the THC content is as close to 0 as possible, since both dogs and cats cannot metabolize THC without problematic health effects.

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