How to Choose Web Hosting for your Website?

How to Choose Web Hosting for your Website?

How to Choose Web Hosting for your Website?

This is the common question which arise in our mind when we think about a website

How to Select Web Host/Web Hosting Provider

Choosing a hosting plan for your website is always a matter of deep analysis, although it is really easy to search anything but we are talking about the selection of server, not searching. Search can be made easily and the results will also be positive, but all that is in written form, what prove do you have that you searched a best hosting service for your website? Let me tell you something about how to choose the right web hosting or pick a good web host.

  1. Review of Service Provider

Product or service quality can be judged by gaining reviews on sub level, before purchasing any service, search about the users reviews on the following hosting company which you are willing to take, do not chase any cheaper in this matter, because you will never know when they will became a speedster and run away 😀 avoid unknown service providers, like the one who is new in this service, always rely on old and strong service providers, always run a comparison check before any final decision, the most important thing in a hosting service is its support, which we will discuss below.

  1. Server Support

Server support must be 24/7, a service without such offer is useless, because it will make you suffer badly with uneven downtimes, support team should be available through email or phone. Phone is my priority. It is not a thing to be highlighted specially; as I am one of the victims 😛 that’s why I am telling you not to take a hosting service without a support.

If your website goes down by some internal server issues and your support is not available or office hours are gone, then what will you do? Only wait, nothing else, bad server support do not care that your website is down or running, once my worst nightmare, that’s why I am telling you again, do not go with such hosting service, who do not provide 24/7 support.

  1. Server Specifications

Before making a final purchase, following features must be checked:

i- Disk Space

ii- Processor

iii- System Ram

iv- Bandwidth Quota

v- Number of Websites

vii- Traffic Capacity

viii- IP Address

It depends on which service you are buying, in shared hosting case, I am not so familiar with disk space and ram, but if you wanted to know about any VPS (Virtual Private Server) I can perfectly guide you, let’s just say I am using a VPS with 1Tb of disk space, 8 cores of processor, 16 GB of ram, unlimited bandwidth, limited number of IP addresses, unlimited traffic and unlimited numbers of websites. These features suits my requirements, that’s why I am using a VPS, it is not mandatory for you to with same specifications, but make sure to check 7 features which I mentioned above.

Stability of your server is the stability of your website, it’s a very interesting topic and I always love to talk about VPS or hosting and WHM, because in my beginning I ruined unlimited number of WHM’s 😛 which makes me a expert now.

  1. Price Affordability

As I am writing this for beginners, or those who do not have much knowledge on selection of hosting server, price quota must be discussed, when choosing a hosting you should pay attention to the rates, choose the plan according to your need then affordability, need always comes first 🙂

One thing which is may be off the topic but it is good to be informed, always choose monthly payments for your server or hosting, do not go with 6 months or 1 year packages, I know they seem to be pretty cheap, but in case of any miss commitment it will be hard for you to move forward. Leverage is always good. While doing rate comparison, you will also find those providers which are providing the same services but in more and more cheap rate than all of others, that’s a scam, do not choose such providers ever.

Your questions will be answered in the comment section below, if I skipped anything please let me know, or a thing that should be explained in more details.

Do not ask me to configure your server settings, because you know my abilities : P

Every successful entrepreneur was once a disaster and today we call them guru’s, so make yourself determined to the cause.

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