Content Marketing Analysis

content marketing analysis

Content Marketing Analysis

Analysis content marketing should say which formats, channels and topics most effectively resonate with the interests of your target audience . In order to collect the full picture of interaction with content from individual elements of the strategy, it will take some time. But this is the key to success, allowing you to keep visitors by moving them down the sales funnel, increasing the final conversion and return on investment.

Unfortunately, the collection of various metrics often has to be done using such popular platforms as Yandex Metric and Google Analytics . Their main purpose is to collect and analyze website traffic. We can use indicators such as an increase in the number of visitors, download speed, time on the site, the number of pages viewed, etc. These data can be misinterpreted, which does not allow a full assessment of the effectiveness of promotion using content.

Conversion is the main argument for content marketing strategy
In-depth studies have proven that consumers should pay attention to an average of 11 units of content before deciding on a purchase. Marketers need a way to track the effectiveness of published information, both at the beginning of contact with potential customers, and at the stage of working with a loyal audience. regular customers.

If you do not engage in systematic promotion, the content will turn into a bunch of articles filled with letters and pictures. It is necessary to somehow analyze the written words and the published graphics so that high-quality material is converted into quantitative results.

The key to analyzing content marketing is the ability to convert resources into real results. Evaluation of the results is possible when at least three tasks have been solved: attract potential customers, grab their attention and transform them into buyers.

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Analysis of content marketing on a basic sales funnel

For some projects, the key performance indicators presented above may suffice . As a result, there is a high probability of skepticism among investors regarding the need to invest additional funds in various communication channels. . It is tempting to concentrate on your own website and optimize the effectiveness of the narrow sales funnel.

Do not get in your sled
But what if potential customers have no idea about your brand and its services? It is unlikely that one communication channel will be enough. If the target audience is not fully reached, the number of potential customers will decrease, unless the company serves a very narrow segment of friends and relatives.

Need to expand the top of the sales funnel and include other points of contact. As a result, the marketer will need to know much more information about the widest range of consumer awareness, involvement and interests.

I must admit, this formulation of the problem poses for specialists the task of deploying a comprehensive marketing strategy that will go beyond a single site. Consumers are much more interested in the content that the site tells about the company’s ability to make money.

Recall the basic goals of a content marketing strategy
Awareness ( Brand Awareness ) : the higher the awareness of your company and its services, the more likely that the choice will be made in your favor, ceteris paribus competition

The level of engagement ( Engagement Rate ) : go ahead – when people begin to interact, you have the opportunity to establish the relationship between consumers and the company on an emotional level, which increases the confidence in the brand and reduces the influence of pragmatic calculation (decreases the level of competition on price)

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Lead Generation – Lead Generation Targeted Actions : Emotional assessment should be followed by actions, and content marketing has a wide opportunity to get a real result: from collecting contact data to direct requests from potential customers
Sales : Sales : a clear and concise interpretation of what you are offering on the market is able to maximize customer satisfaction, which is directly related to sales growth

Customer retention (the Customer my wishlist Loyalty ) : to find a new buyer can be a difficult task, but to convince the customer to re-order order of magnitude more complex work, leading to the stability of the business.

The solution of these problems expands the scope of the sales cycle. Accordingly, there is a need at each stage to ensure the proper level of advertising impact on the target audience.

Analysis of content marketing rests on the “three pillars”
It is advisable to distinguish three groups of measures that need to be emphasized when implementing a content marketing strategy.

Marketing quality : this is a strategic objective at the level of company management. Sales revenue, marketing costs, customer satisfaction, objective figures of the final conversion – this is an incomplete list of key indicators that you need to know and regularly monitor.
Content Quality : The tactical challenges facing marketers. Views, clicks, the level of interaction with content – all this is important for understanding what direction content marketing is developing. Likes and reposts are important, as they summarize the effect of the impact on the target audience.
Brand quality : an important factor for competition for the attention of the target audience. Market share, the number of mentions about the brand, the volume of website traffic are qualitative indicators that reflect consumer awareness of a particular business.

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As a rule, large companies have the ability to track the results of promotion on a complete and wide list of parameters. For a small business, this may seem a burdensome function. The task of the entrepreneur is to choose the monitoring option, and not abandon the concept of promotion. Otherwise, a niche in the market may be occupied by someone else, a more successful player.

The best combination of measurements for content marketing analysis
The choice of the number of indicators depends on the level of competition and available resources in the company. We suggest using our KPI matrix to fully evaluate your content marketing strategy.

Key Performance Indicators for Content Marketing

As you can see from the table above, content marketing intersects with each of the three quality groups. This allows us to consider the promotion of company services as a holistic business process that affects the final economic results.

The proposed matrix of key performance indicators for content marketing is not a dogma. Everyone can take into account their own characteristics and customize it for themselves. As a result, it is important to have an idea of ​​how content marketing affects sales growth.

To prepare the final reports, use the ready-made template , which we regularly use when implementing content projects.

No matter how well the marketer knows his audience, content marketing can always be optimized and improved. There are times when you wait for the explosive popularity of a post, but instead it turns out to be a fiasco. And vice versa, an ordinary note will find a wide resonance, which no one expected. In any case, the marketer must know what happened in order to optimize their work.

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