Content Marketing and Video 8 Ways to Use it


Content Marketing and Video 8 Ways to Use it

In the article, we will provide you with a description of several types of videos that you can and even need to use when developing content marketing. As a rule, many business owners forget about this type of content, believing it to be less reliable than standard methods of promotion. Below we will try to convince you of the opposite.

If at the beginning of this year you decided to make some changes to your content marketing strategies, in particular, add videos to it – but still have not started to do this, this article is for you. What types of videos are better to create? Which of them will be most effective for achieving business goals? Which marketing videos are better to use? We will try to answer these questions in our article.

Most Popular Video Types

1.Educational videos.
For many companies, this type of video is the main one and is a way to demonstrate to the user how to achieve the most effective results using any means. Explanatory and instructional videos allow customers to actually see what they want to achieve. Such videos are good not only in terms of establishing credibility in a particular field of activity, but also for attracting all queries related to the topic in search engines.

2. Video webinars.
Regardless of whether you understand it or not, you are already creating such videos. An example would be a demo video about new software created for your employees, or a presentation recording aimed at the needs of users. Pay attention to these videos and start publishing them – give your target audience the opportunity to get interesting information.

3. Reviews of projects and products.
Currently, videos that provide project reviews are the backbone of many companies. And there are reasons for this – such videos are very effective. According to the results of statistical studies, 57% of users prefer to make a purchase after watching a video describing a specific product. Why don’t you take advantage of this?

4. Video with ads of social advertising.
As a rule, if you want to provoke an emotional response from your users, nothing will help you better than this kind of video. Regardless of whether your company is limited in funds, or vice versa, it is very well off, it’s worth spending money on social advertising! This attracts the attention of users and contributes to a positive emotional reaction to your company.

Types of videos you should also pay attention to

1. Video about your company.
Nowadays, business owners are more concerned about providing any specific information and company and its activities, forgetting about the importance of establishing personal contact with customers. Videos demonstrating your team of employees, or devoted to a story about your aspirations in the business sphere, as well as what exactly you want to be useful for your users, will improve their experience about you.

2. Video with reviews.
Videos showing reviews and recommendations about your company can be a good indicator of your integrity and credibility, which positively affects the user attitude towards you.

3. Animation.
This type of video must be present in your content marketing strategy. What are its advantages? It provides visual and emotional stimulation of the user’s interest, and also introduces a factor of surprise – this will surely be remembered by users.

4. Video on Instagram.
According to statistics, 40% of the most popular videos on this site belong to companies. Instagram is a great way to showcase the brand’s spirit and essence, create a community and attract new users.

As you can see, there are a sufficient number of videos that can be added to content marketing strategies, and which will enrich them and bring an element of novelty. Given the possibilities that videos can open before you, it’s inexcusable to lose sight of them.

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