Content Marketing Trends in 2020


Content Marketing Trends in 2020

To keep in touch with your audience, you need to create content that:

Help them solve their problems
Will draw attention to the company
Will work with objections
Will become relevant and viral
Creating content is difficult and expensive if you are afraid to learn and experiment. We are not like that. We draw your attention to the trends in content marketing, which will be relevant throughout 2020.

Creating a strategy and working on a content plan
Marketers and copywriters, working on the site, must follow the content plan. Content marketing strategy in 2020 is important in order not to waste the budget, time and effort of the team.

We conclude:

For a systematic work on the site, you need to draw up a content plan
Each task should have a timeline, goals, performers and responsible
It is important to update the content plan in order to work systematically and up-to-date
Going to a blog where the latest updates were a couple of months ago, you get the feeling that it has long been abandoned. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to work with copywriters or journalists, you can create a small matrix of content yourself. In a simplified version, it may look like this:

Content Matrix

Just a little time and effort, and you will already have some ideas and topics for your blog. Useful for those who all the time “have nothing to write about.”

Work with experts and opinion leaders
Attract famous people to create content on your website. It can be:

Experts – specialists who are versed in specific areas
Opinion Leaders – People Listened to and Most Trusted

So, experts in the field of content marketing will be specialists from companies that are engaged in marketing, practicing marketers. And opinion leaders today are those who are listened to and trusted by on the Internet. Collaborate on blogs with a large number of subscribers. Analyze accounts and choose the best ones in terms of engagement.

Agencies involved in content marketing can themselves create experts and opinion leaders from the specialists of their company. For this it is important:

Motivation – the interest of the team and employee in personal advancement and growth
Self-education – continuous development, communication with experts, gaining knowledge and experience
Unique offer – you will succeed if you have something to offer and it is useful

Audience Personalization

Standard methods for segmenting an audience by gender, age, geography, and financial situation cease to work. People may coincide in these parameters and social status, but their preferences and interests can be completely different.

Conclusion – in 2020, you need personalization. Analyze the interests of your audience and create content that will solve its problems and will be relevant.

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