Dark circles become dangerous


Dark circles become dangerous

Sometimes cold cucumber slices or teaspoons from the refrigerator help. They are placed on the eye area and are intended to make unsightly circles under the eyes disappear. But that doesn’t always work. If it becomes a permanent condition that the skin under the eyes is grey, blue, brown, reddish or purple, or if the symptoms worsen, then you should definitely see a doctor.

“Bluish shimmering dark circles under the eyes are often genetic.”

“Basically, the skin around the eyes is very thin,” explains dermatologist Markus Steinert . Due to the small amount of subcutaneous fatty tissue, dilated blood vessels shimmer more prominently here than elsewhere on the body. With increasing age, the fatty tissue in the eye area often becomes even thinner. “Bluish shimmering circles under the eyes are often genetic,” emphasizes Steinert. The unsightly shadows under the eyes can also occur in younger people.

Rings under the eyes are also often the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. A sign of this can be a strong wrinkle with a blue-black colour. “For example, the affected person does not drink enough mineral water, has too little sleep or does not eat enough fruit and vegetables,” says Ursula Sellerberg from the German Federal Chamber of Pharmacists. In such cases, a change in everyday habits and special skin care for the eye area can help.

Cold tea bags don’t help

Moisturizing creams with urea, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extracts or other water-binding substances can plump up the thin skin around the eyes. “The creams should be dabbed onto the eye area with only slight pressure,” recommends beautician Monika Ferdinand.

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Under no circumstances should you try to solve the problem of dark circles by putting on cold tea bags. There is a risk of allergic reactions. “Flavoured black tea bags in particular have a high allergenic potential,” Sellerberg warns. Contrary to a widespread recommendation, no hemorrhoid remedies should be used against dark circles. “Such creams and agents are not designed for the eye area, so they are completely out of place,” emphasizes the pharmacist. According to her, some active ingredients or auxiliary substances in hemorrhoid remedies cause irritation when they come into contact with the eyes. In addition, many of the preparations contain preservatives that carry the risk of allergies.

Dark circles can usually be concealed without any problems – with the help of a cover stick, also known as a concealer. “The color of the concealer should be a shade lighter than the skin color or the make-up,” says Ferdinand.

When should you go to the dermatologist?

If dark circles persist despite special care and cooling, a dermatologist should be consulted. For example, he can carry out a blood test and find out whether a vitamin or iron deficiency is the cause of the dark circles. In rarer cases, dark circles under the eyes can be a sign of kidney or thyroid disease or an allergy.

A disturbance in the drainage of the lymph is also possible. “In such cases, manual or mechanical lymphatic drainage helps,” emphasizes Steinert. It should be carried out by specialists such as specially trained beauticians. In addition, ointments are often prescribed that promote lymphatic drainage.

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Sometimes, in addition to the dark circles under the eyes, the bags under the eyes are so enlarged that the skin sags and there is an accumulation of excess fat on the lower eyelid. “The most effective way of doing this is a surgical procedure in which the so-called fat sacs are reduced,” explains Steinert. If the dark circles are caused by a loss of volume in the fatty tissue, the corresponding area of ??the face can be injected with hyaluronic acid and thus padded. “It’s usually painless,” says Steinert.

One solution: fruit acid peelings

Dark circles caused by excessive pigment formation – for example as a result of skin aging or too much exposure to the sun – can be treated with laser devices. “This tightens the connective tissue of the eyelids,” explains Steinert. However, such treatment methods are also associated with side effects that patients must be informed about. For example, bruising or slight swelling can occur in the treated areas, but these will subside after a maximum of one to two weeks.

A fruit acid peel can help give tired-looking and sunken eyelids a firmer, more youthful complexion. In the case of more in-depth treatments, collagen formation in the skin is also stimulated. Steinert emphasizes: “But this should only be done by experienced and specially trained beauticians.”

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