Denver Travel Guide

Are you looking for Denver Travel Guide. You have reached on the right place. It is not because marijuana usage is permitted in Denver that the city is nicknamed “Mile High,” but rather due to the city’s height of 5,280 feet, which is equivalent to one mile above sea level.

The city of Denver is the state capital of Colorado as well as the most populated city in the state. In addition to being a gateway to the Rocky Mountains, it is home to several parks, municipal parks, and museums that are among the best in the world.

In the United States, Denver is often ranked as one of the best cities for singles to live in, and it is also home to the performing arts centre that is the second biggest in the country, behind the Lincoln Center in New York.

Fans of football, baseball, or basketball may choose to watch the Denver Broncos, the Colorado Rockies, or the Denver Nuggets compete in their respective sports. Do you prefer soccer or hockey? Try out some games with the Colorado Avalanche or the Denver Outlaws. Are you looking to get some physical activity in? Go for a walk in the Rocky Mountains, or hit the slopes of one of the surrounding ski resorts.


Time Zone of Denver

Mountain Standard Time


The Best Time to Visit Denver

The activities that you have planned will determine the optimum time of year for you to go to Denver. The city also home plays to the Colfax Marathon, the Five Points Jazz Festival, and the Denver Arts Festival. PrideFest and Comic Con are two summertime events that take place in Denver, and in July, the city has its annual county fair.

A Taste of Colorado, the Denver Beer Fest, and the Great American Beer Festival are all held in the fall in Denver, making this the ideal time of year for beer and cuisine lovers to plan a trip to the Mile High City. Meanwhile, winter is a popular season for skiers, snowboarders, and other snow sports enthusiasts to tackle the slopes in the area.

The Christmas light show at the Denver Botanic Gardens is on display from November to January, while the National Western Stock Show is held in Denver every year during the month of January.


Why should Visit to Denver?

This hilly city is a highlight of every journey to the United States of America because to its breathtaking landscape, abundant sunlight, and laid-back feel. In addition to being encircled by mountains, Denver is situated at a height of precisely one mile high and offers a variety of outdoor activities suitable for all four seasons and a wide range of preferences. It serves as an entry point to the American West and is a region that is quite distinctive in its own right.


Important Information

The Rocky Mountains are visible from Denver, although the city itself is not physically situated inside the range. There are over 200 named mountain summits that may be seen from Denver.


Because consuming alcohol at an altitude of one mile above sea level amplifies its effects, it is important to drink plenty of water and take it easy when doing so.


Adults over the age of 21 in Colorado are able to legally purchase and use marijuana. Adults are permitted to have up to one ounce of marijuana in their possession at any one time. Dispensaries that cater to either recreational users or patients may be found selling cannabis.

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Go to a dispensary that sells marijuana for recreational use if you don’t have a prescription. Because smoking marijuana in public is still against the law, it is imperative that you locate a secluded area in which to do it. It is also against the law to transport marijuana into another state.


Best Things to do in Denver, Colorado

  1. Mount Evans: 14,000 Feet

The massive Mount Evans stands resolutely guard over the ever expanding cityscape of Denver. Every day, its commanding profile yells out to everybody and everyone, urging residents as well as visitors to come and take in the natural beauty of the area from head to toe. Driving to the summit via the winding Scenic Byway is the most straightforward way to achieve the 14,000-foot elevation gain. Hikers won’t be disappointed either, since mountain sheep and mountain goats use the same pathways to get to the top of the mountain.


  1. The Denver Art Museum: A Meeting Place for the World’s Cultures

This museum is regarded as one of the very best in the United States. Explore the galleries to learn about the myriad of cultures and artistic eras that are represented here, from pre-Columbian items to Western American art to current photography.

The museum is notably well-known for its collection of Native arts, which not only covers Indigenous American peoples but also those from Oceania and Africa. In addition, the museum’s Native American art collection has won several awards.


  1. Coors Field is known as “Home” for the Colorado Rockies.

Coors Field is where the magic happens for the home club of Denver, which is called the Rockies after the magnificent mountain range that runs the length of the state. Attending a baseball game at this sports venue in the middle of the city will provide you with an experience that is very American in its spirit.

It’s just as important to cheer for the home team as it is to celebrate with the folks you’re surrounded by by indulging in some hot dogs, sodas, and beers. Keep your eyes alert since this field is notorious for allowing home runs to be hit from it.


  1. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science: There’s So Much to Discover Here

This hands-on natural history and science museum in Denver is consistently ranked as one of the city’s top tourist attractions. It welcomes visitors of all ages as well as offering the fun for people of all ages. There has never been a time when gaining knowledge about the world was so entertaining and interesting as it is now; from displays on mummies and dinosaurs to displays on our ever-expanding cosmos, these walls contain a plethora of information. The experience of being immersed in the natural environment is continued outdoors at the Denver Zoo, which is located in the middle of City Park.


  1. The Denver Botanic Gardens: Views from Close and Far Away

The Denver Botanic Gardens are located in the heart of the city, yet they provide visitors with the tranquilly of a suburban retreat. In these meticulously designed gardens, native and exotic plant life coexist in perfect harmony, evoking the sights and scents of the wild in a way that you won’t be able to forget anytime soon.

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As “the Mile High City” is located at a high altitude, “the Mile High City” places a special emphasis on alpine flora from all over the globe. Discover species you’ve never seen before, and take in the beauty of the natural world, all while strolling along trails that softly twist through the forest.

Denver Travel Guide Botanic Gardens

An impressive natural amphitheatre found outside and surrounded by towering sandstone cliffs is known as Red Rocks. You may hike, do yoga, or attend a concert here.


The renovated Union Station is a historic railroad station located in the centre of Denver’s Lower Downtown (LoDo) neighbourhood.


The Dairy Block is an urban microdistrict that can be found in the middle of the LoDo neighbourhood. It is home to a variety of pubs, restaurants, and boutique stores.


The Molly Brown House is a breathtaking house located on Capitol Hill; it was originally owned by the “Unsinkable” Titanic survivor Molly Brown.


Best Hotels in Denver


The location is 1280 25th Street, Denver, Colorado 80205 Address:

Phone: (720) 996-6300


This boutique hotel in Denver’s River North Art District has only 50 guest rooms and is located in an area where former warehouses and factories are being transformed into jazz bars, restaurants, breweries, and art galleries. Because the building was constructed to keep outside noise to a minimum, this location can be ideal for you if you have trouble falling or staying asleep.


The Art Hotel Denver

The location is 80203, 1201 Broadway, Denver, Colorado

Phone: (303) 572-8000


The Denver Art Museum and the Colorado Convention Center are both within walking distance of this downtown hotel, which welcomes pets. In point of fact, it is home to almost a half-dozen museums that can be reached on foot in less than ten minutes. There is an enormous art collection that is on exhibit all over the resort, as well as a rooftop bar and restaurant, and some of the guestrooms provide views of the surrounding mountains.


Patterson Inn

The location is 420 East 11th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80203 Address:

Phone: (303) 955-5142


The Patterson Inn, which was established in 1891 and is now a National Landmark, is located in a structure made of rust-colored sandstone. The hotel has a variety of uniquely decorated guest rooms as well as communal spaces that are stocked with board games, literature, and hand-carved wooden artwork.


Curtis Hotel

The location is 1405 Curtis Street, Denver, Colorado 80202.

Phone: (303) 571-0300


The Curtis Hotel is a unique establishment that can be found in the heart of the city, just across the street from the Denver Performing Arts Complex and only a few steps away from the 16th Street Mall.

The hotel’s lobby, which is decorated in a retro-hipster style, has a television that broadcasts cartoons on a regular basis. Additionally, the hotel is home to The Corner Office Restaurant + Martini Bar. Some of the rooms contain decor that is based on popular culture, such as The Simpsons, Barbies, or even classic arcade games.


Kimpton Hotel Monaco Denver

The location is 1717 Champa Street, Denver, Colorado 80202.

Phone: (303) 296-1717


This hotel has just undergone extensive renovations and now has a lobby that has been designed to evoke the atmosphere of a living room. Its recently remodeled rooms are decorated to give off an air of luxury while maintaining an artistic atmosphere. A breakfast credit, an evening beverage, and a personal protective equipment (PPE) package are included in the property’s nightly amenity fee of $23.

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Best Restaurants in Denver

El Five

the location is 2930 Umatilla, Fifth Floor, Denver, CO 80211

Phone: (303) 524-9193

This restaurant is a rooftop playground with a wide terrace, and it was created by the same people who were behind Root Down. Tapas are a specialty of this restaurant, which serves a pan-Mediterranean cuisine that guests may enjoy while taking in breathtaking views of the Denver cityscape and the Rocky Mountains. Items such as smoked burrata, harissa eggplant fries, Moroccan lamb sausage, and chocolate baklava may be found on the menu.


Root Down!

the location is 1600 W. 33rd Ave., Denver, CO 80211

Phone: (303) 993-4200

This restaurant has garnered a reputation for its inventive food, vibrantly hued beverages, gas station-style design, and offbeat decorative objects. Root Down is open for both breakfast and evening, and its menus include dishes such as shrimp ceviche, country-fried tofu, carrot gnocchi, and a dessert called a burned s’more that you won’t be able to forget. The Raspberry Beret and the Don Draper are two examples of well-known drinks.


Denver Biscuit Company

The Denver Biscuit Company is known for serving up Southern-style comfort cuisine and is widely regarded as one of the greatest places in the city to have brunch. A variety of biscuit breakfast sandwiches, biscuit French toast, and, of course, biscuits and gravy may be found on this restaurant’s menu.

Sully’s Fries, the company’s own take on the classic Canadian dish known as poutine, are waffle fries topped with gravy, pimento cheese, bacon, and green onions. The dish was created by Denver Biscuit Company. Remember that most restaurants shut at 2:00 p.m., so try not to sleep in too late.



the location is 1889 16th Street, Denver, Colorado 80202

Phone: (720) 605-1889

Tavernetta is an Italian restaurant located in Denver, Colorado, that is owned and operated by the Frasca Hospitality Group. The restaurant’s goal is to bring “la dolce vita” to the city by serving fresh, hand-made pastas and an extensive wine selection.

The restaurant offers a tasting menu and features private, heated seats outside where guests may enjoy their meal. Its usual menu includes Italian mainstays including cacio e pepe, burrata, and agnolotti. In addition, Tavernatta offers a tagliatelle dish that features lobster from Maine.


Weather of Denver

The winters in Denver are often cold and dry, while the summers are quite hot. The temperature hardly never falls below 6 degrees Fahrenheit or climbs over 96 degrees Fahrenheit. The months of June through early September are often the hottest. Late November to early March is often the coldest time of the year. Snow is likely during the months of November and February.


The following is a list of each month’s typical low and high temperature measured in Fahrenheit.


January 20°F to 49°F

February 21°F to 49°F

March 29°F to 58°F

April: 35°F to 65°F

May: 45°F to 73°F

June 55°F to 86°F.

July 61°F to 92°F.

August 59°F to 90°F.

September °F to 82°F

October 37°F to 68°F

November 27°F to 57°F

December 19° to 47°F