How to Develop a WordPress Blog?

How to Develop a Wordpress Blog?

How to Develop a WordPress Blog?

Are you developing a personal blog? Just blink twice and you are in 🙂 To start a personal blog with a brand name or some simple name, whatever your desire. You need a hosting plan and a registered domain name. Next you have to make choice of CMS (Content Management System) for your blog. Some relevant information that will definitely help you: How to choose hosting for your Domain

Blogging engines or CMS are pretty good. Most popular: WordPress and Drupal are free to use. In my opinion for a first personal blog, it is best to go with WordPress.

In order to make a free blog at WordPress you will need some knowledge of html style and editing, as well as knowledge in installing WordPress. If you generally do not know a lot about html or how it works? That’s why i am here to guide you as simple as i can.

If you don’t want to invest any money in the web hosting and domain name, there are various services that provide you with free hosting and domain name as well. For example, services like etc, or Obviously some feature will not be accessible with in such free platforms, but the available resources will be enough to take a jumpy start, without spending a single penny. If your goal is to start making money initially, free platform most likely will meet all your needs.

As my priority platform is WordPress, so let’s take a road towards making your first free blog, before i started annoying you 🙂 Here is step by step guide about How to develop a wordpress site?

Step #1

Go to you will see the following:

Step #2

Click on “Get Started” and you will see the following

From here you have to choose your topic in which niche suits perfectly, you have plenty of options to select. So choose one of them by clicking that. After that it will shows you the sub-options for your blog to make your blog perfectly relevant to the niche.

Step #3

After completing the previous step, it will take you further, where WordPress will ask you about your blog homepage layout by showing three designs as following:

Now you have to choose between these 3 WordPress homepage designs before moving to next step, because it will determine that how you want your first blog look like.

Step #4

After you select one of your desired homepage layouts for your WordPress blog, it will take you for the selection of theme as following:

There are a lot of themes according to your needs; you can pick any of them by just clicking on that, it will help you to create more efficient look for your blog according to your topic or category. I am just showing you some help you understand the step easily. Theme can be changed or modified within the provided panel, so if you by mistake choose something you don’t wanted to be, you can change that anytime, after you are in.

Step #5

After completion of picking theme for your blog, next step will be selection of domain name, which will shows as following:

Here you just have to enter a domain or keyword in the search bar of WordPress as shown in the image, it will run your query in the database to find out that your provided domain or keyword is available or already been taken before by someone else. Try anything you want but i must say, “Stick to your Cause”.

Step #6

After selection of your domain name or keyword by typing that in search bar as showed above, it will search the name to tell you that your domain is available or not, in that case we are going with “available” to show you what’s next, it will appear as following:

As i just ran something that is available in WordPress database, so its showing “” is available and for free as well. You can also see the other names, but those are premium names, as far we are talking about making a blog for free so we will go with free and click “Select”.

Step #7

After selecting a name which is available, WordPress will take you to the next step and will ask about the “blog plan” as following:

See, there are 3 plans here, and definitely we are not going to pay WordPress for a service which is free 🙂 , so we will go with the plan saying “Free” and it is also saying “Just get Started” as a slug, means no wait no difficulties.

Step #8

So now you have selected your “free plan”, WordPress will take you to your final step of creating an account as following:

Now you just have to put your email there, username is already selected by default based on your domain name at WordPress, which we choose previously, you can also change it if you want, create a strong password to be safe, and click “Create My Account” and this is it. It will take you to the “WordPress dashboard” where you can start blogging right away. A detailed guideline is available on “Using WordPress Dashboard For Starters” which will surely help you to meet the next world.

A free tip which I mostly avoid 🙂 That you created your first WordPress blog today with me, so it’s been a long time together, so i think you deserve a good advice. Yes, that’s right that you can earn some from this free blog, but with wait and determination, don’t lose your heart until you forgot the meaning of failure.

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