Why Should we use Discount Coupons on our eCommerce?


Why Should we use Discount Coupons on our eCommerce?

Discount Coupons with eCommerce

The discount coupons or promo codes , often made in paper format have rapidly democratized online. A bit like marketplaces, they allow the company to develop their visibility , but not only …

Attractive to the consumer, it is a short-term strategy that has a direct impact on the sales of your e-commerce. Discount coupons usually trigger a visit to the site in question for a purchase or product that may be of interest to the person. These promotions can be communicated to your customers and prospects in several ways conveying different messages .

More and more simplified and used by e-merchants, many sites offer you promotions by simply entering a code when finalizing your purchases. Enough to brighten up your customer relationship and develop your sales .

Increase traffic to your site
The main goal during a promo code campaign is to bring many prospects to your site. The promo codes can then be addressed in several ways:

Via your social networks
Via your newsletter or SMS
Via forums
Through your partners

By special marketplaces promo codes
Indeed, the community that you have on your social networks will represent an opportunity for you to communicate around the promotions that you put in place. In addition, these codes will relay each other quickly and easily to reach as many people as possible in a relatively quick period of time . The benefit of using these communication channels to distribute your coupons will also allow you to increase your community on these platforms.

Using your newsletter, which will also use your community, will allow you to further personalize your message and show your customers that you care. Slower but just as efficient, the recipients of your newsletter will also be able to share the information . Sending directly by SMS avoids mailboxes where, often, the recipients delete commercial messages. Technological advances have also enabled a strong use of m-coupons .

The promo codes shared on the forums make it possible to perfectly target the recipients . However, you need to study the most relevant forums where the exchange is important. This will allow you, again, by word of mouth, to reach as many people as possible.

Your partners will also be able to post the information on their site as well as on their various social networks. This will give you more visibility and, depending on the notoriety of your partners, more credibility .

Finally, marketplaces for promo codes also exist. These platforms are numerous and offer consumers many offers in various fields .

Many consumers research the products first and then search for discounts to apply on the site. It is in these specific cases that the use of platforms dedicated to promo codes is essential to avoid cart abandonment .

Consumers are always looking for a good deal. Without needing a specific product, receiving a promotional code will trigger a search process for the prospect . This process wouldn’t have happened if the prospect didn’t feel like they were saving money. This therefore increases the conversion rate and arouses the prospect of buying something .

Encourage impulse buying
The process that begins when the prospect believes they are getting a good deal usually leads to an impulse buy . Indeed, this purchase will not meet, in this specific case, a need known to the consumer. The act of buying will be the result of a relatively quick search on your site in order to take advantage of the good deal identified . These coupons can be of two kinds and generate different purchases:

A percentage reduction
A reduction in price

Depending on the reduction you grant in your promo code, the perception of a good deal by the prospect will generate a more or less significant increase in the average basket . The choice is made according to the prices of your products. Activities geared towards higher priced products will require percentage reductions. Conversely, the reductions granted to an activity selling less expensive products will be, for the consumer, more advantageous if they are communicated in euros.

To generate a pleasure purchase from your customers, you must also think about when you propose to enter your promo code. Indeed, the fact of offering your promo code before your customers enter their bank details will trigger them to question the existence of a reduction . These people will then search for a promotional code and use it. The fact that these people were ready to pay the amount communicated previously can make them a happy purchase , in order to complete their initial order. The addition of the promo code and product proposals based on the current order will promote this impulse purchase.

This is also beneficial for the e-merchant who, by judiciously associating the nature of the reduction with his activity, will optimize the average basket of his customers .

Increase customer loyalty
A promo code campaign can increase sales during the period in question. The pleasure buying of some but also the purchase made by people not previously able to afford it will increase the company’s turnover during the campaign. This campaign must however be carried out in the short term, at specific times.

Indeed, the analysis of the figures of the previous years but also according to the product which you market must allow you to determine with precision the frequency but also the extent of your campaigns as well as the appropriate dates.

If the increase in sales is observable during the campaign, promo codes also allow you to retain your customers and increase their purchase frequencies and their average baskets. Indeed, discount coupons should not be used throughout the year by traders. This would have a direct impact on their credibility and that of their prices, but also because during this period the orchestrated margins are reduced .

However, carrying out these campaigns will retain your customers, who, upon receiving your newsletters, will be less resistant to opening your email. However, to be able to increase your notoriety it is preferable for you to create quality newsletters . Communicating these codes on social networks will also encourage people to follow you on your various accounts so as not to miss any offers. This popularity on social networks will also allow you to increase the communication of your events and news to a wider audience.

Reduce communication costs
Discount coupons are also a great communication coup . Indeed, if the development of these coupons takes little time, the realization of a simple promo code is even faster. However, despite this low workload, the result in terms of communication is significant. This short-term strategy allows you to retain your customers in the long term. This loyalty will also be present on social networks.

Customers loyal to your brand will share information spontaneously . People will also exchange and share information dedicated to promotions. Thanks to these shares your community will grow and your credibility too. This will allow you, during new publications, to reach a greater number of people .

The information conveyed by the partners will also accentuate your communication. Indeed, it is important for you to evaluate the partnerships that you want to make so that the target of your partners crosses with your target. The people visiting the site of these people will then be more likely to be contacted by your offer and by your products in general thereafter.

The presence on the forums is also important and is not expensive. You just have to keep a watch on the subjects where your solution can intervene. Here too, once the forums have been identified, you just have to place your code or your coupon in the discussion so that the message is spread quickly and, by word of mouth, without limit except the appreciation of the good deal by your audience .

The distribution of a reduction coupon is therefore inexpensive for your business. It simply requires time to carry out a watch, study the partners likely to be interesting and interested, to carry out a personalized and targeted mailing, and to carry out viral, design and innovative publications on your various social networks. Creation, however, may take longer or be done externally.

Development of a reduction coupon
The creation of a discount voucher can be done internally or externally . It is not really complicated for you to create these coupons in-house. You just need to present the following:

Campaign start and end dates (whether the reduction is immediate or deferred)
The amount of the reduction (in percentage or in euros depending on its nature)
The name of the issuer
The conditions of the promotion if there are any
You must also respect the graphic charter of your site and all your visuals to be easily identifiable. It is also preferable to include a quotation which can play on humor but which shows all the interest of this promotion.

For the realization of a promo code, the communication is quite simple, you just have to send the code accompanied by a simple sentence announcing the elements mentioned above . You must then insert the code when paying your customers.

The integration of this code on a WordPress site is done quickly with plugins like Wpshop or WooCommerce .

Creating and posting a discount voucher is fairly simple and quick. A promo code campaign therefore gives you many advantages, however, it must be done in the short term . Indeed, despite the sales repercussions that this provides, you must also think about your turnover and therefore your margins .

It is therefore preferable to run several campaigns with different discounts. This will allow you to alternate the discounts, to adapt them according to the sales you made the previous year and according to the context and the period. In addition, you will also have the opportunity, with this system, to approach your customers many times, for reasons which will not bother them, but which will allow you to be closer and closer to them .

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