There is currently a lot of buzz in the beauty industry for stones. Jade rollers and sculpting gua sha tools, among others, are being promoted as the key to achieving firmer and more youthful skin.

What is Jade Rollers?

Jade rollers are facial sculpting tools featuring the rollers on each end which is designed to fit the facial contours. These rollers can be made of jade or with the quartz stone. As per the dermatologist Monica Li, M.D., who specialization in cosmetic as well as the medical dermatology, jade rollers work by assisting in lymphatic drainage, which may help to reduce the puffiness. However, the question remains here: Can jade rollers, used for facial massage and skincare product application, truly provide a miraculous solution for achieving the great skin?

What are the Benefits of Jade Rollers?

Jade rollers offer several potential benefits for the skin. According to Dr. Li, these skincare tools can improve circulation, resulting in a more radiant and plump complexion. They are also believed to sculpt, tone, and firm the skin, enhance glow, reduce puffiness, minimize fine lines, improve elasticity, and aid in detoxification.

When used it with the combination of other products i.e serums or moisturizers, jade rollers can help these products to penetrate the skin more effectively. Additionally, they provide a smoother and easier application experience. Dr. Park suggests that compared to other facial sculpting tools like gua sha, jade rollers are generally more suitable for sensitive skin due to the lighter pressure applied during usage.

Do Jade Rollers Actually Work?

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The effectiveness of jade rollers is not yet proved through the clinical studies, and more research is on-going to validate their results, according to Wizemann. The benefits attributed to jade rolling are primarily due to the massaging effects rather than the specific properties of the stones themselves. The techniques employed during the massage may help to relax the facial muscles, also provide a cooling sensation to the skin as well as potentially offer a firming effect over time.

For achieving a depuffing effect, there are several other proven tools and techniques are available. Gua sha tools, popularized on platforms like SkinTok, are known to assist with lymphatic drainage, as mentioned by Dr. Park. Additionally, Wizemann highlights the versatility of Solvasa’s vibrating rose quartz wand, whose ends can be positioned at a right angle for optimal eye lymphatic massaging, unlike jade rollers.

In the battle against the puffiness, using the right skincare products is crucial. A high-quality eye cream is really essential, and some ingredients for example caffeine, humectants as well as the antioxidants (incl vitamin C, E, and A) can aid in depuffing. Wizemann also suggests using aloe vera gel for its instantly cooling properties. Dr. Park also recommends using your fingers for facial massage as an alternative technique.

How to Effectively Use a Jade Roller

Jade roller actually showing the flexibility in terms of when and where you can do it to get effective results. It is a most convenient option for quickly refreshing your face skin to get ready for your meeting or an event. You can use it on the clean, or on the dry skin, over the makeup. Simply just roll the lightly in an upward as well as outward motion, focusing on the temples and the front of your ears where the body’s lymphatic drainage points are located. As per Zeichner, start rolling from the inner part of your face and move it towards the outer part. During rolling with the jade roller on the jaw or cheeks, begin rolling from the below and roll upward or upside against the gravity. Or if you are rolling it on your neck, roll towards the down side to collarbones.

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Alternatives to Jade Rollers

The most effective alternative is gua sha tool when it comes to relieving pillow face and for the water retention by targeting the contours of your face. According to Rouleau, who Is an esthetician, lymphatic massage can yield the results, and while Rouleau uses hands or the facial cupping, Gua sha tool which can also be effective. A thorough lymphatic drainage massage with a gua sha tool can take up to 30 minutes, but the results typically last only 24 hours.

In terms of other skincare options,

Retinoids are highly regarded by Rouleau for promoting healthy-looking skin, smoothing lines and wrinkles, and fading brown spots. Retinoids are considered the gold standard, while well-formulated over-the-counter retinol products can be beneficial for sensitive skin.

Vitamin C is also praised for its brightening, collagen-boosting, and sun protection properties, with La Roche-Posay’s Vitamin C serum being a popular choice. Professional chemical peels are suggested for achieving a smoother and more refined appearance, particularly with smaller pores.

For facial tightening, Rouleau believes that a traditional lower face-lift is the most effective option. Lastly, sunscreen is emphasized as an essential component of any skincare routine due to its anti-aging benefits and protection against photo-damage.

How do I use a jade face roller?

To effectively use a jade face roller, start from the center of your face and move upward and outward, rolling the stone towards your lymph nodes. This motion promotes fluid drainage, helps counteract gravity, and provides a lifting effect to the skin, as advised by Wizemann. The pressure applied with a jade roller is typically gentle compared to other facial skincare tools.

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Additionally, here are some extra tips from Wizemann:

Store your jade roller in the fridge: While jade stones are naturally cool, storing the roller in the refrigerator can enhance the cooling sensation, which can feel soothing on the skin.

Use the jade roller with a sheet mask: You can apply a sheet face mask and use the jade roller to gently press it onto the skin, helping the mask adhere better and providing a cooling benefit.

Clean your jade roller regularly: Since the roller comes into contact with your face, it’s important to clean it after each use. Wash it with warm water and soap, then store it in a clean and dry place to maintain hygiene.