Essential Elements a Welcome Email Must Have


Essential Elements a Welcome Email Must Have

In the business world, the first impression is the last impression. You try all the harder to grab new customers, but all your effort go in vain if you fail to impress them when they communicate with your brand the first time. Although it is essential to take care of the needs of your current customers, you cannot ignore the interest of new customers in your brand because your customer base will increase by them only.

When a new customer visits your website and signs up for your newsletter, it allows for an interpretation that they are engaged with your brand, and hence you must be quick to lead them the way. You have to send a welcome email.

It must be sent as quickly as possible. Subscribers who have signed up themselves means they want you to act upon without more ado. A good rule of thumb says that you should use automated tools to ensure that a welcome email is immediately sent to the user.

When a new user receives your first email, they will start communicating with your brand. On the contrary, failing to do so will disrupt the momentum, and you will lose your valuable customer. Most of the entrepreneurs use automated tools to send welcome emails, but there are a lot of other things that play a significant role.

The Welcome Email Should Engage Your New Subscriber

You must have heard that the welcome email must be personalised, and the subject line should be catchy enough, but a few entrepreneurs implement this strategy in the right way. A personalised email is not just addressing the subscriber with their name and starting your email with a clichéd line “Thanks for subscribing our newsletter”.

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It instead means providing something engaging to your recipients. Allbirds and Away Travel are some of the popular brands that should inspire you to create a unique welcome email. Allbirds’ subject line is “Welcome to the Flock”.

Here the sender tries to be creative because they offer wool runner-up mizzles. Then it shares an excerpt that tells users how it uses a pollution-free method to provide the best material in better designs.

Likewise, Away Travel uses the subject line “We are Away. Let’s Meet Up.” An engaging subject line tells it makes travel bags for people who want to hit the road. Of course, it makes sense when the company shares an excerpt of “About Us”.

Let your recipients know what to do next

Apart from introducing your brand, you will have to tell your users what they are supposed to do next. Some companies mention benefits and substantial reasons why people should choose their products and services and add a call-to-action link.

It is a great way to encourage your users to make a purchase. Since the user has subscribed your newsletter themselves, it will be relatively easier to convert them to sales.

However, it should not be forceful and overly promotional. You are building a connection with your user who has just shown interest in you, so make sure that it builds gradually. For instance, if you are offering online loans in Ireland, you can tell your new subscribers how they can borrow money online.

Offer them a reward

The Welcome email is the best place to introduce discounts and schemes. If you offer your new users rewards, they will more likely buy your products. Adding a single line “Take a look around our products and start saving additional 20% on your first purchase” will be catchy enough to egg your user on hit the “Buy Now” tab.

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To make the process faster, you can share the coupon code with a validity restriction. For instance, your coupon code is ZW502, expires in 24 hours. In fear of losing the reward, your recipient will more likely buy your product.

Do not let it go to the spam folder

First off, you have to make sure that the welcome email does not drop in the spam folder of your recipient. Try to avoid using certain words like act now, buy, and no hidden cost. Look out the subject line carefully, so it does not trigger spam words.

A good rule of thumb says that you should keep the subject line as crisp as possible. Use creative words that arouse the curiosity of recipients, but do not overstretch it.

However, all the time, you cannot be creative with your subject line. For instance, Airbnb’s email subject line is “Welcome to Airbnb”. If you remember these rules, you can prevent your email from going to the spam bin.

Do not miss an unsubscribe link

Although you will never want your users to go like this, you should always provide a link to opt-out of the mailing list. It is up to people if they wish to hear from you or not.

This should be their sole decision. If they do not want to communicate with your brand, they should know the easiest way to stop all means of communication. Every email you send to your customers should have an unsubscribe link.

Welcome email plays a paramount role to engage your new subscribers. Make sure that it is engaging and encouraging. You can also take help from marketing experts if you do not know how to start it and fund it with quick loans in case of a shortfall of cash.

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