Every second couple now gets to know each other via Internet


Every second couple now gets to know each other via Internet

The pandemic has changed a lot in our society – including the way we date. While people used to get to know each other through university, work, going out or friends, since the beginning of the corona pandemic the focus has clearly been on the internet. Dating apps are booming like never before – and apparently offer what some are looking for. As a new Parship study shows, 43 percent of couples in Austria have fallen in love online since the beginning of the pandemic.

You can read the assessment of a psychologist and other interesting details of the study here.

Tinder flirt instead of club breakup
In the current representative study, 43 percent of couples who have fallen in love in the last two years confirm that they met online – be it through a dating app like Bumble or Tinder , a social network or elsewhere on the internet. 90 percent of all respondents think that it is completely normal nowadays to get to know someone on the Internet. Those who have met their current boyfriend online also emphasize that it is easier to find a suitable partner online.

When leaving, only eight percent of partnerships were formed in the past two years, before the pandemic began it was almost twice as many (15%). The workplace, on the other hand, still functions as a partner exchange just as often as before. Around 15 percent of all couples still get to know each other here.

The classic “matchmaking”, i.e. relationships through contacts among friends and acquaintances, has decreased. While every fourth couple (24%) met through friends 20 years ago, today it is only 16 percent.

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The representative study was conducted among 1,500 Austrians from November 23 to December 2, 2021 on behalf of the dating app Parship.at .

Best Opportunities Online?
Caroline Erb , a psychologist at Parship , explains the development: “Many ways of getting to know each other, such as partying or going out, have become increasingly difficult for almost two years now. From today’s perspective, the prospects of finding a suitable partner online are clearly on biggest.”

Online partnerships doubled in four years
The number of relationships created online has almost doubled in the last four years: in 2018 it was 23 percent, in 2019 it was already 31 percent and at the end of 2020, i.e. after nine months of the pandemic, online couples already made 40 percent of all new ones partnerships that have emerged. In 2021 it will even be 43 percent.

“How did you meet?” – “Ah …”
Another interesting finding from the study: 21 percent of those who met their partner over the internet prefer not to talk about the fact that they met over the internet.

Erb says: “Although online dating has long since ceased to be anything exotic and almost every second couple gets to know each other via the Internet, some people find it difficult to talk openly about it. That’s perfectly fine and understandable, because the way and way of getting to know each other is something intimate and private.”

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