Expensive gardening tools is it better to rent or buy?


Expensive gardening tools is it better to rent or buy?

Do you need a chainsaw for cutting hedges or trees in your garden at short notice? Then you have various options to get a high-quality device. You can buy it expensively or rent it at cheap prices. But which variant is worth it?

Renting garden tools – what is the process like?
It generally depends on whether a garden owner rents out privately or wants to buy large garden tools from a commercial rental company. Borrowing garden tools from a private person usually has a different legal basis than commercial tool rental. When renting equipment privately, care must be taken to return the equipment in good condition, since the borrower is usually liable if something is wrong with the equipment. Commercial lenders of large garden tools are usually insured against a defect and failure of the equipment. However, you should obtain the exact rental conditions from the respective rental companies.

Commercial rental often takes place in garden centers or at specialist horticultural companies. A commercial rental of large garden equipment can usually be found nearby. Commercial companies can also lend garden tools nationwide. Many companies also offer short-term rentals.

Renting garden tools – what to look out for?
Before renting gardening equipment, you should find out about the costs and conditions for the rental. It is important to agree on a specific rental period and to find out about any additional costs and the transport of large garden tools. In addition, you should be able to inspect large garden tools before the rental or directly in the presence of a responsible person. A thorough check in advance can rule out defects or damage that will be blamed on you afterwards. When the equipment is handed over to the borrower, a protocol should be drawn up in which any defects or damage are recorded. It is advisable not to rent large gardening tools over the internet. You cannot test the devices before renting them out and, as a rule, no handover protocol is prepared.

Buying garden tools – large devices are expensive
Large and high-quality garden tools are expensive to buy. Examples of large garden tools include:

pruning saws,
garden shredder,
lawn mower tractors,
Mowing machine,
Leaf blower,
log splitter,
lawn mowers
Hobby gardeners who need the tools from time to time will quickly ask themselves whether it is worth buying the garden tools.

It depends on how often the individual devices are to be used. It should also be borne in mind that the devices are not only expensive to buy, but also require regular maintenance. Furthermore, bought garden tools have to be stored and overwintered somewhere.

Buy or rent garden tools? – Which variant is worthwhile?
If you only need large garden equipment, such as leaf blowers, lawn tillers, pruning saws or lawn mower tractors, a few times a year, then it may be worth renting rather than buying. You don’t have to store the equipment yourself, you can hire it out again after the work is done. You are spared the maintenance of the equipment and you get a functioning, well-maintained garden tool, at least from a reputable rental company.

If you have your own garden and have to mow the lawn regularly, then buying your own lawn mower can be worthwhile. So it depends on the garden tool, the period of use and the available storage space, whether it is worth buying or renting.

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