ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN Review. The one issue that has always been the pricing of ExpressVPN has been that it is one of the safest and quickest VPNs available. It often provides discounts that make it more reasonable, but there are other respectable VPNs that provide identical security features at far lower prices. If you want a virtual private network (VPN) that is as excellent as ExpressVPN, do you really need to spend so much for it?

In my opinion, ExpressVPN is difficult to compete with in practically every respect. It is one of the fastest virtual private networks (VPNs) I have ever tried, and it is really simple to use. Additionally, it comes with some effective security measures. In addition, ExpressVPN is one of the greatest virtual private networks (VPNs) that I’ve used to unblock streaming sites. Because it also comes with a money-back guarantee, you can try out all of ExpressVPN’s capabilities without taking any risks. If you decide that the product is not right for you, you have thirty days to request a refund.

Kape Technologies

ExpressVPN is currently under the ownership of Kape Technologies, the same company that is in charge of the VPN services Private Internet Access, CyberGhost, and ZenMate. This acquisition took place not too long ago. Almost immediately after that, a report on the company’s Chief Information Officer, Daniel Gericke, was made public. It showed that he was a part of Project Raven, which is responsible for developing cyber-espionage tools that are used by the UAE to target human rights activists, journalists, and other countries that are in competition with the UAE.


Keeping this revelation in mind, a lot of people’s faith in ExpressVPN that is likely going to be shaken. Do you think so? Or, despite its relatively expensive cost, should one still consider investing in this high-speed virtual private network (VPN) service?


Pros and Cons of ExpressVPN


Allows access to a large number of additional streaming services. ExpressVPN is quite dependable when it comes to overcoming geoblocks; users had no trouble accessing Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, or BBC iPlayer, amongst other services.


Exceptionally quick download and upload times for uninterrupted streaming. There is no other VPN that functions as well as this one does across vast distances. My speeds remained remarkably fast on both local and long-distance servers during testing, with just small drops that were indiscernible to the average user.


Vast Server Network Range. It has over 3,000 servers located in 94 different countries, so you should be able to choose one that is geographically close to you to provide the best potential download speeds.


Encryption of a military-grade standard with several advanced security features. Through the use of cutting-edge encryption technology and other cutting-edge security measures, ExpressVPN ensures that your connection remains hidden from anybody who may be attempting to snoop on your data.


A well-established policy of not keeping any logs, supported by third-party examinations. It has been shown in court, as well as by a prominent auditing company, that its rigorous no-logs policy is the correct one.


Dedicated applications for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Google Android, Apple iOS, Linux, and routers. You can find an app that is both simple to use and filled with functionality on every major operating system, with the exception of one which is missing a few capabilities.


Working in China. ExpressVPN is one of the few virtual private networks (VPNs) that can still get beyond China’s Great Firewall. Examine the situation in nations with stricter regulations.

Few More Benefits of Express VPN

  • Cost of 6.67 USD each month
  • 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Within 30 Days
  • The total number of servers exceeds 3000
  • The maximum number of devices allowed per licence is 5.
  • Is there a kill switch? Yes
  • Located in the nation of the Virgin Islands (British)
  • Support Available Around the Clock Via Live Chat Support
  • Yes, torrenting support is included.
  • No logs policy: there will be none kept.
  • Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and many more.
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A rather high price, but a fantastic deal when purchased with an extended membership. If you choose to subscribe for a whole year, not only will you save a significant amount of money but you will also get three additional months of service and one year of free unlimited cloud storage.


ExpressVPN’s Capability of Unblocking Netflix

The results of our studies leave us with no choice but to conclude that it is ideal for bypassing geographically restricted media content. It functioned well when I tried it with the Netflix collection in the United States. The positive aspect of this is that I was not required to choose a specialist streaming server or check anything. Everything functioned as expected without a hitch.


ExpressVPN’s Capability to Unblock Additional Streaming Services

It’s safe to assume that you won’t merely be interested in unblocking Netflix libraries. Other streaming services like Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+, in addition to streaming devices like Apple TV, also have a great deal of material available to users. Therefore, it is only right that we test to see whether ExpressVPN works just as well with them.


ExpressVPN was able to stream content easily on both BBC iPlayer and YouTube. Expats from the United Kingdom and those who are curious in the appearance of YouTube advertisements in other countries are able to do so without encountering any obstacles.


When it came to DAZN, I was really optimistic since NordVPN was the only provider that had been successful in unblocking it up until this point. The expectations were met, as ExpressVPN proved to be fully capable of bypassing DAZN’s restrictions.


How quickly does ExpressVPN connect?

Due in major part to the fact that it uses its own proprietary Lightway protocol, ExpressVPN is one of the fastest virtual private networks (VPNs) that we’ve evaluated. ExpressVPN chose to go its own way and develop an entirely new VPN protocol, in contrast to the majority of other VPNs, who opted to join the Wireguard bandwagon. Lightway is an open-source project that not only offers quicker bandwidth, but also quick switching between wireless and mobile networks and robust security.


We carried out a number of speed tests among servers located in Asia, Europe, and North America. The download speed of ExpressVPN was, on average, 475 Mbps across all locations and times that were tested. It is quicker than both NordVPN and Surfshark, but it is not as quick as CyberGhost or IPVanish.


Unless the internet connection at your house is far higher than 300 Mbps, you probably won’t feel much of a delay when connected to ExpressVPN.

The following is a list of the average transfer rates for servers in each region:

  • North America: 472 Mbps
  • Asia: 453 Mbps
  • Europe: 500 Mbps


If you want to get the most out of your connection speed, we highly suggest utilising the Lightway protocol. It is accessible on any devices, including routers, that are capable of running the ExpressVPN applications. OpenVPN is also accessible via all ExpressVPN connections, and users have the choice of connecting using UDP (which is much quicker) or TCP (more stable). IKEv2 and L2TP/IPSec are no longer supported, which is for the best since these protocols only worked in a limited number of places and had a restricted set of functionality.

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Extensions for ExpressVPN Compatible Browsers

There are add-ons for the desktop browsers Chrome, Safari, and Firefox accessible to download. ExpressVPN’s browser plugins are not separate proxies like the majority of other VPN browser extensions. They only have control over the primary VPN application, which also has to be installed on my gadget. This is helpful for those who use Chromebooks, but less so for people who use Macs and PCs.


It is recommended that users install the ExpressVPN browser extensions since they provide with a number of additional benefits. These benefits include protection against WebRTC leaks and HTML5 geolocation spoofing.


The function known as geo-location spoofing allows you to conceal your actual location by concealing your IP address in addition to performing other things. Websites are still able to ascertain your location by using the HTML5 geolocation API. This API makes use of wi-fi and mobile signals, GPS, and other positioning technology in order to ascertain your location.

The location acquired by the API is “spoofed” by the ExpressVPN browser extension, which changes it to a semi-random point that is close to the location of the VPN server to which you are connected.


Is there a free version of ExpressVPN available?

ExpressVPN does not provide a free version of their service, nor do they provide a free trial. If you don’t like the service, your sole option is to take advantage of their money-back promise, which is good for 30 days. .


Is it possible to use ExpressVPN in China?

VPN service providers are aggressively blocked in China. As a consequence of this, not all of them are capable of getting beyond China’s huge firewall.

On the other hand, it is reasonable to believe that ExpressVPN will operate normally in China and other nations that have a similar stance against the use of VPNs. Keep in mind, that in order to use a VPN while in China, you will first need to download and install the client software before you get there. This may be done before you leave for China.


In addition, ExpressVPN support does not often advise users to make manual connections; thus, your best chance is to make sure the client is always up to date and to test out several networks until you locate the one that is successful.


Performance of ExpressVPN when compared to alternative protocols

Users of ExpressVPN have access to alternative, more standard VPN protocols in addition to the company’s own proprietary protocol, which is called Lightway. You can get a better idea of the variations in speed between ExpressVPN and other tunnelling technologies right here.

The following are the average download and upload speeds across all 10 locations:

The lightway is at 203.5 and 146.4.

IKEv2: 211.2/9.5

OpenVPN (TCP): 103.7/52.6

OpenVPN (UDP): 174.1/123.5

The OpenVPN UDP protocol has certain speeds that are quite remarkable. The decreases may be as low as 14%, which is not an awful score by any stretch of the imagination. IKEv2 is also one of the quickest available protocols, according to performance measurements.

In general, ExpressVPN is capable of providing lightning-fast speeds. It smashes the majority of the previous speed records when you choose a nation that is close (even if it means picking the same country you live in).


Is it safe and secure to use ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is a trusted virtual private network (VPN) service that satisfies the majority of today’s stringent security needs and regulations. However, it is owned by Kape Technologies, a company that has been linked to the dissemination of malware in the past and that also owns a number of other VPN services i.e Zenmate.

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A number of recent occurrences concerning the ownership and leadership of ExpressVPN raise concerns about the privacy and security of the platform. Due to the fact that the Chief Information Officer of the firm has been implicated in the cyber-espionage incident, there is a possibility that some individuals may be hesitant to use ExpressVPN and will not consider it to be trustworthy enough.



When you connect to a server running a virtual private network (VPN), the data you send and receive is encrypted. It indicates that the data stream cannot be read by those who do not have access to the encryption keys.


If you choose Lightway as your connection method, ExpressVPN will employ the ChaCha20/Poly1305 protocol instead of the AES 256-GCM encryption that it normally uses. It is better suited for mobile devices or routers with less power, such as entry-level models. If your gadget is more powerful, AES should be operating roughly as quickly as ChaCha20, therefore there is no need to swap between the two if that is the case.


The SHA-512 hash algorithm is used in order to complete the processing of your authentication. This overcomes the issue of not having to exchange sensitive login information in plain text by allowing you to use your own credentials for the login process. This guarantees that even in the event of a data breach, your password will continue to be protected.


It is also important to point out that ExpressVPN has chosen a version that is far less common than the standard one. They are use SHA-512, in contrast to the majority of VPN providers who continue to use SHA-256. Therefore, going via ExpressVPN to obtain your data would be twice as tough as it is already.



ExpressVPN states in their privacy policy that they do not keep any records of the activities that its customers engage in. This includes the history of your surfing, DNS requests, and the content of your data. Therefore, almost everything that you do will be kept a secret from everyone else except you.

However, they do record certain information on how it is used, such as the number of successful VPN connections and the total amount of data that is sent. Its primary purpose is to enhance the quality of the service; nevertheless, if you are concerned, you have the option to opt out.


Because they are situated in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN is able to provide a VPN service that is favourable to users’ privacy without any interference from their selected company location. This region does not have any data retention rules that may be considered damaging, nor does it participate in any major surveillance coalitions like the 14-eyes alliance or any other similar groupings.


Overall, ExpressVPN’s operation doesn’t raise many concerns. Their policy on privacy may be read quickly and doesn’t include any difficult-to-understand legalese or jargon.


Assistance to Customers

ExpressVPN has simplified the process of providing customer assistance by presenting a significant amount of helpful information on the webpage dedicated to support. You may discover a large number of instructions, tutorials, and tips there, some of which even include screenshots and videos. The fact that you have access to such a comprehensive knowledge base makes the process of configuring your gadget a relatively simple one. The fact that it is maintained up to date is another encouraging sign.