How to Get Traffic from Youtube | Step by Step Guide

How to get Traffic from Youtube

How to Get Traffic from Youtube | Step by Step Guide

In this article, we will discuss in detail about How to get free traffic from youtube to your website as well as the ways to drive traffic.

30 Steps to Drive Traffic to your blog using Youtube

Youtube is the most well-known and well-liked video hosting website in the world; it allows you to upload video content by just creating an account from your Gmail address and start uploading videos for free. Generally it is the source of entertainment for a common internet user, who has nothing to do with technical use of a website or he/she is a non SEO person.

Since we are talking about getting traffic from Youtube for our blog or website, our focus should be on the word “HOW”?

Youtube is all about video content, and when we talk about content in the manner of SEO, our first mind landing area should be “Quality”. Only one thing matters in the SEO and that is the quality of your content. Youtube has a very strict policy on video checking algorithm to check duplicate or copyrighted videos. The publication or upload of pornographic content is also strictly prohibited on Youtube.

Survey report says that Youtube has over a billion users, almost one third of all the people on internet, that’s why it can be a great source of traffic, all we need to know that how we can drive the traffic from Youtube to our desired destiny, as the search engine of Youtube has a tendency of showing the most specific results against all the user queries so we can say in the manner of SEO that Youtube can provide you targeted traffic.

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Now let’s head towards “HOW to get traffic to your website using Youtube”?

  1. After creating an account, create your channel, and upload videos.
  1. Share your video like a normal blog post, on all your social networks to engage more and more people.
  2. Video should be professional, to make your video professional use good quality video editor to add or remove any effects.
  3. Maintain the audio quality of video, if your video is good but audio is disturbing, your whole impact will be considered negatively. To maintain this step you can use different audio controlling softwares.
  4. Video topic must be engaging and informative so viewers will not get bored, do not use any controversial material in your video.
  5. Upload videos like a brand; use your logo and your web URL in the video continuously, or mention them in the end or start of the video.
  1. If you are creating video personally, use high definition camera for that purpose. Video background must not be blur or some combinations of annoying colors.
  2. You must need a professional editor, because there are more and more and more videos on Youtube similar to your video, to make it unique and different from others, you definitely need a professional editor.
  3. Do not upload sit and talk type of videos, add something interesting from user’s perspective.
  4. Avoid lengthy videos, because it will annoy the user, as I mentioned in the start, Youtube is an entertainment platform for a common internet user. So use common sense 😀
  5. If you are posting videos with a pattern or schedule, do not break the chain. Always follow your publish routine.
  6. Asking for feedback on your publications is very positive way to know about your viewer, and that is all you need to know.
  7. Do not use any copyrighted sound effect or instrumental theme in your video, until you get the permission to use that.
  1. Use perfectly relevant title for your uploaded video and used mostly searched keywords in your title, because it will help the user to find your video accordingly.
  2. Use search tags for your each video, this will increase search queries against your video in search engine.
  1. Always use a moderated comment box, so you can handle negative comments by any user or your rival 😀 If you forgot to moderate your comment box, you can delete comments manually as well.
  2. Use your video as much as you can through your embed link, by pasting that on different social networks.
  3. Your video target area must be wide, so you can get exposure.
  4. Always appreciate all your viewer, and answer to all your comments on daily basis, except the negative one’s 😛
  5. Use Youtube analytics to find out about the source of your traffic and viewership.
  1. Increase your followers and subscribers by proving them what they want.
  2. Do not make your video look like an advertisement, it’s a negative thing for a common user, because they have their television for that purpose 😀
  3. Choose your thumbnail very wisely; this image should be the summary of your whole video. Do not distract user, some of us use really attractive thumbnails to get the views, but when users open’s that video, there is nothing related to that mentioned thumbnail.
  4. Upload multiple videos daily, it will gain you user’s trust.
  5. Always learn from your competitor, watch and learn by looking into their videos, it will help you to pick different ideas.
  6. Upload live webcam videos; this will increase your user flow on your Youtube channel.
  7. Avoid being rude or abusive while creating any title or answering any comment.
  8. Provide details about your category and the purpose of your video channel on Youtube, it will help user to understand you better and certainly it will increase your engagement.
  9. After all these steps I am completely sure that your Youtube viewers are now satisfied with your work, so here is the last step, use your website link in your description, and use your Youtube videos on your blog or website as well and this is it.
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30. All you need to do is to win the trust of your user through your Youtube channel, once it’s done, you can drive as much traffic as you like from Youtube, because it is one of the highest traffic website in the world.

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