Why Google has de indexed my Website?

Why Google has de indexed my Website?

Why Google has de indexed my Website?

5 Factor that causes the Google deindexing Pages

No matter you are a beginner or experienced webmaster, it is a most likely issue that Google or any other search engine is not indexing your web pages, or you are losing your already indexed pages o even deindexed site from google. There are definitely reasons for that, let’s try to understand and fix the issue.

There could be various reasons that website is facing the fall out of indexing, but in most cases, the problem is the site itself. Here we will consider the most possible reasons of google deindexing pages.

5 Possible reasons of Why my Site get de-indexed from Google

Low Quality Content

Due to the massive expand of content on the web, quality competition is pretty high, and Google is also making efforts to clean the bad content to make the place for good quality content. In that manner it is quite possible that low quality content pages will be replaced with good quality content pages in index.

Let’s expand the discussion on content, because it is the key factor, which can cause the decrease and increase the indexing.

1.1. Spinned Content

If you ask my personal opinion on such type of content, I just hate spinning. We all know what content spinning is, this is a definite thing which will damage the reputation of your website from both ends, user and search engine.

Certainly the use of spinning for content is a worst choice of content, and you will face the decrease in your number pages deindexed from google and I can guarantee that.

1.2. Copy-Paste Content

This is the most awful form of laziness that you copied already published and also indexed content, paste that on your website and publish that again, and that’s it. No matter you change the title or synonyms; it will remain copy-paste content.

No matter if someone is so smart in creating the copy-paste content look like newly written; he/she will get caught by search engine, using such prohibited technique.

There are consequences as well; page published with copy-paste content will be removed from index. Remember Google always love quality and uniqueness.

1.3. Copyrighted Content

Copyrights show the ownership. Use of any copyrighted content is the direct violation of the policy of ownership and it is also illegal.

Publication of any copyrighted content is also against the rules of Google, and there is no need to tell you about the reaction of Google, when someone breaks the rule.

All further actions will be taken afterwards, but first step of search engine will be to kick out your page from index and then panelize your website.

Hosting Problem

This problem is common among those who tried to save money on their web hosting. Server or host must be solid, because cheap hosting can be down several times a week. Then what will happen? Huh! Google knows. 🙂


Google bots will deliver your site down time to search engine, and search engine has no space for such sites, website will be kicked out slowly and smoothly from the search index.

However, this reason is quite rare. To avoid this reason, I advise you to read the article: how to choose hosting.

Excessive Outbound Links

This reason is quite common, especially among inexperienced webmasters. Beginners want to make by selling links from their new site to some other newly created website, but without knowing the consequences. It makes the website worthless, until the end of it. There are lots of earning sources which you can read here: How to make money from a blog

Do not create excessive outbound links in your WebPages, because Google does not allow such page in the quality ranking. Aggressive use of outbound links will make your website suspicious and you will definitely not like the results.

Most commonly Google will start penalizing your Webpage by kicking you out from search engines indexing.

If you want to be indexed again, do the opposite, remove all the useless and point less outbound links from your website.

Errors in Website

Well, this is not a common factor, but it could be one. Use of malicious or poor codes in your website will make search engine to ignore your website by all means.

Some errors in the website automatically force search engine not to index the pages, without letting you know that.

Personal Tip: If you are having any indexing issue, please check robots.txt file before getting panic. 😀

Search Engines Glitches

In my personal experience glitches happen about once every six months roughly, we have nothing to do in such case rather than wait.

Due to some updates or any change in search engine algorithm it shows glitches. You can judge that by analyzing your number of index, suppose it was 100 yesterday and it came down to 20 today, and then after 3 or 4 days index goes up again on 100. This is search engine glitch.

But it is very rare to happen; mostly the above discussed factors cause the fall down in index.

If you are the victim of de-indexing you should definitely follow the lead to check all your SEO strategies, and if just want to satisfy yourself while talking about the fall down in index, you can say to yourself, Cm’on it’s just a glitch. 😛

You questions will be much appreciated, please let me know if I skip something, or anything should be in more details. I always try to be simple and conceptual; however, it is not so difficult for me to increase the number of words of my article. 🙂

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