Guide To Install Wi-Fi Range Extender

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Guide To Install Wi-Fi Range Extender

‘Spring’ is only a few months away. I’m looking forward to enjoying the warm weather and working outside again. There’s nothing more fun in this world than working from home on a lovely day with a cup of coffee or tea to enjoy what ‘Nature’ has to offer us. Just imagine getting Wi-Fi connectivity from your courtyard to stream your live TV shows, listen to music or watch streaming movies, or to be able to work effectively directly from your courtyard on your desktop, wireless device or tablet.

Read on for a full New Extender setup and installation guide!

Since the best way to obtain fast internet connectivity through your home and office is through wireless extenders. For your site requirements and current wireless network use, you can choose what works best.


What is a Wi-fi range extender?

It is the best idea to learn more about wireless range extenders before getting started with your setup and installation process. While routers are the most important part of your home networking system, they often need a helping hand to extend the wireless network to any poor area of your house’s connectivity.


Wi-Fi range extender setup: The Installation Guide

  • Plug the appliance (Extender) into a power source near your primary networking router.
  • The power LED on it lights solid green as soon as you plug in your computer. Push the power button if it doesn’t.
  • Use Wi-Fi or Wired Ethernet Link to connect your system (computer or laptop) to the Extender:
  • To connect the Ethernet port on your range extender to an Ethernet port on your system (computer or laptop), a wired Ethernet link requires an Ethernet cable.
  • You have to connect your device or laptop to the default network name (SSID) of the Netgear extender named Netgear_Ext for a wireless / Wi-Fi link.
  • The ‘Client Link LED’ on your screen lights solid green once a secure connection with your Wi-Fi-enabled device is formed successfully.
  • Go to your favourite internet browser and go to the setup page for mywifiext. You have to enter the site carefully in the URL bar for this.
  • Note: If you encounter a problem with mywifiext that does not work, make sure that you do not type a web address in the search bar of the browser.
  • Now, the setup page of wi-fi range extender will be displayed.
  • You could see a ‘New Extender Setup’ icon. If so, then just click on it.
  • Build a valid account, carefully complete the fields and click on Next until completed.
  • Does your Access Point / Extender switch have an Extender setting? Verify, please, and click on Continue after that.
  • Now pick the Wi-Fi network of your main router. Tap on Next until it’s done.
  • Don’t all Wi-Fi bands want to be extended? If yes, then please clear the checkbox for 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks.
  • Type the current Wi-Fi network password of the router in the ‘Password’ area and click NEXT.
  • Now, you have to set the network name / SSID and password / passcode for your range extender. When done, press the ‘Next’ button.
  • Use the Wi-Fi network name and password of your extender (created by you) and connect your Internet computer to the Wi-Fi network of your new extender.
  • Press Continue. But please ensure that your Wi-Fi-enabled devices are successfully linked to the Wi-Fi network extender before pressing the button.
  • It will show a confirmation message.
  • You’ve got to click on Next here.
  • Page registration will be shown.
  • Complete all the fields for registration carefully.
  • Click Finish to complete the setup process for the extender.
  • The Status Page will be shown now.
  • Unplug and carry your range extender to a new spot. Please notice that the location you pick must be within your current Wi-Fi router’s range.

Setup of Wi-Fi extender for MAC:

  • The full steps for installing a Wi-Fi range extender with Apple or MAC equipment are given below.
  • Plug the wi-fi range extender in.
  • Please ensure in the same room your router and the range extender are mounted. Please prevent interference from thick walls, cordless phones, baby monitors, and Bluetooth speakers during the setup process.
  • Link your Apple, iOS, iPad, iPhone, or MAC Air Book via Ethernet cable to the range extender.
  • Load up a browser for Safari.
  • Type local or mywifiext local into the address bar for your Wi-Fi range extender setup and installation.
  • Enter the login information.
  • Ignore the instructions as shown on the computer carefully.
  • When finished, click on save.
  • Now, you can unplug your extender and plug it to a new position after the efficient setup process.
  • You can take instant professional support to make the setup process of the wi-fi range extender easier if you have stuck at some point.

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