Hiking Packing Kit List

Hiking Packing Kit List: What is important not to forget to take on a hike?

Without these essentials hiking can be difficult

Sleeping bags in the backpack, the tent is already in the car. We’re going on a hike soon. Are all the most important collected accurately? It’s better to check everything again!

Backpacking Essentials

It is no coincidence that choosing the right backpack is at the forefront of preparing for any trip. Wherever you go, he will always be with you. And the amount of positive emotions that you get from the trip depends on how comfortable the backpacking will be for you.

Pay special attention to:

The optimal volume of a backpack is from 40-60 liters
The material must be waterproof
Inner frame
Adjustable hip belt
Back ventilation
Straps with a width of 6-8 cm
Waterproof case

Shoes for Hiking

Hiking has its own requirements for shoes. It is necessary to choose closed and, preferably, waterproof – high boots are perfect. If water bodies and swampy areas are not expected on your route, do not forget that the grass is wet with dew in the morning. Shoes with a high ankle will protect against small pebbles getting inside the boot, from the bite of insects that can be overlooked in the grass.

Clothing for Hiking

On any trip, you need to have several layers of clothing with you:

1 layer – T-shirt or thermal underwear
2 layer – fleece jacket
3 layer – lightweight jacket
4 layer – warm jacket or raincoat

IMPORTANT. Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes. Even if the weather is warm, unexpected rain and high humidity are difficult to predict. It’s better to be prepared for anything.

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Food and utensils for Hiking

The first thing you should think about when planning hikes is the necessary supply of water. Its amount depends on the style of walking, your daily intake and type of travel.

If you are a fan of instant cereals and noodles – great! Also, do not forget about canned food and stew.

If you plan to climb the peaks or your hike involves climbing, be sure to take protein or muesli bars with you, as well as special gels that are designed for this purpose. They will not melt under the sun and will not deteriorate in a few days.

It is better to take dishes made of light metal, plastic or folding, but definitely not disposable – you simply have nowhere to throw them away. Take one pot per company, in which you can heat food and boil water.

Backpacking Essentials for Hiking

A set of equipment and equipment on a trip should be necessary and balanced so as not to carry a lot of excess with you. Naturally, you need to understand what your journey will be like.

A phone is, of course, good – it can combine several useful gadgets at once – a flashlight, maps, a compass, a player, but when it runs out of power, it will be difficult. It is worth taking care of alternative energy sources, take a power bank with you. In general, we advise you not to charge your phone for nothing: if you need urgent help, it is unlikely that anything can replace it.

A paper route map, a battery-powered headlamp, matches and a compass are also worth having separately in your Hiking Packing Kit List.

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A useful addition to the list of equipment would be a multitool – this is a multifunctional thing that contains a knife, pliers and a couple of tools that will help you make simple repairs in the field.

Walking is already a good form of physical activity, but if you want to diversify your hiking, you can take trekking poles or Nordic walking poles with you.

The rest of the hiking essentials depends on the climatic conditions and the chosen trip.

At flight altitude. Unusual routes from the rufer for extreme travel around the planet

First Aid Kit for Hiking

Of course, lipstick and mascara are best left at home, but sunscreen with spf will definitely come in handy. In addition to it, be sure to take insect repellent, plasters (rubbing corns on a hike will be oh, how inopportune), iodine, brilliant green and other medicines that you consider necessary. Also bring wet wipes, a toothbrush and a comb.