Holiday on the bike: Here’s how!

Holiday on the bike: Here’s how!

More and more people are opting for a cycling holiday. Not only because traveling by bike means exercise and flexibility, but also because it is probably the most sustainable form of travel these days. But for the trip to be a success, you should plan enough time for the preparation. Otherwise the long-awaited relaxation will quickly turn into tension.

With the following tips, your cycling holiday is guaranteed to be a success.
1. Plan enough time
If this is your first bike tour, you should slowly increase the daily stages and get a feel for your own abilities at the beginning. The body first has to get used to this form of exertion and it may well be that stages of 20 or 30 km are enough for the beginning. Those who plan directly with 100 km per day will be disappointed in the end and quickly lose the joy of the bike tour. So you should plan enough time to complete the chosen route in a relaxed manner, even if you want to reduce the length of the journey.

Regardless of your fitness level, unforeseen things can always happen. Perhaps you want to take a day off to enjoy a particularly beautiful place, or you break down and need to make a pit stop for repairs.

2. Find a route
The best thing about a bike holiday is of course the route. On a trip in the fresh air you discover your surroundings in a completely new way. All the better if you don’t have to drive along busy roads. Anyone planning a trip to Germany to start with will find many great cycle paths in Bavaria for cyclists of all fitness levels. Of course, the terrain is crucial. As a rule of thumb, an additional 15 minutes of travel time will be charged for every 100 meters uphill.

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In the lowlands, wind can quickly become a challenge. It is worth choosing cycle paths in Bavaria or elsewhere that have a paved surface so that beginners have better conditions. When cycling, the journey is the goal. You should therefore plan some fixed points, but otherwise allow yourself the freedom to keep the route flexible.

3. The right bike
In addition to the route through the mountains, through the city or the forest, the right bike is of course one of the most important organizational items on the list. Although you don’t have to buy a new bike for a bike tour and you can certainly start off with your old bike, you should have the bike checked again in the bike workshop and adjusted ergonomically in advance.

If you are planning longer tours, you should know your bike. If this is not the case, you should test ride the bike at home with luggage before you start your journey. The weight changes the handling, the braking distance increases and cornering becomes more difficult.

When choosing a bike, it is important to consider the route. If mountains are to be expected, as on many of the cycle paths in Bavaria, the gears need more gears, for example.

Holiday on the bike: Here’s how!
Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash
4. Appropriate clothing
Depending on whether you ride cycle paths in Bavaria or in Spain or Portugal, you should adapt your clothing and equipment to the climatic conditions. Because neither sunburn nor freezing ensure joy and lightness on the bike tour. The weather is often underestimated, especially in the mountains. Here you can easily experience the whole weather spectrum from sun to snow. Functional clothing that transports sweat without getting wet is an absolute must. Cotton should be avoided to avoid skin irritation from friction. A helmet is also mandatory.

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5. The equipment
In order to stow the luggage, you need two large panniers, which incidentally are often also available as second-hand goods at good prices. If you pitch the tent at night and have more luggage, you can also attach bags to the front of the bike. All panniers should be waterproof. The handlebar bag should have a transparent and also waterproof map compartment so that you can always see the route. A mobile phone holder is also highly recommended . A small first-aid kit with bandages, disinfectant, sunscreen, painkillers, insect spray and toilet paper is also included in the luggage. Here are some important pieces of equipment for the bike:

bike lock
light and reflectors
Spare hose, air pump and repair kit
Cell Phone Holder
drinking bottles and holders
Whether on the cycle paths in Bavaria or across Europe, with these tips your next cycling holiday is guaranteed to be a success.

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