Holidays in Italy: Pros & Cons of traveling by car

Holidays in Italy: Pros & Cons of traveling by car

If you often had to make the decision between flying and driving before your annual vacation, you will find a list of pros and cons for traveling by car below.

Before driving: put the car through its paces
Before the journey begins, it is important to inspect the vehicle, whether it is an electric car or a fuel-powered vehicle. This applies in particular to anyone who does not drive long distances by car. The following positions are recommended:

Check tire tread
Check the oil level, coolant and brake fluid
Check safety vest, triangle and first aid kit
Check tire pressure and adjust if necessary
When the vehicle is fully loaded, it is a good idea to check tire pressure again. As a rule, something changes here again if the car is equipped with a lot of or heavy luggage.

Advantages of arriving by car
Enjoy the landscape and take a break independently
Anyone who loves observing landscapes will no longer want to do without traveling by car.

The journey is the destination – when traveling in your own car, this is not just a saying, but one of the greatest advantages. If you drive to Austria or Italy, travelers have a lot to see on the way there. While the passing landscape keeps changing in many ways – sometimes greener, sometimes more barren – everyone who drives by car enjoys this change live and in color. This is not possible in this form on an airplane.

The flexible rests are particularly nice. Motorists can take a break when it suits them. This is of course a huge advantage over air or train travel. Anyone who goes on holiday with the kids appreciates this flexibility all the more, because small family members are usually less able to sit still for long periods of time. In addition, the departure can also be planned flexibly. There is no need to rush to get to the airport or train station on time.

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Cheaper than flying
Overall, the cost of traveling with your own car is cheaper. Many travelers have provisions, drinks etc. with them and a ticket is of course not necessary for the car trip. Basically, flying costs more for the whole family than fuel for traveling to and from the destination in your own car.

Mobility at the destination
With their own car, travelers are still mobile at their destination. This is of course a huge advantage for taking one or the other trip to Venice, Florence or Verona. Even in the case of unexpected incidents such as bad weather or the like, it is faster to plan an alternative and implement it by car. This also eliminates the cost of a rental car on site.

Pets possible
While it is not particularly comfortable for the four-legged family members on a plane, a car trip is more comfortable. Plus, having your own vehicle makes it easier to stop in between so the pets can get some fresh air and stretch their legs.

Only the trunk and back seat limit baggage allowance
While baggage allowance on air travel is severely limited, travelers by car have more freedom when it comes to suitcases and the like.

The space available for luggage is limited both on the plane and on the train. When flying, of course, a lot more, because there is a strict regulation for the weight. If you travel by car, you only have to consider the limits of your own trunk. Bicycles are also easy to transport on the bicycle carrier.

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Comfortable holiday start and pleasant atmosphere
Another big advantage is the quieter start to the holiday. In contrast to plane, train or ship, the car does not leave at a certain time. It starts exactly when the travelers want it. This ensures a comfortable start to your holiday and later a pleasant atmosphere in the car.

a Fiat drives down an avenue
Traveling by car has advantages and disadvantages, the flexibility is particularly positive.
Disadvantages of traveling by car
There is a risk of traffic jams during the holiday season
Traffic jams or the risk of traffic jams – two words that rank among the biggest disadvantages of traveling in your own car. Nothing is more annoying than spending vacation time on the freeways in the company of many other vacationers. Unfortunately, some traffic jams are always pre-programmed during the high season during the holiday season. Here it only helps to either leave earlier than everyone else or maybe drive a day or two later to avoid this danger.

Insurance, taxes and fees reduce the vacation account
As mentioned, the car trip is not free either. In addition to the fuel costs incurred, insurance, taxes and fees ensure a smaller holiday budget. It is therefore advisable to calculate all eventualities well in advance and, if the worst comes to the worst, to resort to a short-term mini loan with low interest rates. In this way, holiday trips can be financed quickly without frustration.

Increased stress from driving
Unfortunately, driving a car is not always completely stress-free. The highest level of concentration is required from the driver, especially on the motorway, which is why it is usually not a relaxation for them. In addition, of course, he is responsible for the safety of everyone in the car.

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Observe changed road traffic regulations
Normally, the traffic rules in the destination country are slightly different than in our federal states . It can happen that non-compliance can result in a fine. Therefore, some of the most important traffic rules in Italy for drivers are as follows:

The top rule is: keep calm. The hectic Italian driving style takes some getting used to. It is advisable to remain calm – even when making daring manoeuvres.
Fast driving, alcohol or smartphone driving and a red light violation cost a lot of money.
A speed of 110 km/h is permitted on expressways, 90 km/h outside of built-up areas and a maximum of 50 km/h in built-up areas.
A 24-hour dipped beam obligation applies. A violation costs from 41 euros.

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