Things to do in Houston Travel Guide

Houston, which is the fourth-largest metropolis in the United States, is a cultural melting pot that is rapidly expanding. A number of professional sports teams, a zoo of world-class calibre, a first-rate orchestra, and the Houston Rodeo all call this city their home.  The nearest beaches may be reached in a very short car ride.

A population of over seven million people lives in the greater Houston metropolitan region. More than twenty percent of the population was born in another country, which provides the city with a diverse cultural fabric that includes a wide range of faiths, dialects, and cuisines. Indians, Vietnamese, Chinese, Africans, and Hispanics all make up substantial portions of Houston’s population.

Do you want to see basketball played at the professional level? Attend a game of the Houston Rockets. Do you favor football more? You are well taken care of by the Houston Texans. Do you prefer baseball over other sports? Make attending a Houston Astros game a part of your vacation plans.

Attending the Houston Rodeo, which is simultaneously the biggest cattle show and rodeo in the world, is a must if you want to get a true taste of Texas. Each year, the festival lasts for twenty days and attracts millions of visitors. At the Houston Rodeo, the stage has been graced by the likes of Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Kiss, Taylor Swift, and even Elvis Presley.

Time Zone in Houston

Central United States (There is a seasonal shift to the observance of Daylight Saving Time)

Things to do in Houston Travel Guide

Important Information about Houston Travel Guide

The summers in Houston are sweltering and muggy. Temperatures in the high 90s and low 100s are not unusual at this time of year. If you really have to go during the summer, bring a water bottle and be sure to put sunscreen on before you go.

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The enormous metropolis of Houston has an area that is more than 637 square miles. The city of Houston has some of the worst traffic in the whole United States. Even though improvements have been made to public transportation in recent years, you will still require a vehicle in order to travel to the majority of destinations.

The city of Houston is pronounced differently in Texas compared to how it is pronounced in New York.

Best Hotels in Houston Travel Guide

Hotel ZaZa

Phone: (713) 526-1991

The ZaZa Hotel is a high-end art hotel that may be found in the middle of Houston’s Museum District. The hotel has a variety of themed specialty suites, such as Casa Blanca, Houston, We Have a Problem, Geisha House, and Soho Loft, amongst others. Even the ordinary rooms are generous in size and come with balconies as well as work desks. In addition to providing shuttle services and a rooftop terrace, this hotel is a member of a series of exclusive boutique hotels that are spread out around the state of Texas. Definitely take use of the spa and relax by the pool.

Best Hotels in Houston Travel Guide

JW Marriott Houston Downtown

Phone: (713) 237-1111

This hotel is located in a historic skyscraper in the heart of the city and has artwork created by local artists in addition to a restaurant with a Houston-centered theme. The hotel is situated in close proximity to the conference Centre of the city and provides convenient access to the public transportation system. iPads are provided in each room in addition to their spaciousness and elegance. After a long and stressful day, guests may relax in the opulent baths found in spa rooms.


The Boulevard’s Very Own Sara’s Inn

Phone: (713) 868.1130

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The best bed and breakfast in Houston, Sara’s provides a relaxing alternative to the city’s many commercial hotels and hip shops. The urban inn can be found in the Heights, which is only a few miles away from the central business district and is known as a shopper’s paradise. Nearly majority of the rooms are equipped with private bathrooms. Breakfast is a specialty at Sara’s, and the brownies are available around the clock. The interior design of each room is based on a certain theme, which might range from “Wild West” and “Man Cave” to “Paris” and “Floral.” On holiday weekends, you are expected to stay a minimum of two to four nights.

Westin Galleria Hotel

Phone: (713) 960-8100

This hotel is located inside the shopping Centre, so you won’t even have to bother walking there. The luxurious Westin Galleria can is found inside the world-famous Houston Galleria, providing guests with convenient access to the shopping, dining, and ice skating offered at the Galleria throughout the year. The hotel had a makeover not too long ago. It is the perfect option for anybody who plans to spend their whole time in Houston shopping till they drop.

Best Restaurants in Things to do in Houston Travel Guide

The Saigon Guesthouse

Phone: (713) 529-1100

One of the greatest places in the United States to get authentic Vietnamese cuisine is Houston, which also has the second-largest Vietnamese community in the country. Oxtail Pho and Viet-Cajun Crawfish are the house specialties of Saigon House, a Texan Vietnamese restaurant that is one of a kind in the United States. You’re not into oxtail, are you? Try out the pho made with fillet mignon.


The Breakfast Club, or B.K.

Phone: (713) 528-8561

Put everything you think you know about chicken and waffles out of your mind and start again. This laid-back restaurant brings the popular brunch meal to a new level of sophistication. The Wings and Waffle trademark dish consists of six chicken wings arranged around a single strawberry and a golden Belgian waffle that has been dusted with powdered sugar and has a single strawberry placed on top of it. Not your cup of tea? Choose between the Wings and Grits, the Green Eggs and Ham, or the Biscuits and Gravy for your meal.

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JINYA Ramen Bar

Although JINYA Ramen Bar did not originate in Houston, it has swiftly established itself as one of the city’s most popular destinations for ramen. JINYA’s ramen broth is the result of more than ten hours of slow simmering. The noodles are cooked from scratch every day and then matured for three days to bring forth their full taste. The first JINYA Ramen Bar was established in Tokyo, but the chain has since grown to include restaurants in other cities across the Pacific, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Houston.

Weather in Houston

The months of June through September may be quite hot. Snow, ice, and temperatures below freezing are not common. The monthly average temperatures, expressed in Fahrenheit, are listed below.

January 44 – 62
February 46 – 65
March 54 – 72
April 60 – 78
May 66 – 84
June 72 – 90
July 74 – 92
August 74 – 93
September 70 – 88
October 61 –  81
November 52 – 71
December 45 – 63

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