How do you find a child-safe holiday home?


How do you find a child-safe holiday home?

Tips for finding a child-safe holiday home
There are many things to consider when booking a holiday with children. Many vacation rental providers label their homes as “child safe”, but this is not always automatically the case. The following blog post gives tips and advice on how to find a child-safe holiday home.

Source of danger windows, doors and stairs
It is particularly important that the windows and doors can be locked or that children cannot open them.

You should also pay attention to the stairs in the future holiday home. Do these have a stair gate? A children’s stair gate is not expensive and is particularly important for beginners and small children who are still crawling.

garden and balcony
Also make sure that the garden is fenced to prevent the children from running away. If there is a balcony, you should also check whether the parapet is too low.

Anyone who allows themselves the luxury of renting a holiday home with a pool must also be sure that the pool is designed to be safe. It would be advantageous if this is fenced off or secured by structural conditions so that no child can access the water unhindered.

It’s the little things that count
You should also make sure that the holiday home has a minibar. If so, all alcoholic beverages should be disposed of immediately upon arrival to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

In addition, you should also check whether a non-slip floor mat is part of the inventory in the bathroom. If not, you can either take one with you from home or ask the landlord of the holiday home to get one before you arrive. This reduces the risk of children slipping after showering or bathing.

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Be sure to find out about the sockets and power lines in the holiday home. Are all lines intact? In any case, take child safety devices with you on holiday and thus secure sockets that the children could reach.

Families traveling with a baby should research beforehand whether a cot and high chair are available.

Other important information
Anyone who appreciates cooking with the whole family should also explore the kitchen for possible sources of danger. Look in the kitchen cupboards and drawers and put cleaning supplies, knives and other dangerous objects in the upper cupboards so that the children cannot reach them.

Also bans other dangerous things such as lighters, matches and the like to places that children cannot reach.

Also check before you travel whether there are many fragile things such as vases and decorative figures in the holiday home. If this is the case, the fragile items should be removed immediately upon arrival so that nothing breaks and the children are not injured.

These are the most beautiful weeks of the year, and yet they can also become a great challenge. We are talking about holidays with children. Concerned parents are increasingly asking how child-safe holiday homes are and what they should look out for when choosing a holiday home. In this short article we will give you a brief overview and what you should pay attention to when booking a holiday home if your children have not yet reached the age of three.

Safety standards in the accommodation industry
In principle, the same safety standards apply to holiday homes and apartments that are rented out commercially as to hotels and guesthouses. This means, for example, that they are tested for fire protection and installations and furnishings must meet the minimum legal standards. However, especially if you are traveling with children, you should clarify the following questions with the potential landlord in advance so that there are no nasty surprises.

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Are sockets and electrical systems installed in such a way that children cannot reach them?
Can windows and doors be locked with a separate key to avoid accidents?
Is there a lifeguard at the pool or beach to keep a watchful eye on children playing?
Are only toys installed in outdoor playgrounds that have a safety seal?
Danger hotspot stairs
An often underestimated source of accidents are stairs and basement exits. Curious children can easily have an accident here and suffer long-term damage to their health if they fall. It is therefore advisable to clarify with the landlord whether stair gates are provided or whether other structural measures have been taken to protect the children.

Stair gates prevent children from falling down the stairs and injuring themselves. The transport and installation of these stair gates is very simple and can be done without any prior technical knowledge.

During the day, when the children are supervised, these safety gates can also be easily dismantled and thus offer full freedom of movement. If you want to use them throughout your stay, you should opt for a stair gate for children with integrated child safety devices.

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