How do you know you’re ready to move in together?


How do you know you’re ready to move in together?

Actually, we sleep with one of us every night anyway and paying rent twice is actually stupid, isn’t it? Moving in together could save you money and time. And how nice would it be to be able to wake up next to each other every morning without having to go home? Yes, admit it, you’ve often thought that. But let’s be honest, if you’re not ready as a couple, moving in together can do more harm than good.

But how do you know if you’re ready to move in together? We’ve collected a few signs that your relationship is at the right point to try the next step:

You have a similar budget in mind
If you live together, you will share most of the common expenses. That means you should have similar ideas about how much you want to spend on what. It starts with the apartment, continues with the choice of furniture and ends with branded detergents or no-name discount products.

If you don’t have similar ideas here, then the topic will sooner or later become a topic of controversy. That’s why it’s very important here to talk openly and honestly about what budget you have in mind and what your pain threshold is.

You shouldn’t do it for the money
Sure, if you live together you save money. One apartment is cheaper than two. A very simple calculation. But you should be able to answer the question of whether you are moving in together because of the money with no doubt. Because living together is not only relaxed and if you do it mainly for money reasons, then your relationship may not be ready yet and could break up.

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You have a similar schedule
Living together can be great if you have a similar daily routine, get up and go to bed at similar times, and work similar hours. However, if one of you works nights and the other has to get up early, you may end up bothering each other more than doing anything well. See if you are compatible in this regard as well.

You were on vacation together and it was great
The first holiday together can say a lot about the dynamics of a couple. Did you have a great time or was it actually a disaster because you never got along and found it exhausting to spend so much time together? If a week was already too much, then sharing an apartment is probably not a good idea.

You put up with each other’s messiness
In many relationships, when you move in together, two different ideas of cleanliness and order collide. And the truth is, alas, a messy person doesn’t become neater just because they live with someone fussy. And a fastidious person doesn’t get any more relaxed. The result is that you both get on each other’s nerves like crazy. Can you make a plan and overlook certain things? Talk about your ideas in advance!

You share the housework
Two people means twice as much laundry, twice as much dishes and so on. This is not a problem because you are also two people who can share these tasks. But that has to happen too. Before you move in together, talk about how you imagine the division. How do you organize yourself? Is there a cleaning plan, an app or are certain tasks assigned to each person? If you can’t come to an agreement here, you should probably cancel the next apartment viewing appointment.

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You’ve had a big fight before
… and made it to the other side. In principle, one can say that the better you know each other, the less risky it is to move in together. It’s important for you as a couple to know how to deal with a big argument and how to get your relationship back to normal afterwards. Having these tools will help you massively when you move in together. Because separating over a trifle when you have just signed a lease together is not the solution.

It doesn’t feel rushed
Does the thought of being with your partner 24 hours a day make you nervous? Does that feel risky and you’re not quite sure if it really has to be? Then maybe you’re just not ready and should enjoy the early stages of a relationship for a while longer, where dirty socks and plates on the dishwasher aren’t issues that affect you both.

You have an exit strategy

First of all: super unromantic. But it’s important that you think about how you’re going to handle it before you move in should you split up. Who gets which furniture, how do you split the financial expenses, who moves out and who stays in the apartment? Something like this should be clarified while everything is still good! can you guys talk about it

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