how healthy and restful is sleeping naked?


how healthy and restful is sleeping naked?

Sleep naked or would you rather go to bed in cozy pajamas? Most people have probably given little thought to this question and have been following their previous habit for years. However, since there is always discussion about how healthy sleeping naked actually is, it is worth taking a closer look at this topic.

Who sleeps better quality – naked sleepers or pajama wearers?
According to various studies, only between 8 and 10 percent of the residents living in Germany sleepregularly naked. The vast majority therefore prefer pajamas. dr medical Michael Feld could not identify any compelling health benefit in his work as a sleep physician that would justify that all people should sleep naked. Rather, it comes down to personal preferences and needs as to whether sleeping naked is healthier. To find out whether it is better to sleep naked or in pajamas, you can simply try both variants. You don’t always sleep best the way you’re used to. Over a period of one week, those who otherwise sleep clothed can sleep naked and write down in the morning how restful the night’s sleep was. If there is a significant improvement in the quality of sleep while sleeping naked, you can simply keep it afterwards. Of course, it’s not just black or white. For example, some people prefer to only sleep naked in the summer and snuggle up in warm pajamas in the winter. If you can’t make up your mind, you might find the right solution somewhere in the middle. These are thin, wide-cut pajamas that are not constricting and still convey the feeling of not being completely naked.

The benefits of sleeping naked
Proponents of sleeping naked particularly emphasize the feeling of freedom. Nothing pinches or constricts when sleeping. Naked sleepers see another significant advantage in the improved body awareness. They enjoy feeling the bedclothes on their skin and some people become more aware of their bodies as a result. You will also feel fresher the next morning.

In fact, some proponents of sleeping naked believe that they lose weight faster because their body has to expend more energy in the cooler environment. That is not scientifically proven. If people are cold in their sleep, they wake up faster. This disturbs restful sleep. You feel tired in the morning and you quickly get hungry for sweets to supply the body with energy. The aspect that is often mentioned is that sleeping naked has a rejuvenating effect on the body because the cooler ambient temperature stimulates the release of the sleep hormone melatonin. However, the actual effects on the body are controversial. The sleeping temperature also depends on the thickness of the blanket and the room temperature. How much melatonin is released also depends on the darkness in the room. the darker it is

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Sleeping naked can be advantageous if you want to have children. Sperm are of better quality if the genitals are not too constricted by clothing and the temperature is not too warm.

Hygienic aspects of sleeping naked
Most professionals recommend changing bed linen after 2 weeks and changing pajamas after 4 days. If you sweat profusely, you should switch more often. People who sleep naked should change their bed linen after around 4 days and air it well every day. The pajamas absorb sweat and dead skin cells. If you sleep naked, the bed linen takes over this task. If you change the laundry less often, not only odors develop, but also breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi. Because pajamas fit closer to the body, it is harder for perspiration from the body to escape and collect more easily in skin folds, for example in the intimate area or under the arms. This explains the naked sleeper’s feeling of being more refreshed in the morning. Of course, this should not limit regular personal hygiene. Bedding also feels fresher for longer if you shower before bed.

Disadvantages of sleeping naked
Anyone who sleeps naked and washes their bed linen more often has a much higher volume of laundry compared to pajamas. Depending on how many people sleep naked in the household in question, the mountains of laundry become clearly noticeable. The consumption of detergents and energy for washing machines and tumble dryers also increases.

Anyone who has to go out more often at night to go to the toilet freezes more quickly naked. It can also be uncomfortable to sleep naked if there is a baby in the next room that still needs to be breastfed and changed frequently at night. In order to counteract the cold, at least one dressing gown should be ready to hand next to the bed in these cases.

Naked sleepers should pay attention to this
During sleep, some people move more than others. If you sleep naked, the bed linen can slip so that you continue to sleep uncovered. If you then sleep with the window open or the air conditioning switched on, you risk hypothermia and catch a cold more quickly.

Naked sleepers should pay particular attention to the choice of bed linen, as it comes into direct contact with the skin and has to absorb moisture. Fabrics made from non-toxic cotton are particularly suitable.

If no pajamas surround the body, which absorbs dead skin cells, these end up in the bed linen. Mites feed on dander, and some people are allergic to mite excretions. Special mite-proof encasings can be pulled over the mattress, duvet and pillow to minimize the mite population.

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If you sleep naked and freeze easily, you might be inclined to turn up the heating in the bedroom. That’s not a good idea. Heating air is dry and therefore the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract dry out faster. As a result, it is easier to get respiratory diseases. The temperature in the bedroom should not exceed 18 degrees Celsius. Anyone who freezes under their covers at this temperature should at least wear light pajamas or choose a thicker blanket.

People who tend to sleepwalk should consider wearing pajamas to be on the safe side to avoid embarrassing situations.

Cuddling naked can strengthen the relationship
It is a particularly intimate and exclusive intimacy to cuddle naked with your partner. Closeness is created when people hug. In this way, known or strangers show a kind of appreciation because they let themselves get very close to each other. This intimate moment is limited by the brief period of hugging and clothing. People go a step further when they cuddle with each other. The period of mutual touching is much longer than a simple hug, thereby increasing intimacy. Nevertheless, clothing remains the final boundary between the two people. This final boundary disappears when people cuddle naked with each other. A great physical intimacy develops, in which mutual trust and a particularly great appreciation are expressed.

Naked cuddling can be particularly good for the relationship because something is allowed that you wouldn’t share with anyone else. You present yourself as you are in all your naturalness and show “I trust you and show you my vulnerability.” Clothing can be like a mask, create a certain effect on the other person or conceal problem areas of the body and scars. All this falls away when a person presents themselves naked to another person and the naked bodies touch each other with their eyes, their hands and through intimate hugs.

Cuddling naked can also create an intimate we-feeling. The partner is enjoyed with all senses through particularly passionate cuddling. Touches and kisses cause a pleasant tingling sensation on the skin. Both partners smell and taste each other. Depending on whether it is light or dark, the partner is seen as “God created him”. That alone requires a great deal of mutual trust, because most people are reluctant to show problem areas on their bodies.

The relationship can be strengthened even further through the special moments of cuddling naked. The intimacy that is created in this way can lead to the partners also opening up on the intellectual level and granting each other deeper insights into their hearts and their emotional world. However, people are different and for some it is the other way around. They first need a spiritual connection and depth to their partner. Only when the emotional intimacy is given and you have shown your partner a part of your naked soul can you also show yourself naked on the physical level and allow closeness.

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Positive influence of hormones
When two people touch who are particularly close and find the touch pleasant, the body is stimulated to release the bonding hormone oxytocin. This also happens when the partners are dressed, but touching bare skin is perceived more intensively. If the body produces oxytocin, the following reactions can occur:

The body relaxes and comes to rest.
The relaxation causes the body to shut down the stress-related increased release of the stress hormone cortisol.
Since too high a cortisol value can increase appetite, an excessive appetite for sweets and savory foods also normalizes when production is shut down. This makes it easier to hold the figure.
It has a supporting effect on the immune system.
High blood pressure can be lowered.
Alleviate depressive moods
Depression and depressive moods can have different causes. They are often associated with stress, lack of sleep and loneliness. By cuddling with a loving partner and reducing the stress hormone cortisol, the feeling of stress is positively counteracted. This in turn can improve restful sleep. The partners take away the feeling of loneliness when cuddling and give each other security. This feeling can be experienced even more intensely when both are naked.

Cuddling naked and having sex
Of course, when partners cuddle up naked, it doesn’t always have to result in sex. Especially when both are exhausted and tired, cuddling naked can help to find it easier to fall asleep together. Nevertheless, touching bare skin and being touched stimulates the libido of two desiring people even more intensely than touching the clothed bodies. Exploring and enjoying each other’s naked bodies can intensely spark lust for each other. Many people also find it particularly pleasant to devote themselves to their partner’s naked body after sex.

Sleeping naked is primarily a matter of taste. There isn’t just one right way to sleep well. Some people love to sleep naked and others feel more comfortable clothed. Only those who feel really good about sleeping naked can actually reap the benefits. The advantages lie in particular in the feeling of freedom, the more intensive physical perception and the lower breeding ground for bacteria with appropriate hygiene. If you prefer to sleep clothed, you have no disadvantages compared to those who sleep naked. As long as pajama wearers and naked sleepers feel comfortable in their own way and observe the respective hygiene measures, nothing should stand in the way of a restful and healthy night’s sleep. In a relationship, both partners enjoy being naked together,

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