How Mobile Monitoring Apps & Software Works?

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How Mobile Monitoring Apps & Software Works?

Mobile monitoring system is widely used in all aspects of daily life, the traditional analog signal monitoring system has become increasingly perfect and gradually transition to the direction of digital monitoring system.

Gradually the rise of a new research direction-P2P network camera.P2P network camera allows users to remotely monitor at any location example grocery apps that follow your location if you want to buy online, using a PC that can access the Internet.

Network monitoring system is mainly composed of network cameras to complete the task of video capture and network transmission. This structure has some advantages in data processing network transmission but there is a problem that cannot be ignored for example the need to assign a static IP address for the network camera hardware investment the system is difficult to update.

P2P technology has changed provides a scalable and fault-tolerant mechanism, does not need to maintain a huge routing table information you can locate any node on the network, which makes P2P in many areas have been applied.

P2P Networking:

General P2P camera uses its own SIM card to achieve network access, or through the local area network, through a unified broadband network to achieve external network access. But this requires more complex configuration work.

External Network:

If you bring your own SIM card to access the external network browse video, you need to continue to spend mobile traffic resulting in a lot of communication costs. This will lead to the use of less, or even do not use and cannot play the purpose of monitoring.

P2P Communication:

The basic implementation of P2P cameras are generally distributed more scattered each device alone to communicate with the mobile terminal cannot form a regional monitoring center network platform and does not meet the mainstream needs of the current monitoring.

Mobile Monitoring Cloud Platform

Security industry as defined by IT industry cloud computing, cloud storage, data centers, business intelligence and other technical concepts, for monitoring and other multimedia services data center architecture and technology to optimize the design and development, through security networking practice, to promote the overall architecture with robustness, scalability, operability, standardization of continuous evolution and development.

Monitoring system from a closed, dedicated, monitoring-based security subsystem to the core business part of the customer IT information system conversion learn from the hierarchical architecture of IT systems, cloud monitoring overall architecture for customer needs including cloud terminals, cloud platforms and cloud services three-tier architecture, its core is a multimedia data center as the main component of the cloud platform.

Mobile monitoring Application Industry

Mobile security monitoring closely combined with the application needs and characteristics of various industries. Based on Android IOS and other operating systems you can develop mobile monitoring platforms for different industries such as for public security organs. You can develop mobile emergency command platform to achieve live video capture emergencies.

Mobile terminals based on video image browsing, population Information query GPS vehicle positioning, emergency command and dispatch and other practical applications. Anytime, anywhere, quickly build emergency command center improve the response speed and disposal efficiency of the emergency situation.

As far as possible for smart home security system, integrated platform can receive real-time alarm information home cctv security system through smart phones and move home monitoring images, real-time control of the situation at home but also to achieve remote access control system to open the door close the door the alarm system remote disarmetc.

Power industry applications

Mobile monitoring system can monitor and record the safety of substations and power equipment and operation, timely detection handling accidents, help to improve the safety and reliability of power system automation. There are high-voltage transmission line security has become an important part of production safety automation through high-voltage transmission line security system can not only remotely inspect the operation of various types of equipment, personnel operating records but also real-time access to alarm information from the scene of the accident anomalies may or have occurred in a timely manner to deal with and save the image data to provide first-hand information so that the power sector management methods and Means continue to be closely linked to the latest results. At the same time the remote monitoring system can also integrate environmental monitoring functions.

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