How safe are stair gates as child safety devices?


How safe are stair gates as child safety devices?

Of course, parents want to be sure that their offspring will not fall badly and sustain injuries when they are not supervised. A stair gate is therefore highly recommended in any case. It will certainly not surprise you that small children in particular love to explore their surroundings and therefore the staircase in particular is always very interesting. With a stair gate, mums and dads can be sure that their crawling offspring won’t make the stairwell unsafe.

The protective grille on the staircase
The safety of the children is very important to parents and therefore should not be saved at the wrong end. Stair gates are available in numerous designs. Thus, the purchase can turn out to be somewhat difficult in some cases.

It is important for a stair gate or other safety precautions for children that the product in question has a quality seal. If you are unsure which models have a safety certificate, take a look at the comparison table at All of the products listed there impress with their tested safety.

Stair gates differ in the following points:

dimension (size)
mounting options
The attachment is an important purchase criterion for a stair gate. Parents don’t want to spend hours assembling the safety devices or more specifically the stair gate. In the case of versions with screws, of course, drilling must be carried out. Not only do they leave unsightly holes in the walls, they also require significantly more effort.

Clamps are another option for attachment. In such cases, the stair gate gets stuck between the wall and the stairs.

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Tests have shown that these model versions are not only easy to assemble but can also score points with desirable security.

According to Ökotest, however, some models also have major disadvantages, as you can see here, for example (ÖKO-Test criticizes significant safety deficiencies in many child safety devices) .

Other differences in stair gates
The child safety devices also differ in terms of material and size. Parents should make sure that the stair gate has certain quality criteria. Also make sure that the grid also fits in terms of dimensions.

Decide specifically on stair gates that can be individually adjusted in width. When it comes to material, parents can usually choose from models made of wood, metal or nylon fabric nets. A mixture of metal and wood is also very common.

It is up to you which material you ultimately choose. As already mentioned at the beginning, the stair gates should have a seal of quality and quality.

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