Fitness watches are smartwatches that come with features that track your activity, so they come with built-in sports and programs. You can choose the one that suits you depending on the goal you want to achieve. So when choosing your fitness watch, be sure to choose a watch that comes with the programs and features you will need for your workouts. But you must also base yourself on certain very important criteria to choose the right watch, and which we will discuss in detail in the following lines.

The design is the first thing that attracts us in any watch. Although much attention is paid to the quality and features, but the design is still quite an important factor when choosing the watch. Generally, it is the design that first attracts us to a watch. The latter mostly depends on your taste and what you like, but still try to choose a design that is simple enough that you can pair it with different outfits. Avoid models that are too busy and bulky, they are not very practical.

Since this is a fitness watch, you have to choose the features carefully. Above all, it must be based on the functionalities that have a relationship with fitness and training. So try to choose a watch with integrated sports, this will allow you to practice different sports and follow their effect on your body. Also try to choose a watch that comes with personalized programs, this will make it easier for you to reach your goal and keep in shape. You can also opt for a watch that offers a coach, the latter can follow your activities and advise you on training and your diet. To not stay on the fitness side, choose a watch that can be connected to a smartphone it will be much more interesting and above all more useful.

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Battery life
The watch you are about to choose will certainly be intended for training since it is a fitness watch, this means that you will need it all day long and especially in places where you will not have the possibility of recharging it. So try to choose a watch with good battery life, this will allow you to use it all day long without it discharging, or to stop your training before its end. A good battery is a battery that can last at least 48 hours. Also try to opt for a watch that comes with the fast charge feature, even if it drains quickly you will at least be able to recharge it quickly.

Cost is a very important factor when choosing your watch. The latter varies according to the quality of the watch. If it’s a high-end watch, it’s bound to be quite expensive. If it is an entry-level or low-end watch, it will be less expensive but less efficient than high-end watches. So you have to define the budget you want to put into it, as well as the quality of the watch you want to have, it will make your job easier. Also promote promotional periods, you can have a good watch for a very affordable price.

How to use a fitness watch?

A connected watch can be used in three different modes. The first is the simple mode, it is the least interesting mode, the connected watch will be used in this case like a normal watch, that is to say it only displays the date and time. Then we have training mode or GPS mode. This mode of use is very interesting, so it gives you access to different workouts and sports. Finally, we have the connected watch mode, this mode gives access to connected functions, that is to say that you will be able to receive notifications from your phone, and gives you access to several functions. So let’s take a closer look at these modes of use.

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Simple watch mode

If you decide to buy a connected watch, it is certainly not to use it like a normal watch, otherwise you would have bought a simple watch that only shows the time and date. This mode of use therefore consists of deactivating all the other functionalities, you will only have the date and time on the screen. This mode is not very interesting and not very useful given the amount of functionality that connected watches offer. Only, it is not very energy-consuming, so you can choose it when your battery for example.

Training Mode

Speaking of fitness watch, this is the most interesting world you can use. First of all, to use this mode well, you must start by activating to have access to more functionalities. The GPS allows you to calculate the number of steps you have taken, the distance traveled, the pace… then you will have the number of calories burned, heart rate monitoring whether at rest or in training with monitoring of the quality of sleep. This allows you to track your progress, and your progress towards your goal, as well as the general state of your body. But it does not in any way replace a consultation with a doctor, especially for people who have heart problems. This mode also gives you access to several integrated sports and several training programs with or without a coach.

Smartwatch Mode

It is a mode just as interesting as the previous one. To be able to use it you must connect your watch to a phone. Once this step is done, you will be able to receive notifications from your phone including calls and messages with the ability to respond to them, you will also be able to view the various notifications that appear on your phone including reminders and app notifications. You will also be able to connect to social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) which allows you to always stay connected. In fact, you can use this mode at the same time with training mode, but it will cause high battery consumption.

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