How to Clean a Shower

One of the most common inquiries that I get is about how to clean a shower, specifically how to remove soap scum and maintain a clean shower, among other related topics. The showers are a challenge. If it’s a shower that’s used on a frequent basis, it’s probably wet and contains a good deal of moisture, both of which need to be completely dried every single day. Even if it isn’t used on a daily or weekly basis, it still requires a fast wipe down in order to maintain its cleanliness and avoid collecting dust and musty smell.

Wipe your Shower Daily | Daily Shower Cleaner

Everyone has been there: it’s a Saturday, and you’re spending half the day washing out every inch of the bathroom, sloughing off layers upon layers of soap scum. We’ve all been there. The best approach to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your bathroom and ensure that it is always clean is to dry your shower after each use.

Even while it may not seem necessary at first, getting into the routine of drying off your shower at least once per day might pay off in a big way (more on this later).


Mold and mildew are two things that you do not want in your shower or bathroom, and they are also something that you do not want to play about with because of the potential health risks they provide. Caulking the shower and tub once per year or so is a good way to give them a new look and feel. It’s a rather straightforward operation that can be finished with a bottle of white silicone caulk that’s made especially for use in wet environments like bathrooms and kitchens. In the event that there is more than a negligible amount of mould or mildew present, it is best to get in touch with an expert in order to have the issue resolved.

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If you see any mildew in your shower, you may eliminate it with a spot treatment of pure hydrogen peroxide (s). Allow to rest for up to an hour, then rinse thoroughly. It is possible to place a clean spray nozzle directly on top of a bottle of hydrogen peroxide; however, you should continue to store the hydrogen peroxide in the brown container in which it was originally packaged. When exposed to light, its efficacy is significantly diminished. Be cautious about where and how you spray the solution since hydrogen peroxide has the ability to bleach fabric. If required, repeat the process.

You might also attempt the same technique using white vinegar that hasn’t been diluted with water; in this case, rinsing is not required. Using this remedy, if the hydrogen peroxide and vinegar don’t do the trick, try adding a few drops of tea tree oil (melaleuca) to the hydrogen peroxide instead.

Shower Head

Best Way to Clean Shower Head:

You may use white vinegar to dissolve the mineral deposits that have built up over time in your shower head in order to restore the previous level of water pressure it delivered when it was new. You will just need around a cup of white vinegar, a robust plastic bag, and a rubber band to complete this project. After pouring around a cup of vinegar into the bag, bring it to the shower head and let it sit there. Check to see that the vinegar has penetrated each and every one of the spray openings. After making any required adjustments to the quantity of vinegar, wrap the rubber band around the shower head and fasten it in place.

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It is essential to maintain the bag’s position on the shower head for a minimum of three hours. After a period of time, or after an overnight wait, remove the bag. Not only will the mineral deposits and debris that have accumulated on the surface be removed, but the inside will also be cleaned. Perform a thorough washing, then pat the item dry.

How to Clean a Shower Step by Step

Spray at a distance of 15 inches from the surface that has to be cleaned.

First, give yourself a good shower.

Spray a fine mist over the interior wet surfaces, including the door and/or curtain, as soon as you step out of the shower.

Leave the area immediately; there is no need to scrub, rinse, or wipe it off.

Turn on the shower before you go inside to clean the shower and the floor of the bathroom.

When using the shower or bath, you should always make sure to stand on a surface that won’t slide. Share your thoughts regarding How to Clean a Shower in our comments section.