How to Increase Sales Effortlessly?


How to Increase Sales Effortlessly?

Imagine that you are flipping through a news feed on VK and you see an advertising post: “Today there is an 11% discount on all watches from the new collection.” You go to the site, select the product you like and pay for it. In addition, you were also offered to purchase a stylish strap at half price. So, you yourself, without realizing it, went through the sales funnel .

Sales funnel with resale

A sales funnel is the client’s path from the first acquaintance with the product to its purchase.

Presenting the path of the buyer, you can determine what needs to be offered to the client at each stage.

The goal of the funnel is to interest a potential customer and arouse the desire to go to the next page. So, a sales funnel helps step by step turn potential customers into real ones who will pay for orders.

Auto funnel can:
Find potential customers and collect their contacts;

Sell ​​your product;

Work with a customer base;

Increase your sales.

A sales funnel is not just a theory, but a chain of pages and letters that leads a customer to a purchase.

Why is the funnel so cool and effective in selling goods?
When you take the customer in steps, he focuses on one specific action:

In the first step, you give him a free product (lead magnet) in exchange for contact information.

On the second – you offer to buy an inexpensive, but valuable product.

In the third, you are selling your main product.

Next up are resales and repeat sales.

So you gradually lead the customer to the sale: give him value from the very moment you meet, show how good your product is. And only after the client began to trust you – do you offer the main and additional goods.

A car funnel can be easily and quickly created in Advantfunnels . Next, we’ll take a closer look at the “One product with resale” funnel template to make it easier for you to figure out how to build it and implement it in your business.

Pre-sale pages are needed in order to sell additional products in the process of selling the main product. For example, if you sell a laptop, the resale may be a case, mouse, software, or antivirus.

If your main product is a dress, offer in addition shoes, a bag, jewelry.

Usually additional products are at least twice lower in value than the main product. So, sales help significantly increase the average bill.

What and when to offer the customer?
Not all entrepreneurs use after-sales in their business. What is the reason?

Misunderstanding at what point is it better to do and what to offer.

Fear of being too intrusive and scaring away a client.

It is especially difficult if you are a beginner. After all, you must first understand for yourself that you are not just “pushing” the goods, if only the customer bought, but share useful and necessary.

How to understand what to offer as a resale?
Offer something that complements a product in which the customer is already interested. For example, for the camera, you can offer an additional tripod, batteries, memory cards, etc.

Test different offers, stir up interest, engage, collect feedback from your audience. This is the only way you can understand what works specifically for you.

When to do the resale?
It is better to offer additional products at the time of placing the order, after the customer has already agreed to the main purchase. With a loyal audience, it’s easier to make resales. Here’s what it looks like in the diagram:

Sales funnel

With the help of this funnel, you can attract the attention of customers with a special offer, collect contacts in order to stimulate the customer to buy. On a separate page you offer goods at a special price. To take advantage of the offer, the client leaves a contact (email), and a chain of letters goes to his mail. So you communicate with the client, and through letters stimulate him to buy.

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