How to Make a Small Kitchen look Bigger

Are you reached here for find the solution of your question How to Make a Small Kitchen look Bigger. You’ve found the house of your dreams, but the kitchen is on the little side. Do you want to know how to make it appear bigger?

There are many design tricks and small kitchen ideas that you can use to create the illusion of space in your kitchen, regardless of its size. Some of these design tricks include using slimline units, removing wall cabinets, and embracing reflection. While you decide whether to renovate or remodel, you can use these design tricks and small kitchen ideas.

Even decluttering may help. The minimalist approach is one that works well in confined areas, and you can make use of basic hacks like getting rid of handles and making use of push-and-pull catches as gimmicks.

How to Make a Small Kitchen look Bigger?

One of the advantages of having a compact kitchen is that it is simpler to reach all parts of the room, which makes both cooking and cleaning more effective. Make an effort to divide your kitchen into three distinct zones: one for cooking, one for cleaning, and one for preparing food, leaving plenty of open space in between.

Ingenious Cabinetry

Cabinets are an important element in the design of any kitchen. They determine your aesthetic, the colour palette you choose, and the amount of storage space available. So how exactly can you make your kitchen seem larger without sacrificing the cabinetry that’s already there?

The solution is to use shallow cabinetry.

We suggest going with wall cabinets that are narrower than typical lower cabinets for your walls and flooring rather than putting regular lower cabinets. Why? Because these cabinets may have a depth as little as 12 inches, you will gain an extra 12 inches of usable floor space by using them.

Therefore, even if you may have to make some sacrifices in terms of storage space, your kitchen won’t just appear larger; it really will be bigger.

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Open Shelves

When dealing with a room that is on the smaller side, you need to be cautious not to install an excessive number of wall cabinets. Why? Because even though they are fantastic for storage, they have the potential to make a kitchen that is already limited in space seem even more claustrophobic and congested.

Instead, you may want to think about putting in some open shelves. You can make lovely displays in your kitchen by stocking open shelves with things like china, plants, and cookbooks. At the same time, your kitchen will seem lighter and more open as a result of this design choice.

Or, if you are working with a limited budget, you might just take out one or more of the doors to your cabinetry. This manner, you may still get the same look while saving money on the labour and materials required to build new shelves!

How to Make a Small Kitchen look Bigger

Display items on open shelf to illustrate 5 methods to make your kitchen seem larger.

Clear Counters and Surfaces

When we think about clutter, things like mountains of dirty dishes, and stacks of clothes often come to mind. However, they are not the only items that are taking up space on our counters. Even seemingly little items like fruit bowls, tea caddies, and ornamental trinkets may take up a significant amount of room! Therefore, if you want to give the impression that your kitchen is larger than it really is, you should try cleaning the counters.

If you have trouble finding places to put things and as a result your counters are often a mess, you may want to think about making an investment in some storage solutions so that you can make better use of the space in your cabinets.

Or you could save yourself some money and just have a good old fashioned clean out! You also have the option of going with integrated equipment, such as built-in microwaves and hot water taps, which will clear up more space in the kitchen and give the impression that it is larger than it really is.

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Put your attention on the Ground.

Installing flooring in a directed pattern is a brilliant strategy that may be used to make a tiny kitchen seem larger. The use of a broad herringbone pattern or chevron-format tile in the kitchen generates lines that lead the eye outward and will give the impression that the floor is larger and longer.

Instead of using dark, heavy colours that absorb light and make the area seem more claustrophobic, stick to light-colored tiles or pale-colored woods, both of which will reflect light back into the room.

Experiment with a Corner Arrangement

When it comes to tiny kitchens, having cabinets on all four walls might give the impression that the space is too crowded. By choosing an L-shaped configuration in the kitchen, with cabinets that intersect in one corner, a substantial quantity of storage space may be created without the space seeming or feeling unduly crowded.

Consider installing a small freestanding kitchen island in the middle of the room to provide more surface area for preparation of food. Alternately, one may bring in a table and chairs for breakfast and place them in the opposite corner so that there is a place for the family to congregate.

A kitchen with two different tones might provide visual height.

By using well considered two-tone kitchen cabinet designs, you may create the impression of a larger kitchen.

If you have a kitchen that is on the smaller side, one tip you can do to make it seem larger is to choose a colour scheme that incorporates two different tones.

A deeper shade applied to the basic components serves as an anchor point and contributes to the delineation of the arrangement. By choosing a lighter tone for the higher wall units, you may help the kitchen appear brighter and more open by drawing the eye upwards and helping it feel like there is more space.

Wallpaper may be used to create a feature wall.

Wallpapering one end of a tiny kitchen with a vivid pattern might give the illusion of more space than there really is. If you put a busy design on the wall that is the narrowest, it will drive the eye along it and give the appearance that there is more breadth.

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Pick a style that works well with the current aesthetic of your kitchen. To get an elegant and well-coordinated design in the kitchen, coordinate the colour and pattern of the flooring, walls, colourful splashbacks, and kitchen cabinets.


One does not need to be an expert in design in order to understand the significance of having enough lighting. After all, everyone of us is capable of distinguishing between an area that is dim and dismal and one that is bright and inviting. The question now is, how can you make your kitchen seem larger by adjusting the lighting?

To get the most out of the natural light that is available to you, you should consider purchasing skylights or bi-fold doors if you have a more substantial budget. You also have the option of installing battery-operated lamps under your cabinets to assist in reducing the appearance of shadows.

When it comes to making your kitchen seem larger, it doesn’t matter what strategy you pick; what matters most is that it be as bright as possible.

Honor the space you have in your kitchen.

That wraps up our discussion of the five methods to make your kitchen seem more spacious.

We hope that we have encouraged you to enjoy your little kitchen, whether we have done so by motivating you to rearrange your space or just by encouraging you to clean out your clutter.

In the end, it is not about having a huge budget or a lot of square footage; rather, it is about making the most of what you already have!

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