How to make money online?

How to make money online?

Anyone who has a computer and a fast internet connection will sooner or later think about whether they can use this to their advantage. After all, there are different ways to make money on the internet . The classic method is of course to set up an online shop. However, this is quite a complex task, especially since it also requires something that customers want to buy. But there are also various other methods to earn money on the Internet on the side. This includes services for others such as copywriters or appraisers, brokers of services or product testers. Young people like to use the opportunities offered by YouTube to entertain viewers and get as many clicks as possible.

How to make money online?
There are more or less serious ways to make short-term money on the Internet. But they are not as easy as many offers sound. Some websites advertise that interested parties can earn money by answering surveys. However, if you take a closer look at these survey offers, you will quickly realize that the effort is hardly worth it. Most providers only award points for these services, with which ultimately only goods vouchers can be purchased.
Other possibilities are:

– App jobber: being paid for small services on the smartphone
– product testers –
selling used items
– click working such as watching advertisements or reading emails is usually only rewarded with a points system and goods vouchers
– job with household heroes, a platform for well-paid helpers in the household, services in the immediate vicinity on site
– earn money through stock exchange transactions, although this method is highly speculative
– sell your own photos on the Internet

However, before anyone gets involved in one of these methods, they should check the seriousness of the provider carefully. In general, the easier a job appears to be, the worse it pays.

Can you make money with gaming?
Many gamers dream of being able to earn some money at the same time as they do their favorite activity. That is quite possible, because there are now so-called esports. Gamers understand this to mean popular games such as Counter Strike, Fifa or Starcraft2, in which they compete against money stakes similar to poker. Two players or teams play against each other and the winner is awarded the stakes. The prize money in such tournaments can be in the 5- or 6-digit range. But there are other ways that someone can make some money from gaming.

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What are the ways to make money from gaming?
A gamer has good chances as a programmer, because game developers or web designers are constantly being sought in this area. On the other hand, starting a career as a pro gamer is far more difficult. The competition in Germany is great and internationally much tougher, which is why a lot of effort would be necessary. Other gaming jobs would be:

– Game testers
– Creating walkthroughs for new games
– Selling accounts, items or in-game currencies
– Earn money by streaming videos
– Lets Plays: create fun video guides for games

In order to really earn money on YouTube, a provider needs a large number of followers who click on their videos. Money is only earned on these sites through the advertisements placed and the videos need tens of thousands of clicks for lucrative advertisements to be displayed. Without this large following, the effort is hardly worth it. The situation is similar with the Lets Play channels, because here, too, money only flows when the videos attract more than 10,000 visitors. Unfortunately, such a success can rarely be planned and requires a lot of work to generate popularity with so many visitors.

become a freelancer
A freelancer is a person who personally carries out work for a company. These are so-called freelancers. This means that although you work on behalf of a company, you are still self-employed.

Freelancers are in high demand in many companies as external specialists. Popular sectors are above all: programming and software development, graphics and media creation (online and offline), copywriting, social media, marketing, consulting, music, art, teaching and interpreting.

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The most popular platforms for freelancers and self -employed people to find jobs include Fiverr, Upwork, Freelance and Textbroker. Freelancers are not limited and can accept as many jobs as they can manage.

Create Amazon Affiliate Website
As a product agent for Amazon products, you can get a percentage of every sale. Amazon is certainly Germany’s largest partner program, which is why many are currently trying their hand at Amazon PartnerNet. The Amazon PartnerNet enables bloggers and site operators to create the appropriate links to Amazon products and integrate them on the website. If these links generate sales, they get advertising reimbursement of 4 to 10% of the sales achieved. Registration is absolutely non-binding and free of charge. The affiliate program is currently offering a very large range of products, which makes it possible to win real money on Amazon.

Trade Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies
The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is the pioneer of cryptocurrencies and has created many millions so far. Anyone can trade Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies from their armchair and make money. Trading also entails some risks, as a profit in the past does not necessarily mean a positive price development in the future. The value of bitcoins can fall at any time and thus bring losses. Despite the risks, trading cryptocurrencies can be worthwhile, as this market is not yet very competitive and has great potential. An example: Crypto Genius – Thanks to Bitcoins, the crypto millionaire bought a Lamborghini for only $115

At MotorCars of Georgia, many athletes and musicians come to treat themselves to a luxury sled. The Atlanta dealership was also visited by programmer Peter Saddington, who piqued the car dealer’s interest by betting 45 bitcoins. This investment cost him just $115, how much he invested in bitcoins at the time. Today, the 45 bitcoins are worth around $200,000.

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Play the lottery online and rely on luck
Playing the lottery online is a matter of trust. Half of the stakes go to the lottery companies, the other half to the players. The chances of winning are tempting for many, because all players or tickets have the same chance of winning to fulfill their dream. Well -known scratch card providersand online lottery providers are Lottoland, LottoStar24 and Tipp24. Just six correct numbers can bring in a prize of around €10,000 and everyone has an equal chance of making their dream come true. Bigger wins are of course possible, so there was a recent case in the US where the winner of $570 million didn’t want to reveal her identity. That’s why their profit is frozen. She says she fears for her family, but the law says the name must be published. The dispute continues to this day.

There are various opportunities to supplement your own finances with money from the Internet. However, especially in this area, not all that glitters is gold. Some offers are badly dubious and others are simply not worth it. Anyone who wants to earn money online should first find out about the seriousness of the provider and make sure that they are paid for their efforts. If you want to earn money through gaming, you have to be prepared for strong competition, because many gamers have the same idea. Here the game developer would be a safe bet for someone who has programming skills. There are further opportunities in esports or on YouTube, but no one can guarantee lasting success with these channels.

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